Fantasy MLB News: MLB Trade Deadline News and rumors

MLB Trade Deadline
August 1, 2016

MLB Trade Deadline Check out the latest news in MLB trade deadline… and join fantasy baseball at (click to play). Latest rumors! Baseball teas are looking to complete their shopping before the cut off transaction time of 4PM ET. Los of players are in the middle of rumors, and it all starts with the big catch of All-Star Chris Sale. The ace has apparently been linked to the Boston Red…


Daily Baseball Fantasy League Primetime Top Pick – 06/23/2016

Baseball Fantasy League
June 23, 2016

Daily Baseball Fantasy League Primetime Top Picks June 23rd 2016 Thursday’s nine game limited MLB schedule is always a challenge. It’s even more of a challenge when you have to cut that amount in half for Primetime only games. Got to find those deeper league players, and we’ve got your list right here. As usual, FanPicks baseball fantasy league primetime MLB contest (click to play) starts at 7PM EST time with 5 games…


Cash Draft Baseball Primetime Top Picks – 06/22/16

Cash Draft Baseball - American League West
June 22, 2016

Cash Draft Baseball Primetime Top Picks June 22nd 2016 Almost half of today’s MLB matchups starts early. But we got you covered with an in-depth look at tonight’s top fantasy picks. Primetime baseball starts at 7:05 PM EST timeand covers the Giants, Rangers and Nats among many. See below Wednesday top draft picks and go make your cash draft baseball selection at FanPicks (click to play). Primetime Top Draft Picks Player…


Cincinnati Reds Preview Fantasy Baseball

Cincinnati Reds
February 15, 2016

Cincinnati Reds Preview Fantasy Baseball Cincinnati Reds Preview 2016 MLB Season FanPicks is proud to bring you this Cincinnati Reds Preview  of the 2016 Season. Come enjoy daily Fantasy Baseball news at ahead of the MLB 2016 season. The Reds struggled mightily in 2015, they’ve ended the season in last place of the Central Division. Injuries and under-performances combined was the reason for their unsuccessful campaign, and it doesn’t seem…