NFC Conference Championship Recap –

Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers


 This game went just about exactly as expected, a blowout in favor of the Panthers. They roll onto the Super Bowl with a 49-15 win over the Cardinals. Furthermore, all of the fantasy leaders except for Gronk came from this game, mostly concentrated on Carolina as well.


Cam Newton led the list of quarterbacks and cemented the MVP with 335 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and 2 rushing touchdowns for a total of 39.1 fantasy points. Cam Newton was a must in any NFL Daily Cash Draft this weekend.


Corey Brown, Ted Ginn, and Greg Olsen were the receivers to stack with Newton. Corey Brown had 4 catches for 113 receiving yards and a touchdown totaling 24.3 fantasy points. Greg Olsen had 6 catches for 113 receiving yards totaling 20.3 fantasy points— still short of Gronk’s numbers. And Ginn had 2 catches for 52 yards as well as a 22 yard rush for a touchdown. Ginn ended the day with 15.4 fantasy points.


The Carolina defense was also a must totaling 24 fantasy points. They did this by allowing only 15 points (1 fantasy point), 4 interceptions (8 fantasy points), 1 touchdown (6 fantasy points), 3 fumble recoveries (6 fantasy points), and 3 sacks (3 fantasy points). Yes, that is a total of 7 forced turnovers by the Carolina defense.


The only redeemable part of the Cardinal’s offense was David Johnson, who led the list of running backs this weekend. He rushed for 60 yards and 1 touchdown as well as 9 receptions for 68 yards. This totaled 27.8 fantasy points.

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Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers 1/24/16 Preview & Picks

  • At 6:40 pm, the 15-1 Panthers will host the 13-3 Arizona Cardinals in a contest of two true powerhouses.

How can we not be excited? This will be the very first time two Heisman-winning quarterbacks face each other in an NFL playoff game. Cameron Newton, as he likes to be called from time-to-time won it along with a National Championship while at Auburn and the veteran Carson Palmer claimed his trophy while starring at USC over a decade ago.

Both Qbs have been monsters this season and have heavy MVP consideration. Newton may be the favorite as his brash style gets the media all giddy, but Palmer is the better thrower. His aerial distribution has been so impressive, as all four WRs have had moments in the sun.

Larry Fitzgerald leads that group, though he’s been “old and washed-up” for a couple of years now…right. He was an animal on that 75-yard catch and run in OT last week and should get his fair share of chances again today. Josh Norman usually stays on his side and still has Michael Floyd, John Brown and occasionally J.J. Nelson to worry about.

Floyd was a beast himself, scoring a pair of touchdown last week. His size and speed will be VERY hard for guys like Cortland Finnegan or Robert McClain to handle. They are weak nickel backs at this point in their careers, and if Floyd played a full season he would have been among the league leaders at his position.

John Brown gets alot of hype for his flash, but his toughness is so impressive for a smaller receiver and he should eat up his matchup as well.

Rookie sensation RB David Johnson is a little banged up, but he is a tank and should pound out some hard yards against this stout Panthers D. As a former WR, his hands and ability in the open field make him a dangerous weapon, so watch for at least five targets with him coming out of the backfield as they will want to avoid that D-Line,

Tedd Ginn Jr has been fantastic all season for Carolina, but he has been dealing with a knee issue since Week 16 and a matchup with Patrick Peterson may be too much for the smaller Ginn to handle.

Greg Olsen always gets his fair share of targets from Cam Newton. The TE is probably how the Panthers want to attack this All-Star Cardinals D squad as their outside coverage will be tight. Five catches for just under 100 yards and a score is my guess.

Jonathan Stewart (foot, ankle) had himself a day last week against the Seahawks. 19 carries for 106 yards and two TDs versus that defense is no joke, but neither is this Cardinals front-seven. Stewart is pretty consistent and has that big-game ceiling.

AdviceThis will be a hard fought game, but Michael Floyd is in line to be the X-factor with 120 yards and another pair of scores over various Panthers DBs. Larry Fitzgerald is Mr. Playoffs but he could see alot of Josh Norman which may limit his yardage. At RB even as a rookie, David Johnson has been my money man all season.

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NFL Conference Championships Stacks


With only a two game slate, it is key to identify and pick the best stack of the weekend to have any chance of placing in a NFL Daily Fantasy Tournament. Its down to the favorites and when everyone has strong defenses, every stack has the potential for boom or bust. For that reason you need to pick based on ownership rather than projection.


Lets look at the stacks:


Palmer and Fitz:


Coming off a hot performance last week, I think this will be one of the highest owned stacks of the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, Larry Fitzgerald is one of the most clutch playoff performers, however and he has great synergy with Palmer right now. But he performed too well last week and I don’t think he will do that again. If he does then the Cardinals will move on to the Super Bowl but the Panthers are just too strong. However, many others people may agree that it is not a great matchup, which can bring the ownership down. My verdict: FADE.


Newton and Olsen:


The biggest indicator of a players ownership is their performance the previous week. People just love to make their picks on what is the most fresh in their mind, and whats fresh in their mind here is Newton’s disappointment last week— of course I mean fantasy wise… the Panthers had a great game against the Seahawks last week. While the potential MVP will never be lowly owned, I do think he will be lower than normal and the Newton Olsen connection has great upside potential. My verdict: PICK.


Brady and Gronk/Edelman:


You can go either way with this stack. Edelman will rack up the targets, receptions, and yardage a bit faster but Gronk is the superior red zone threat. They as well as Brady had a great game last weekend. However, they are facing a much stronger defense here. In terms of ownership, I expect them to be highly owned, and rightfully so with more playoff experience than any other team. I’m avoiding it however for a lower owned stack with a higher upside. My verdict: FADE.


Manning and Thomas/Sanders:


We have seen very little out of Peyton Manning this year. He has had good and bad game play performances but he has had all bad fantasy performances. Their team has adopted a different style of offense which has destroyed his ability to put up big numbers. Thomas and Sanders have had their moments with Oswieller running the offense, but not Manning. I think this will be the lowest owned stack of the week— which makes it the stack with the most potential profit. Usually you only want to stack with one receiver but in a week with such few options, I don’t mind tossing both of them in there to hedge you’re bets a little bit. You shouldn’t expect these players to put up big numbers but when you are picking based on ownership— in the slight chance they do, you may win big. My verdict: PICK.

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NFL Divisional Round Weekend Recap


Kansas City at New England


With the return of Edelman and Gronkowski, the Patriots show that they are still a Super Bowl threat. Although the final score was 27-20, Patriots, they were far more in control of the game than that indicated. Brady had a solid day with 302 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown, totaling 29 fantasy points on the day.


Gronkowski led the league at tight end this weekend catching 2 touchdowns on 7 receptions for 83 yards. This brought his total to 25.3 fantasy points, back to his usual numbers after some disappointments throughout this season. Edelman also returned from injury with no hiccups as he caught 10 passes for 100 yards and a total of 23 fantasy points.


All the fantasy value however was centered around the Pats in this game, you weren’t going to win any NFL cash drafts this weekend by loading up on Chiefs players.


Green Bay at Arizona


 This game had plenty of fantasy value to be found in both likely and unlikely places. The big surprise of this game was Jeff Janis for the Packers with a breakout performance of 7 receptions for 145 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns—36.5 fantasy points.


The Palmer and Fitzgerald stack also produced some serious numbers as Palmer threw for 349 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns for 27 fantasy points (after subtracting his 2 interceptions) and Fitz had 8 receptions for 176 yards and a touchdown—34.6 fantasy points.

Seattle at Carolina


This game lacked both the competitiveness and the low scoring defensive battle that was expected. Carolina went up big in the first half with Jonathan Stewart scoring 2 touchdowns and running for 106 rushing yards. Cam Newton had the lowest scores of the season however with only 161 passing yards and a touchdown giving him about 11 fantasy points.


Despite the loss, there was a lot of garbage time value to be found from the Seahawks as they tried to rally in the second half. Russell Wilson led the quarterback for the weekend with 366 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns. The big receiver to pair him with was Jermaine Kearse as he caught 11 passes for 110 passing yards and 2 touchdowns— 37 fantasy points.

Pittsburgh at Denver


This game was lacking the competitiveness from the start with Antonio Brown ruled out and Big Ben questionable. Ben took the field however and found Martavis Bryant to fill that top receiver role as Bryant tallied 9 receptions for 154 receiving yards as well as 40 yards rushing—31.4 fantasy points.


Denver came out ahead in terms of the game but in the fantasy world, CJ Anderson was the only worthwhile pick for Denver. He ran for 72 yards, got a touchdown, and 2 receptions for 14 fantasy points to lead his team.

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NFL Divisional Round Value Picks


There are no locks at quarterback in the Divisional Round with strong pass defenses and questionable starts.  The weak link in pass defense for the weekend is Pittsburgh.  They have one of the weakest pass defenses in the league, and have only made it this far with their explosive offense (mostly just the Big Ben and Antonio Brown connection).

However, there are question marks on the other side of the ball as well.  Peyton Manning has won back his starting job this game but if things go south for him, an early substitution could be made.  I personally have faith in the sheriff, he wants to leave the league on a high note and with this favorable matchup, he may be one of the best picks this week.  He comes at a bargain too as the cheapest quarterback for the week (Landry Jones and Brock Osweiller come cheaper if either of them end up starting).  However, there is the possibility Roethlisberger plays minimal minutes and in the hands of Jones, the Steelers don’t stand a chance.  If this ends up being a blowout early it could mean a lot of carries for Anderson and Hilman and Mannings numbers paying the price.

Although Roethlisberger was able to deconstruct this defense last time around in the regular season, his health is in question and it is not guaranteed he will even start.  We have seen the huge numbers Big Ben can put up against any defense, but I don’t think this will be his week.

The next chance for a shootout is Packers and Cardinals.  Vegas has this one rated as the highest scoring with an Over Under of 50, -7 point win the Cardinals favor.  An argument could be made either way on this one.  Aaron Rodgers has been here before and knows what he needs to do.  Plus the Packers looked great last weekend against the Redskins.  However, the Cardinals are not the Redskins, and we have not seen the Packer’s perform very well this year against a sound defense.

The playoff experience of Rodgers is exactly what Palmer is missing.  He has played one playoff game in his career (two if you count the quarter he played before leaving the game with a shoulder injury).  My take on it, experience is overrated, football is football.  If this were the Super Bowl then experience may take a role, but in this round, I think Palmer will continue to perform as he has all season—Very Well.


The other two matchups have the potential to go either way.  The top ranked matchup between Seattle and Carolina could be a high scoring shootout or a defensive battle, the only thing you can bet it won’t be is a blowout in either direction.  Marshawn Lynch is set to make his return this week (although that was the word last week as well).  With his questionable health and the matchup, I think you avoid Seattle running backs completely.  The same can be said about Jonathan Stewart,  although drastically different in running style, if Adrian Peterson can’t get any yardage against the Seahawks, I don’t expect anyone to.

Like I mentioned earlier, CJ Anderson should get plenty of carries.  I think he is the best pick of the weekend.  James White also should be a good value as well.  Tom Brady and the Patriots won’t make the same mistakes as the Texans last week.

Wide Receiver

The top picks at receiver should be Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders no matter who is playing at quarterback.  They will pay the price as well though if Denver gets ahead early and focuses on the running game.  Both of these receivers however have great synergy with both Manning and Osweiller and last time against the Steelers DT had 2 touchdowns while Sanders had well over 100 receiving yards and a touchdown.

The Cardinals receiver squad should be able to generate some good value this weekend as well.  In the playoffs it will be all Larry Fitzgerald who brings the experience that Palmer lacks.  In his 2008 playoff run he averaged 130 receiving yards per game in the 4 playoff games and had 7 receiving touchdowns.  That has to be on par with the most impressive individual postseason performance of all time.


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Minnesota Vikings versus Arizona Cardinals Thursday Night Football Real Money Fantasy Picks 12-10-2015

A pair of playoff contenders will be showcased on Thursday Night Football as the Arizona Cardinals will be home to the Minnesota Vikings. NFL Fantasy League GM’s can tune to CBS TV at 8:30PM Eastern Time on December 10th to follow the results of their DFS roster picks.


The Minnesota Vikings are looking to rebound after a bad 38-7 home defeat to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks defense did a very good job of taking running back Adrian Peterson out of the game by stacking the line. This forced Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to beat the Seahawks linebackers and secondary. It was no contest as Bridgewater likes to lob up passes and lead his receivers to run under balls. He doesn’t have the arm strength and accuracy to throw in tight windows yet and that weakness was exposed greatly by the Seahawks defense last week. They fell to a flat footed tie with the Packers in the division at 8-4. The team is 31st and second worst in the NFL in passing offense by throwing for 179 yards per game. Minnesota could be very vulnerable in this game as they lose the services of four of their starters on defense due to getting injured in the physical battle with Seattle. It is tough to play the Seahawks but even worse when you have a Thursday night game after playing them on the previous Sunday.


The Arizona Cardinals enter play with a record of 10-2 and can clinch the NFC West with a win and a loss by the Seahawks on Sunday. The team came off a dominating victory last week to the St Louis Rams 27-3 and they get revenge from an earlier home loss to the Rams at home. The Cardinals have performed very well on both ends of the field. They are the top scoring team in the NFL as they put up nearly 32 points per game. They are third in the league in passing offense as they throw for 299 yards per game. Teams score just 19.3 points per game on the Cardinals which is fourth best in the NFL. We are going to make a case here to select the Arizona Cardinals defense. This is a play against the Minnesota Vikings offense for the second straight week. It is another nightmare matchup for the Vikings as they will take Adrian Peterson out of the game and expose the weakness of Teddy Bridgewater in threading the needle.


Arizona Cardinals QB:


Carson Palmer


The veteran quarterback is completing 64% of his throws this season for 3693 yards with 29 touchdowns and 9 picks. He threw for 356 yards with two touchdowns last week in the win at St Louis. He has thrown for multiple touchdowns in five of his past six games.


Arizona Cardinals RB:


David Johnson


The rookie from Northern Iowa was called into action with injuries to the Andre Ellington and Chris Johnson. David Johnson ran for 120 yards and a touchdown on his 24 carries.


Arizona Cardinals WR:


Larry Fitzgerald


Fitzgerald is leading the Cardinals with 91 catches for 1047 yards with seven touchdowns. He is averaging 11.5 yards per catch on the campaign.


Minnesota Vikings QB:


Teddy Bridgewater


The second year quarterback still has some development work to get better in this league. He has some good qualities and can complete passes to open receivers. But when the opponent can stop the run and the coverage is tight on receivers the Vikings signal caller struggles to complete passes downfield. Many times he looks to check down or will complete a pass to a tight end well in front of the first down markers that stall drives.


Minnesota Vikings RB:


Adrian Peterson


The Vikings pro bowl running back struggled for yardage against a very good Seattle Seahawks defense last week. He had 8 carries for only 18 yards.


Minnesota Vikings TE:


Kyle Rudolph


The Minnesota tight end has 39 catches for 354 yards and four touchdowns. Look for Bridgewater to target his tight end heavily in this game against a very good secondary and run defense.


NFL Thursday Night Football Fantasy League Picks



QB: Carson Palmer (Cardinals)

RB: David Johnson (Cardinals)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)

TE: Kyle Rudolph (Vikings)

Play Arizona Cardinals Defense

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Cincinnati Bengals versus Arizona Cardinals Sunday Night Football Real Money Fantasy Picks 11-22-2015

Two playoff contenders meet up on Sunday Night Football as the Arizona Cardinals will be home to the Cincinnati Bengals. NFL DFS draft managers can tune to NBC TV on November 22nd at 8:30PM Eastern Time to track the results of their fantasy football roster picks.

The Bengals enter off a loss to the Houston Texans at home on Monday night by the score of 10-6. So they will have a short week and face travel in this spot. The team has a three game lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC north standings with seven games remaining. In the loss to the Texans the Bengals settled for a pair of first half field goals and were shutout in the second half of play. All the Bengals could manage in the loss was 271 yards of offense and their run game produced only 3.7 yards a carry. On the season the Bengals sit seventh in the league in scoring offense by averaging 26.1 points a game. They are seventh in the league in total offense by gaining 376 yards per game. On defense there is no one better in the league than limiting points to their opponents than the Cincinnati Bengals. The team is first in scoring defense by allowing only 16.9 points per game.

Arizona comes in after a huge divisional win last week at the Seattle Seahawks. After falling behind in the fourth quarter the Cardinals came away with the 39-32 win that extended the team’s lead in the NFC West by three games in the standings behind the second place team’s Rams and Seahawks. Arizona is the top offense in the NFL as they gain 421 yards per game. They convert those yards into points as the team is second in the league in scoring offense by averaging 33.6 points per game. They are a top ten overall defense that ranks in the top ten in defending the run and the pass. In their win against the Seahawks the Cardinals moved the football for 451 yards on a very good Seattle defense. The team has success running the football as they gained 117 yards on the Seattle defense. Arizona has won three straight.

Cincinnati Bengals QB:

Andy Dalton

The Bengals signal caller is hitting on 66% of his throws for 2423 yards with 18 touchdowns and five picks. In the loss at home to Houston last week Dalton completed 58% of his throws a season two for no touchdowns. It was his first game this season without throwing for a touchdown. He has thrown for multiple touchdown passes in six of his nine games.

Cincinnati Bengals RB:

Giovanni Bernard

Bernard is sharing carries with Jeremy Hill this year. He is the more efficient running as Bernard had 99 carries for 547 yards with two touchdowns. The Bengals running back is running for 5.5 yards per carry.

Cincinnati Bengals WR:

A.J. Green

The veteran wide receiver leads the Bengals with 80 catches for 769 yards with four touchdowns. Green has struggled getting into the end zone this year. He has just one touchdown catch in five of his past six games.

Arizona Cardinals QB:

Carson Palmer

Palmer has been injury free for the entire season. The offensive line has improved over last year. The veteran quarterback is hitting on 64% of his throws for 2749 yards with 23 touchdowns and seven picks. He is coming off a very good performance last week at Seattle as he threw for 363 yards with three touchdowns and a pick in a very difficult road spot at Seattle.

Arizona Cardinals RB:

Chris Johnson

The 30 year old running back has found his good form with the Arizona Cardinals after some down seasons with the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets. For Arizona it was Johnson with 166 carries for 734 yards with three rushing touchdowns.

Arizona Cardinals WR:

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald leads Arizona with 65 receptions for 836 yards with seven touchdown catches. He caught ten balls last week at Seattle for 130 yards.

NFL Sunday Night Football Fantasy One Day League Picks

QB: Blake Bortles (Jaguars)

RB: Chris Johnson (Cardinals)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)

TE: Tyler Eifert (Bengals)

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Arizona Cardinals versus Seattle Seahawks Sunday Night Football Fantasy Picks 11-15-2015

Sunday night football will feature two NFC West division contenders as the Seattle Seahawks will host the Arizona Cardinals. DFS one day league managers can tune to NBC TV at 8:30PM Eastern Time on November 15th to track the scoring results of their fantasy football picks.

As the two clubs enter play the Arizona Cardinals sit atop the NFC West division with a record of 6-3. This is a huge game for Seattle as the team is 4-4 and two games back of the division lead. Seattle has had good success of late against the Cardinals by winning two straight and four of their previous five meetings.

The Cardinals will be coming off a bye week. They played two weeks ago which resulted in a 34-20 road victory at Cleveland. It is now a two game win streak for Arizona. The Cardinals have played well on both sides of the football. They are number three in the league in both total offense and defense as they gain 417 yards per game and give up 312 yards. They put up nearly 33 points per game ranking second best in the NFL while surrendering 19 points which is seventh in the league. The team is a top ten team in the league in both offensive and defensive rushing and passing statistics.

The Seahawks have continued their outstanding play on the defensive side of the football this year as in previous seasons. They are number two in yards allowed and number three in points allowed. Seattle allows 285 yards and 17.5 points per game. Where they have slacked off has been in the offense and most notable in point and passing production. The team throws for 213 yards per game ranking 28th in the NFL and score 20.9 points a game for a 24th rank in the league. They too will be coming off their bye week after a very close 13-12 road win at Dallas two weeks ago. Seahawks play their fourth home game of the season as the club posted wins against the Bears and Lions but lost a 27-23 decision to the Carolina Panthers as Cam Newton rallied the team with a late go ahead touchdown in the closing minutes of that game.

Arizona Cardinals QB:

Carson Palmer

The veteran quarterback is hitting on 64% of his throws this year for 2386 yards with 20 touchdowns and six picks. Palmer had a huge game at Cleveland completing 60% of his throws for 374 yards with four touchdowns and one pick. He has had six games with multiple touchdown throws including four games with three touchdowns or greater.

Arizona Cardinals RB:

Chris Johnson

Johnson had been a flop at Tennessee following his big contract. He flopped at the New York Jets. But this year Chris Johnson has played well with 676 yards rushing on 141 carries and three touchdowns. He is running for 4.8 yards per carry and has been dominating the carries in the Arizona backfield.

Arizona Cardinals WR:

Larry Fitzgerald

Arizona made a commitment financially with their 32 year old wide receiver and it has paid off. Fitzgerald leads the Cardinals with 55 catches for 706 yards with seven touchdowns.

Seattle Seahawks QB:

Russell Wilson

Wilson has completed 68.8% of his throws this year for 1878 yards with nine touchdowns and six picks. His accuracy is the best in his career. He is a threat with his legs as Wilson has run for 303 yards on the season for 5.2 yards per carry.

Seattle Seahawks RB:

Thomas Rawls

Marshawn Lynch is bothered by an abdominal injury and it is questionable whether he can play on Sunday night. Rawls has been the more productive back with 69 carries for 376 yards and a touchdown. He is rushing for a team high 5.4 yards per carry average.

Seattle Seahawks WR:

Doug Baldwin

The five year wide out has caught 31 balls on the year for 345 yards with two touchdowns. He has a career low 11.1 yards per catch average.

NFL Sunday Night Football Real Money Fantasy League Picks

QB: Carson Palmer (Cardinals)

RB: Thomas Rawls (Seahawks)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)

TE: Jimmy Graham (Seahawks)

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Baltimore Ravens versus Arizona Cardinals Monday Night Football Real Money Fantasy League Picks 10-26-2015

The Arizona Cardinals are at home for Monday Night Football as they meet the Baltimore Ravens. NFL fantasy GM’s can tune to ESPN TV on October 26th at 8:30PM Eastern Time to follow the results of their rosters.

It has been a nightmare season so far for the Baltimore Ravens as they enter play with a record of 1-5. Last week they traveled west to face a down San Francisco 49ers team and were beaten by the score of 25-20. The Ravens pass defense was lit up as the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw for 340 yards and two touchdowns. On offense the Ravens struggled in the red zone converting just 1 of 3 times. On the season the team is 29th and fourth worst in the NFL in passing defense as they allow 286 yards passing per game on the year. Baltimore is surrendering 27 points a game which is 26th in the league.

The Arizona Cardinals is a 4-2 football team. They have dropped two of their past three games after a 25-13 road defeat at Pittsburgh last week. It was on the back end of a back to back east coast trip. In their last home game the team lost 24-22 to the St Louis Rams. In the loss to the Steelers the Cardinals were able to move the football as they generated 469 yards of offense. Problem is the team had three turnovers and could not force any from Pittsburgh to finish with a -3 turnover margin in the game. A huge turnaround in the game was a late interception thrown by Carson Palmer as they were driving for the go ahead touchdown. Immediately on the ensuing drive the Steelers Landry Jones passed for an 88 yard touchdown throw to Martavis Bryant. The Cardinals knocked out Michael Vick but they allowed a third string in Jones to pass 8 of 12 for 168 yards and two touchdowns. Arizona is the second best scoring offense in the NFL as they averaged 33.8 points per game.

Baltimore Ravens QB:

Joe Flacco

The Ravens eight year veteran is hitting on 62.3% of his throws for 1605 yards with eight touchdowns and seven picks. In the loss to San Francisco last week Flacco threw the ball 53 times and completed 33 passes for 343 yards with two touchdowns and two picks. Flacco has thrown at least two picks in three of his six games this year.

Baltimore Ravens RB:

Justin Forsett

The Ravens running back has 457 rushing yards on the year with a touchdown. He is rushing for 4.4 yards a carry on the year. Forsett was off to a very slow start to the year in the first few weeks of the season. He has had a good month of October as he ran for 333 yards in the three games for 5.1 yards per rush.

Baltimore Ravens WR:

Steve Smith Sr.

The 15 year pro leads the club with 36 catches for 510 yards with three touchdowns. He had a nice game last week at San Francisco with seven catches for 137 yards and a touchdown. He averaged 19.6 yards per catch against the 49ers. At 14.2 yards per reception this year he is near his career average in the final year of his career.

Arizona Cardinals QB:

Carson Palmer

Palmer is hitting on 64.8% of his throws on the year 1737 yards with 14 touchdowns and 5 picks. At Pittsburgh last week he hit in 29 of 45 passes for 421 yards with a touchdown and two picks. It was a tough pick late in the game that cost the Cardinals the victory in the game.

Arizona Cardinals RB:

Chris Johnson

The veteran running back is trying to salvage his NFL season after some poor numbers with the Titans and Jets the past few seasons. In 2015 he is running for 445 yards on 93 carries and two touchdowns for 4.8 yards per rush.

Arizona Cardinals WR:

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald has caught 43 passes for 583 yards with six touchdowns. He is averaging 13.6 yards per catch which is over his career numbers.

NFL Monday Night Football Fantasy League Picks

QB: Carson Palmer (Cardinals)

RB: Justin Forsett (Ravens)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals), Steve Smith Sr. (Ravens)

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Week 7 NFL Value Picks


Andrew Luck (NO @ Ind): This is a matchup of strong pass oriented teams with weak secondary defense, everything aligning for a shootout. Both of these quarterbacks are coming off of shoulder injuries and may not be 100 percent but Luck seems to be less limited by his shoulder than Brees, as he is tentative to go for the long passes.

Projection: 28.2 Fantasy Points

Carson Palmer (Bal @ Ari): Palmer has been very consistent in the 18-26 fantasy point range so far this year but was hurt with 2 interceptions and only 1 touchdown last week despite throwing over 400 passing yards. Look for him to dominate this week against a very weak Baltimore defense.

Projection: 26.7 Fantasy Points

Phillip Rivers (Oak @ SD): Rivers is on a roll lately and his salary has yet to start reflecting his performance. Last week he threw for 500 yards and two touchdowns. With all the options he has at receiver, there is no reason to think he will stop throwing.

Projection: 26.3 Fantasy Points

Running Back

Todd Gurley (Cle @ StL): Gurley has been was in the limelight week 4 when he broke out with 146 rushing yards and then proved it was not a fluke in week 5 rushing for 156 against a strong Green Bay defense. While high ownership players are never good picks in Daily Fantasy NFL contests, my hope is he has been somewhat forgotten after the Rams Week 6 bye. Regardless, he is bound to have a big game against one of the worst rush defenses.

Projection: 22.8 Fantasy Points

Frank Gore (NO @ Ind): While I see this game becoming a shootout between Luck and Brees, Gore may still have some opportunity to score a few touchdowns in red zone situations or if the Colts get ahead early. Its hard to pass on such a reliable running back who’s salary still does not reflect his fantasy potential. New Orleans run defense is weak so if he gets the same number of attempts as he has recently, I expect him to be near 100 rushing yards with a touchdown and a couple receptions.

Projection: 17.9 Fantasy Points

Arian Foster (Hou @ Mia): All that Houston really has going for them is Arian Foster and Deandre Hopkins. While Hopkins has been dominant in fantasy this year, Foster has been slowly been increasing his workload. If he is healthy this weekend he could have a breakout performance as he has recently been getting a good number of rush attempts and pass targets— the formula for high fantasy value in a running back.

Projection: 22.8 Fantasy Points

Wide Receiver

Larry Fitzgerald (Bal @ Ari): Although Palmer likes to spread out the ball a lot, Fitzgerald has been the most reliable receiver for the Cardinals this year. A stack of Palmer and Fitzgerald could provide huge fantasy value this week if the Baltimore secondary performs as dismal as they have so far this year.

Projection: 29.6 Fantasy Points

Keenan Allen (Oak @ SD): Allen has had great chemistry with Rivers this year, he may not get the red zone targets but if he can get over 100 receiving yards and 10+ receptions, he will easily hit his fantasy value for the week.

Projection: 25.6 Fantasy Points

Donte Moncrief (NO @ Ind): Although Hilton is the primary receiver for the Colts, he has been somewhat inconsistent this year. Moncrief could be a valuable sleeper in this shootout matchup against the Saints.

Projection: 24.9 Fantasy Points

T.Y. Hilton (NO @ Ind): There can be a lot of value with Hilton as well if Luck can keep this level going. Though Luck and Hilton have been disappointing early in the season, things seem to be turning and Hilton has great chemistry with Luck.

Projection 24.2 Fantasy Points

Mike Evans (TB @ Was): Mike Evans has had a lackluster year so far but this looks to be the week he may turn things around. Last week he had a big performance coming off the bye week and there is no reason to think that will not be the case this year again. Tampa Bay is playing the redskins who have been ineffective against the pass.

Projection: 23.6 Fantasy Points

Tight End

Antonio Gates (Oak @ SD): While Rivers does seem to spread the ball around a lot, Gates is his favorite and most reliable red zone receiver. He could easily get a hundred receiving yards and a touchdown or two this week making him a valuable, yet pricey, pick at tight end. Could be a good stack with Rivers at quarterback.

Projection: 22.1 Fantasy Points

Delanie Walker (Atl @ Ten): If you are looking for a cheaper pick at tight end, then Walker is your man. He has a high upside as he has continued to perform as the rest of his team seems to be falling apart. Atlanta has been unable to stop tight ends so far this year and Walker may be overlooked in most Daily Fantasy Contests.

Projection: 17.2 Fantasy Points

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NFL Fantasy Draft News 10-14-2015

Arizona Cardinals versus Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Fantasy Cash League Preview 10-18-2015

The Pittsburgh Steelers are at home to face the Arizona Cardinals from NFL pro football action on Sunday afternoon. Fantasy football draft GM’s can tune to FOX on October 18th at 1PM Eastern Time to follow the results of their roster picks.

The Arizona Cardinals responded well after their first loss of the season. In week four the Cardinals dropped a 24-22 home defeat. Last week they traveled to Detroit and crushed the Lions 42-17. In the win Arizona forced six Lions turnovers and ended the game with a +6 turnover margin. They knocked Matthew Stafford out of the game as they pick him off three times. The team was efficient in the red zone converting five touchdowns in all five of their drives inside the opponent’s twenty yard line. Arizona is the top scoring offense in the NFL by pushing across 38 points per game. They are good on the other side of the football by limiting their opponents to 18 points per game ranking fifth best in the NFL in scoring defense.

Pittsburgh is on a short week after traveling cross-country to San Diego to play the Chargers on Monday Night Football. They Steelers win 24-20 to move to 3-2 on the year as Michael Vick got his first win as a starter for an injured Ben Roethlisberger. Down three points and at the Chargers one yard line the Steelers went for the win and got it as Le’Veon Bell rushed for the one yard touchdown as time expired. The Pittsburgh run game generated 155 yards and their run defense was sharp holding the Chargers to 52 yards on 19 carries. Pittsburgh ranks sixth in the league in scoring defense as they hold opponents to 19 points per game.

Arizona Cardinals QB:

Carson Palmer

The veteran quarterback is completing 65% of his throws for 1316 yards with 13 touchdowns and three picks. In the win against Detroit Palmer hit on 11 of 14 throws for 161 yards and three touchdowns.

Arizona Cardinals RB:

Chris Johnson

Johnson is trying to save his career in the NFL with this stop with the Cardinals. He has surprised rushing for 405 yards on 75 carries and two touchdowns. Chris Johnson is averaging 5.1 yards per carry.

Arizona Cardinals WR:

Larry Fitzgerald

The 12th year wide out has caught 35 passes for 490 yards and six touchdowns. In week two Fitzgerald had three touchdowns receptions against the Bears. Last week in the win against the Lions Fitzgerald had five catches for 58 yards and a touchdown.

John Brown

Brown has caught 23 passes for 31 yards and two touchdowns. He had a big play on Sunday against the Lions with a 49 yard catch.

Pittsburgh Steelers QB:

Michael Vick

The Steelers signal caller Michael Vick is playing for an injured Ben Roethlisberger. In the Monday night win against San Diego Vick was 13 of 26 for 203 yards with a touchdown and pick. He had a long pass go for 72 yards. Vick had just one run against the Chargers for 24 yards.

Pittsburgh Steelers RB:

Le’Veon Bell

Bell leads the Steelers with 62 carries for 302 yards and three touchdowns. He is running for five yards a carry and has five rushes for over 20 yards. The third year back had 21 carries for 111 yards and the game winning touchdown in the final play of the game.

Pittsburgh Steelers WR:

Antonio Brown

Brown leads the Steelers by far with 37 catches for 523 yards and two touchdowns. He has no touchdown receptions since Michael Vick came in relief of Ben Roethlisberger.

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NFL Fantasy Football News 10-2-2015

St Louis Rams versus Arizona Cardinals NFL Daily League Fantasy Football Preview 10-2-2015

Two NFC West sound defensive teams meet when the Arizona Cardinals face the St Louis Rams. The teams play from Arizona on Sunday October 4th at 4:25PM Eastern Time and NFL draft GMs can tune to FOX TV.

The Arizona Cardinals won the two meetings with the Rams in their 2014 season. The game held in Arizona was won by the Cardinals 31-14 with the team throwing for 307 yards in the victory. The Cardinals enter play with a record of 3-0 and has been impressive on both ends of the field. They have piled up over 40 points in their past two games with a road win at Chicago and last week to San Francisco. Some are pointing to a weak schedule for the Cardinals for the reasons for their 3-0 record and very good lines in the stat sheets. Arizona is the top scoring team in the NFL as they push across 42 points a game. They gain 391 yards which is fifth best in the league. Over on defense Arizona is fifth in yards allowed (299) and sit third in points allowed (16.3).

The St Louis Rams enter play with a record of 1-2. They are 1-0 against the NFC West division with a 34-31 home victory in week one in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks. They then have consecutive losses at Washington and last week at home to Pittsburgh. The Rams have combined for just 16 points in their past two games. The Rams defend well this year as they sit tenth best in yards allowed (325) and are 12th in points allowed per game (22.3). The offensive numbers like for many years have been poor. St Louis is 32nd and last in the NFL in total yards gained per game (274) and sit 29th in both passing and rushing yardage per contest.

Arizona Cardinals QB:

Carson Palmer

The veteran quarterback has been playing very well as he is completing 63% of his throws for 803 yard with nine touchdowns and two picks. Last week in the blowout home win to San Francisco Palmer hit on 20 of 32 throws for 311 yards with two touchdowns and one pick. He had four touchdown throws in week two at Chicago.

Arizona Cardinals RB

Chris Johnson

Johnson has bounced around since leaving the Tennessee Titans. He has run for 219 yards on the season as he leads the Cardinals in carries with 52. Chris Johnson has two rushing touchdowns and running for 4.2 yards per carry.

Arizona Cardinals WR:

Larry Fitzgerald

The veteran wide out leads the club in targets with 28 and he has caught 23 passes for 333 yards with five touchdowns. Fitzgerald has eight catches for over 20 yards.

St Louis Rams QB:

Nick Foles

The former Eagle has hit on 62% of his throws for 644 yards with two touchdowns and one pick. He does not have much talent to throw too as the Rams have done a terrible job with drafting playmakers in the receiving position.

St Louis Rams RB:

Ben Cunningham

The third year running back has carried the ball 16 times for 45 yards. He has been productive in the passing game catching four balls for 77 yards.

St Louis Rams WR:

Kenny Britt

Britt has been listed as questionable with a shoulder issue. He has been targeted 17 times with 11 catches for 183 yards and a touchdown.

Tavon Austin

The first round draft pick for the Rams in 2013 has not had a successful NFL career. This year he has been targeted 12 times with eight catches for 42 yards and no touchdowns. Austin is averaging just 5.3 yards per catch.

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