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Heading Into the 2015-16 NFL season, the following rookies Running Backs project to have high fantasy value

Fantasy FootballWe are now less than 100 days until kick off for the 2015 NFL regular season. For Fantasy draft managers now is the time to research and put the work in for a profit from your cash real money leagues this football season. Today we look at the rookie running backs drafted in the first three rounds by NFL clubs.

Round 1 Pick 10: Todd Gurley (Rams)

A big concern for Gurley is he is coming off a torn ACL a year ago. These injuries usually take two years until the player is able to regain his form prior to getting hurt. In his 2013 campaign Gurley missed three games due to an ankle injury. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher will like the fact that Gurley lost two fumbles in his 555 carries at Georgia. When healthy he has great speed for his body size and strength. Todd Gurley played in a passing offense and brings the qualities of pass catching and protection to the table.

Round 1 Pick 15: Melvin Gordon (Chargers)

Gordon played in a run heavy Wisconsin Badgers program. He had 300 plus pound offensive linemen blocking for him against sometimes undersized opponents. Like most Wisconsin running backs he doesn’t have the development to contribute heavily in the passing game because of the offense ran in his college program. In the San Diego Chargers system Phillip Rivers likes to distribute balls to the wide outs and tight ends. He uses his running backs as safety valves and that works fine to Gordon’s strength. With Ryan Mathews gone from San Diego, Melvin Gordon will be used heavily.

Round 2 Pick 4: T.J. Yeldon (Jaguars)

Yeldon’s strength is his ability to stop and start to avoid tacklers. He has good lateral shifting power to gain extra yardage. Underrated pass catcher out of the backfield as he has shown the ability to catch balls over his shoulder. His 40 times were disappointing as he was asked to put on weight and that did not transition well to his speed in his drills at the combine.

Round 2 Pick 22: Ameer Abdullah (Lions)

Abdullah had the numbers for a high first round draft pick but the question mark is his size. He stands just 5’8” tall and is 205 pounds. He ran in space very well at Nebraska and was able to cut to the outside for big runs. But that was against slow Big Ten defenses. In the NFL Abdullah will have to show the ability to break tackles and take punishment which is a huge unknown right now. The Lions cut Reggie Bush so the former Cornhusker running back will get his chance with Detroit to get playing time. Abdullah was outstanding in the passing game and has the speed and skill to separate from linebacker coverage for big plays downfield.

1 day fantasy sportsRound 3 Pick 9: Tevin Coleman (Falcons)

Coleman was drafted by the second worst run offense in the NFL a year ago in the Falcons. Gone in Atlanta are Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers. Tevin Coleman was a workhorse in college because the Indiana program in 2014 had injuries to their quarterback position. He piled 2036 yards in his final season in college.

Round 3 Pick 13: Duke Johnson (Browns)

Duke Johnson was a big play back during his college career with the Miami Hurricanes on the ground and through the air. He is a much needed addition to the Browns to help their questionable quarterback position. Johnson is a versatile back as he has lined up in the slot and wide receiver position in college. He too is one who fell down in the draft due to his size. Johnson stands just 5’9 ½” tall and weighs 207 pounds.

Round 3 Pick 22: David Johnson (Cardinals)

Johnson played his college football at Northern Iowa. Arizona has Andre Ellington as their featured back but Johnson brings pass catching with route running abilities out of the backfield. He was durable in college missing just one game in his entire four year career.

Round 3 Pick 31: Matt Jones (Redskins)

Jones is a big back at 6’2” and 231 pounds. He played his college football at Florida. Matt Jones has had a history of knee injuries in high school and college. He suffered in a horrible Gators offensive system.

NFL Rookie Running Backs Best Picks for Cash Fantasy Leagues

NFL Value Picks, Rookie RB, Ameer Abdullah, Tevin Coleman1.Ameer Abdullah (Lions)

2.Tevin Coleman (Falcons)

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