NBA Free Agency Madness & Trades – July 2016

NBA Free Agency
July 8, 2016

NBA Free Agency & Trades NBA free agency and the trades this week have been on a full swing. With hundreds of millions of dollars being currently spent, there’s still a lot more to come with moving parts to board. FanPicks (click to play) breakdowns this week’s madness in Free Agency signings and Trades in the NBA! Kevin Durant joins the Golden State Warriors One of the biggest off season and…


NFL Draft: LA Rams acquire 1st overall pick from Titans

April 14, 2016

NFL Draft LA Rams acquire first overall pick from Titans Talk about respect. Making a trade for the first overall pick in the NFL Draft is usually the biggest news in the sports world. But, the Rams even held off announcing the move until they deemed fit. What could possibly be more important than announcing Los Angeles had just acquired the first overall pick? Well, Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher…


Chandler Jones Trade Review
March 23, 2016

Chandler Jones Trade Review On March 15 2016, the New England Patriots traded defensive end Chandler Jones to the Arizona Cardinals for Jonathan Cooper and the Cardinals’ second-round pick (61). Jones, who led the Patriots with 30 sacks over the past three years was assumed to be a big piece of the puzzle moving forward in New England. While Cooper, who has been a major bust at guard since being drafted…