NBA Rundown

DFS Basketball Preview

FanPicks has all of NBA matchup ready for live DFS basketball. Take a look at every game available at on Thursday.

Suns vs Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t look so powerful during a six-game road swing and attempt to turn things around against the Phoenix Suns. Cleveland lost three of the final four games on its excursion and was drubbed 126-91 by the Golden State Warriors in Monday’s finale.

The Cavaliers also lost to the Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz on the trip and figure to find wins easier to come by at home, where their 18-3 mark is the second-best in the NBA. Cleveland power forward Kevin Love (back) will be a game-day decision after being injured during the loss to the Warriors and he was limited in Wednesday’s workout. Phoenix also has dropped three of its last four games, including a 106-101 loss to the Jazz on Monday despite standout point guard Eric Bledsoe excelling with 31 points, nine rebounds and nine assists.

Mavericks vs Heat

The Dallas Mavericks spent most of the first half of the schedule languishing at the bottom of the Western Conference but are finally beginning to make a move up. The Mavericks will try to push their season-best winning streak to four in a row against the Miami Heat.

Wizards vs Knicks

Carmelo Anthony is tired of all the drama team president Phil Jackson is creating for the New York Knicks but reiterated he wants to remain with the club. His team responded with a superb win in Boston and looks to post another victory on Thursday versus the Washington Wizards.

Nuggets vs Spurs

The Denver Nuggets are suddenly the hottest offense in the NBA and scored at least 125 points in each of their last three games with all of them being wins. The competition is about to get a little stiffer. The Nuggets might be catching the Spurs at the right time though, with San Antonio dropping two of its last four games and needing to come from behind to earn a 122-114 home triumph over the Minnesota Timberwolves on January 12.

Timberwolves vs Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers have gotten used to playing without one or two of their All-Stars, and a couple of months without Chris Paul is just the latest obstacle for the team to overcome. The Clippers will try to earn an eighth consecutive win without Paul around.

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NBA Fantasy Basketball News

LeBron James will become free agent

LeBron James, FanPicks (click to play) top NBA Finals player, is about to become a free agent… and remain home in Cleveland all in the same time. That’s right, LeBron informed the team that he will not pick up his $24 million player option due for next season. He is going in as a free agent this summer. But he made it clear that he has no intention to move away. He is currently living a love story with the city of Cleveland, where he brought a first championship in over half-a-century just last week.

James chose to become a free agent in each of his last three years, and each time signed a two years contract, that included an option year to his benefit. He never let known of his intentions to signed another short-term contract or if he, this time around, would go for the longer one. The word is that he could go for a 5 year-contract worth from 201 to 205 million. This could make him the highest paid NBA player for a single-season in leagues history.

The decision of James to sign a new contract year-after-year gave him freedom all while pressuring the Cavs owners to continue adding quality players within the team. The Cavaliers, who became the first team in history to come back from a 1-3 deficit in the NBA finals, also counted on the star players Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to bring them their first franchise’s champioship. Both are under contract for the next three years and it’s unlikely that this trio will break anytime soon. And if you add-in promising center like Tristan Thompson to the mix for the next four years, it looks like Cleveland will be a force to be wrecking with in the Eastern conference.

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Fantasy NBA Basketball Playoffs Game 7 Preview

Well this is it. The ultimate and last game of the 2015-2016 in the best possible win or go home scenario any NBA fans could imagine. This Fantasy NBA Basketball Playoffs Game 7 Preview is brought you by FanPicks where you can participate in the only available Fantasy Cross Sports contests. Will the Cavs go for a 3rd win in a row in the tough Oracle arena this Sunday or it
The suspense and intensity nearing this matchup couldn’t get any higher. Will the Golden State Warriors find a way to end the Cavaliers momentum and scare of being the first team in NBA Finals history to bust a 3-1 advantage? Or will the Cavaliers be able to make an historic comeback and shut down many critics by winning its first ever title?

The pressure is immense for both teams but a defeat, despite having an exceptional record breaking season for the Golden State Warriors will be a dagger in their heart.

On another note, this is the closest Cleveland fans have come to a championship in 52 years. The city championship drought in all sports can come to an end of the Cavaliers keep the same momentum they’ve had the past 2 games.

The Warriors however have been on the brink of winning a back to back championship for 2 games in a row and the pressure in not becoming the team who blew a 3-1 lead in NBA Finals after exceeding expectations all year long.

This will be none other than a classic matchup between the 2 NBA super stardoms, Lebron James and Stephen Curry. The past 2 games have been very different from the previous 3, with shots not falling for the defending champs at the same rate as the regular season and most of the postseason.

All Warriors have expressed the extreme disappointment they’d feel if they were unable to as champs, so look for them to come out focus and flying today.

Despite Curry putting 30 pts in Game 6, James poured in 41 pts for the 2nd straight contest. This ecstatic performance made Lebron joined the elite group of Jerry West, Michael Jordan, Rick Barry and Shaquille O’Neal as the only players ever to score 40 more points in consecutive games.

However, for the Cavs, the real threat comes not only from the Splash Brothers Curry and Thompson, but dominance from Draymond Green and the bench at times makes it an heavier task to overcome.

The Warriors definitely know all about overcoming a 3-1 deficit after defeating miraculously the Thunder in the Western Finals in 7 games. The composure and output from everyone on the team is critical at this point.
The bench has to perform the same way they did all throughout the season as well as early playoff games to stop the Cavaliers at this rate. With Draymond Green missing game 5 and Andrew Bogut out on a season adversity, Steve Kerr’s squad will have to play like champions to retain their crown and put an end to the Cavaliers’ tenacy and hunger for a win.


Look for this game to be a tight game but with the Warriors taking advantage of their depth and home court advantage to finish off a spectacular year.

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NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft Top Picks

NBA Finals Game 6

The NBA Finals resumes Thursday night with Game 6. The Cleveland Cavaliers will fight to stay alive and try to push the Golden State Warriors to an ultimate Game 7. The Cavs staved off elimination Monday winning 112-97 in Golden State. This was the Warriors first home loss during the playoffs and third this entire season. As the momentum shifted in Cleveland’s favor? Don’t say that to the Warriors who looks to repeat the exact same scenario as last year, winning the championship in 6 games at Quickens Loan Arena. The table is set for the NBA fantasy basketball draft tonight, time to play FanPick’s Cross-Sports Grand-Jam (click to play) and select your winning lineup!

Top Draft Picks

Player Pos Team Last Game FP Last 2 Games FP Avg Last 4 Games FP Avg Last 10 Games FP Avg
LeBron James F CLE 58.5 47.2 42.5 39
Kyrie Irving G CLE 41.5 37.5 30.2 28.2
Stephen Curry G GSW 31 29.2 26.3 29.4
Klay Thompson G GSW 30.5 21.8 20.4 22.7
Andre Iguodala F CLE 28.5 20.3 19.7 17.1
Draymond Green F GSW 25 25.8 26.8 24.8
Tristan Thompson C CLE 21.5 20.5 18.7 15.3
Harrison Barnes F GSW 12 19.5 16.4 13.9
Shaun Livingston G GSW 11.5 11 13.5 10.3
JR Smith G CLE 10.5 15 11.9 13.3
Richard Jefferson F CLE 8.5 11.3 10.5 9.6
Iman Shumpert G CLE 6.5 5.3 4.4 5
Festus Ezeli C GSW 5.5 1.8 3.5 5
Kevin Love F CLE 5.5 8.8 16.8 19.1
Marreese Speights C GSW 5 3.2 2.4 5
FP:Fantasy Points

NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft Notables

  • Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut will miss the rest of the finals due to a left knee injury he suffered during last game. He will not need surgery though.
  • Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green will be back for Game 6 after serving a one game suspension for his below-the-belt hit on LeBron James.
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Fantasy Basketball Draft Top Picks

June 10th 2016

The NBA Finals resumes Friday, with the Golden State Warriors leading the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-1. The Cavs weren’t going to give up easy after losing the first two game. LeBron James & co. bounce back in huge fashion defeating the Warriors 120-90. A win tonight at home is once again so important for Cleveland, with 2 out of the next three games in Golden State. Here’s a look at the Game 4 fantasy basketball draft (click to play) top picks!

Player Pos Team Last Game FP Last Two Game FP Avg Last Four Game FP Avg Last Ten Game FP Avg
LeBron James F CLE 41 37.3 37.9 36.4
Kyrie Irving G CLE 34.5 24.3 27.2 25.6
Tristan Thompson C CLE 24.5 18.8 16 14.9
JR Smith G CLE 24 12.8 13.8 13
Harrison Barnes F GSW 24 15.8 14.6 13.4
Richard Jefferson F CLE 18.5 12.3 11 8.9
Draymond Green F GSW 18 28.5 28 24.9
Stephen Curry G GSW 17 20.3 28.3 29.9
Shaun Livingston G GSW 12 15.5 12.1 9.8
Klay Thompson G GSW 10.5 15.7 21.8 23.2
Andre Iguodala F GSW 10 15.8 15.1 15
Leandro Barbosa G GSW 10 10.7 6.9 5.4
Kevin Love F CLE 7.5 21.7 21.3 22.6
Iman Shumpert G CLE 7.5 4.5 3.6 6.3
Andrew Bogut C GSW 5.5 10.5 10 11.5
Marreese Speights C GSW 4.5 2.3 2.3 5.4
Jordan McRae G CLE 4 14.7 10.1 5.4
Mo Williams G CLE 4 2.3 1.5 2
Anderson Varejao F GSW 4 3.2 2.1 2.9
Timofey Mozgov C CLE 3.5 4.2 4.5 3

Fantasy Basketball Draft Notables

  • LeBron Jame s and Kyrie Irving combined for 62 points in game 3.
  • Kevin Love (concussion) will once again be a game time decision. He was part of the morning practice with the team Friday morning.
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Daily Fantasy Basketball NBA Finals

Game 3

LeBron James carried his squad with the best score in daily fantasy basketball NBA Finals game 2 Sunday night, yet it wasn’t enough to defeat the dynasty that is the Golden State Warriors. The Cavs lost 110-77, their worst game during the 2016 playoffs. They also gave up a 48 points difference after two games against the Warriors. Fortunately for them, the series now shifts to Cleveland. Play NBA-MLB cross-sport contest this Wednesday, exclusive to (click to join).

Top NBA Game 2 Performers

Player Pos Team Last Game FP Two Game FP Avg Four Game FP Avg Ten Game FP Avg
Draymond Green F GSW 34.5 30.3 30.1 26.7
LeBron James F CLE 32 38.3 37.3 35.5
Stephen Curry G GSW 26.5 27.8 32.3 32.5
Klay Thompson G GSW 20.5 20 24.7 24.5
Richard Jefferson F CLE 14.5 7.3 8.7 8.2
Andrew Bogut C GSW 13.5 10.2 14.9 12.3
Kyrie Irving G CLE 13 25.2 25.9 24.5
Andre Iguodala F GSW 13 16.5 16.4 14.9
Leandro Barbosa G GSW 12.5 8.2 5.3 5
Shaun Livingston G GSW 12.5 15.3 11.1 9.4
Tristan Thompson C CLE 11.5 12.7 13.2 13.6
Harrison Barnes F GWS 10 13 11.4 12.3
JR Smith G CLE 9.5 10 11 13
Ian Clark G GSW 9 3 4.8 5.7
Matthew Dellavedova G CLE 8 4.8 5.5 5.6
Kevin Love F CLE 7.5 21.7 21.3 22.6
Festus Ezeli C GSW 6.5 5.5 3.9 6.5
Timofey Mozgov C CLE 6 6.3 4.3 5.2
Iman Shumpert G CLE 3 3.3 2.6 6.5
Marreese Speights C GSW 2.5 1.8 3.6 6.3

Game 3 starts on Wednesday at 9PM ET, with the Cavaliers reuniting with their fans at Quicken Loans Arena. They hope to earn their first win of the 2016 NBA Finals, as they trail 2-0 at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. Cleveland might be without their star power forward Kevin Love, who received an accidental elbow from Harrison Barnes to the head this past Sunday. He initially stayed in the game, but left after experiencing dizziness. If he is not ready come game time, the Cavs will likely turn to their big russian Timofey Mozgov in the starting five. He has played a total of fourteen minutes during the first two games of the finals.

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Fantasy Basketball Courtside Watch

There is a three NBA Playoffs Game 2 set for the evening. The Hornets are in Miami, the Cavs host the Pistons and the TrailBlazers  hope to win in L.A. against the Clippers. All home team have taken Game 1 of the series. It will be the last chance for those visiting clubs to take over the series lead at home for Game 3. So expect a lot of pressure from the underdogs tonight. We’ve listed the top 20 fantasy points producers from their previous game in FanPicks Fantasy Basketball Courtside Watch.Fantasy Basketball

Cleveland’s big three got things done in the first game versus Detroit. Kyrie Irving was the biggest draw with a total of 36.5 fantasy points. LeBron James and Kevin Love came a close second and third with 36 and 35 fantasy points of their own. No other Cavs players were that significant in Game 1, leaving to wonder that they must just be relying on those three to provide the score day in and day out. There’s is no doubt that LeBron is the main man of the bunch, and could enjoy some huge fantasy production for at-least the first two rounds of playoffs. Love, for his part, should be providing regular rebounding defense in the double-digits. This leaves Irving with doubts on if his production level will stay in par with his teammates. He collected 31 points in the game, which contributed for most of his fantasy points production. The point guard came second in Cleveland’s scoring, behind poster boy LeBron James. So it would be doubtful that Irving could score more than King James on the regular, leaving him on the outside looking in. Other top 20 options at the guard position would be L.A.’s Chris Paul, Portland’s, Damon Lillard and Miami’s Dwayne Wade. Charlotte’s Nicolas Batum led the charge against the Heat, he should be a sleeper to provide the points again today.

Which player is going to stand out in tonights fantasy basketball matchups? Can Chris Paul top the list once again? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to enter in your DFS lineup at FanPicks .com. Don’t forget to keep a lookout for the fantasy basketball courtside watch posted daily.

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NBA Fantasy Basketball Money Picks Rockets vs Cavaliers

Dominate your competition with our NBA Fantasy Basketball Money Picks, create the winning lineup at The Houston Rockets (36-38) make their way to Ohio to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers (52-21) at Quicken Loans Arena.
Fantasy Basketball
Houston is in a scramble to make it into the postseason, as a recent span of poor play has left them hanging on to the eight seed by a thread. They fell down to the Pacers in their most recent game by a score of 104-101 on Sunday night. James Harden no doubt led the Rockets’ attack, registering 34 points, eight rebounds, eight assists and a steal. As has too often been the case nevertheless, he received very small support from the rest of his teammates. Trevor Ariza was the next closest in scoring with a moderate 14 points, as he also added two rebounds, two assists and a steal. Dwight Howard added 11-point, 10-rebound double-double that also included a pair of blocks. No other Houston player provided double-digit scoring in that game. The Rockets are currently ranked third in the Western Conference’s Southwest Division. They’ve lost four of their last five contests, and four straight road games.

Cleveland took care of the Knicks in fairly easy fashion Saturday, 107-93. Kevin Love gave in a second outstanding game in his last three, collecting 28 points, 12 rebounds and two assists. LeBron James, who has been confirmed to be out of the lineup for Tuesday’s contest in order to rest, was incredible as well. He posted a triple-double. He stacked up 27 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists, two blocks and a steal. J.R. Smith contributed 13 points, three boards and two assists. Matthew Delladedova, who subbed in for the resting Kyrie Irving, supplied 10 points, four rebounds and two assists. The Cavs remain atop the Eastern Conference, ahead of the Toronto Raptors. They’ve won five of their past seven games, and have a modest three-game winning spell at home.

Top Fantasy Picks

G James Harden (HOU)

G Kyrie Irving (CLE)

F Kevin Love (CLE)

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NBA Fantasy Basketball Cavaliers vs Nets

Dominate your competitions with our NBA Fantasy Basketball updates, create the winning fantasy NBA contest lineups for Barclays Center hosts a Thursday night match-up between the Cleveland Cavaliers (51-20) and Brooklyn Nets (19-51).


Cleveland have come out on top of four of their last five outings to solidify their first place standing in the Eastern Conference, their latest win coming on Wednesday night over the visiting Milwaukee Bucks, 113-104. LeBron James had a team-best 26 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds to lead a starting five that all recorded double digits in the victory. Kevin Love logged a double-double, putting up 24 points and 10 boards, shooting 8 of 14 from the field and 4 of 10 from downtown, while J.R. Smith contributed 13 points, 4 assists and 3 boards, going 5 of 10 from the paint and 3 of 7 from long range. Smith has started 66 games for the Cavaliers this season, averaging 12.3 points and 2.8 boards along the way, leading the team in three-point attempts with 6.5 per game. The team has lost only six games at Quicken Loans Arena all season.

Losers of seven of their last eight games, the Nets fell 105-100 to the visiting Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday night, dropping to 12-24 at home on the season. Brook Lopez once again lifted the team in defeat with 29 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, going 11 of 19 from the paint and draining all seven of his attempts from the free throw line. Sean Kilpatrick emerged from the bench with a career-high 25 points, shooting 9 of 12 from the field, 4 of 5 from deep and 3 of 3 from the foul line. Through just 11 games, the sophomore is averaging 13.4 points a night for Brooklyn, and has posted double digits in seven straight games for the club. Bojan Bogdanovich posted 20 points and hauled in 3 boards, going 3 of 5 from long range and and perfect 9 of 9 from the foul line as the Nets remain at 14th place in the East. The team owns a 7-27 record away from home, where they will contest seven of their next ten games.

Top 3 Fantasy Picks

F LeBron James (Cavaliers)

F Kevin Love (Cavaliers)

C Brook Lopez (Nets)

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NBA Fantasy Basketball Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Fantasy Basketball Preview

Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers will be hosting Paul George’s Indiana Pacers in this Eastern Conference battle. FanPicks has your your NBA Fantasy basketball preview for this game. Come enjoy some DFS news and previews at


NBA fantasy basketball

The Cavaliers are still leading the Eastern Conference with 2 games ahead of the Toronto Raptors despite their struggling form lately, having won once in their last 4 games. Their latest defeat came yesterday at the arms of a Washington Wizards team led by John Wall. The double digit loss was unexpected for this Cavs group playing without their leader Lebron James, who missed his first game since early December. With James back in the lineup for tonight, they shouldn’t have any issues at home against the Pacers. In fact they’ve won 13 straight against the Pacers when Lebron is in the lineup but will definitely need to play much better if they want to compete with real championship contenders such as the Spurs, Thunder or Warriors.


The Pacers are ranked 6th in the Eastern Conference but don’t really have a stronghold yet on their playoff position. They’ve won 50% of their last 10 games and are a middle of the pack team led by Paul George competitiveness and consistency. Their defense is probably the strongest point, ranking in the top 10 teams in the league in pts allowed. The last time both teams met in Indiana less than a month ago, the Pacers came close but dropped the game in Overtime. Their big men Paul George had a really poor game netting only 11 pts but Monte Ellis had to step up, and threw down 18 for his team. They will definitely try to take advantage of a tired Cavaliers squad that showed tremendous weaknesses in their game last night.

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DFS Basketball Picks


  • My roster ($100 leftover)


Kyle Lowry is just a bulldog. The Raptors star posted a triple-double against the Knicks and has no reason not to rip the T-Wolves.

Patty Mills at $4200 is a good value. He usually comes through in the clutch and is a dependable lower priced option.

The man, the legend himself Vince Carter is in the starting lineup of a fantasy team for the first time in forever…and at $3500 you can’t go wrong. Just for the entertainment value you win!

The 21-year-old Chicago Bull Bobby Portis is consistently capable of 20 FPPG, so at $4500 you gotta take the Power Forward.

Marvin Williams should feast on Kevin Love’s lack of defensive prowess tonight. I’m looking for double-digit rebounds from the PF.

There are a few intriguing options at Center tonight including the likes of Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins, but at $7200 K-A Towns is too big of a discount to pass up.

Another player at the position that ended up making the squad is Nikola Jokic. With 29 and 34 fantasy points back-to-back, the Utility slot was a prime opportunity for me to play the big Serb.

Tobias Harris rounds out the roster with 42.5 FP ovr his last 2 games combined. The Small Forward should get the start again versus the 6ers.


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NBA Daily Fantasy Picks 2/22


The below chart is misleading to the NBA Daily Fantasy novice. On first look you probably look at Lebron James and Stephen Curry, decide that Lebron is projected higher than Stephen Curry but is cheaper so you should pick Lebron James. That is true that Lebron is a better option for today than Steph, but is he the best option? When it comes to daily fantasy picks, your picks are all about value (points per dollar) rather than sheer points. Winning a daily fantasy contest comes down to scoring the most total lineup points, and that is done with turning your $50,000 salary cap into all around value, not just a couple big scorers.


This may be a bad example because Lebron does have a good value coefficient of 5.5, meaning he is projected to score 5.5 fantasy points for each $1000 or his total $8700 of salary. That is not bad but as you can see, there are players on this list with higher value coefficients.


The one that sticks out especially is Jamal Crawford. He has taken on a larger role for the Clippers in Griffin’s absence and has been very consistent over the past 5 games at that 30 fantasy point mark. However, with a salary of only $5000, if he continues to put up 30 fantasy points per game, he will provide more value than any other player is projected. He should get plenty of play time in what should be a high scoring blowout in the Clippers favor against the Suns.


Another player who has been providing huge value is Khris Middleton. He has a more moderate salary level at $6500, but looks like he will be putting up numbers with the heavy hitters today. Milwaukee is favored by 8 points against the Lakers is what should be slightly higher scoring game.


If you need another cheap option to fill some gaps in your lineup Jabari Parker should be a good overlooked value pick. His numbers have been fantastic lately for his cheap salary level. Pairing him with Middleton may pay off if Middleton sets up Parker for some baskets as you will double dip with Parker’s points and Middleton’s assists.



Position PlayerName Points Dollars Value
SF LeBron James 48.1 8700 5.5
PG Stephen Curry 46.9 9400 5.0
C DeAndre Jordan 40.1 7300 5.5
SF Carmelo Anthony 39.6 7500 5.3
PF Paul Millsap 39.5 7100 5.6
PF Draymond Green 39.1 7500 5.2
SG Khris Middleton 38.5 6500 5.9
PG Kyle Lowry 38.3 7600 5.0
C Andre Drummond 38.3 7800 4.9
PG Isaiah Thomas 38.1 6900 5.5
SG DeMar DeRozan 35.9 6900 5.2
SF Giannis Antetokounmpo 34.9 6500 5.4
SG Klay Thompson 34.5 6500 5.3
C Greg Monroe 34.2 6800 5.0
PF Kevin Love 31.7 6800 4.7
PF Julius Randle 31.5 6100 5.2
SG Jamal Crawford 31.4 5000 6.3
C Al Horford 31.1 6500 4.8
PG Ricky Rubio 30.3 6100 5.0
PG Reggie Jackson 30.3 6500 4.7
PF Jabari Parker 30.1 5100 5.9


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New Orleans Pelicans vs Cleveland Cavaliers Fantasy Basketball News – 02-06-16

The Pelicans (18-31) will travel to Cleveland (35-14) Saturday night at the Quicken Loans Arena to battle the Cavaliers. The Cavs are odd favourite (-9.5). FanPicks has this game on tap for tonight’s DFS action. Come play Fantasy Basketball at

Projected Lineup


New Orleans lost a heartbreaker this past Thursday at the hands of the struggling Lakers, 99-96 despite a great performance from Anthony Davis. Davis 39 pts and 11 boards led the charge. Jrue Holiday added a big 19 pts and 9 boards off the bench. The Pelicans will be hop come to terms with the reality that they will likely finish the season as a lottery team. Unfortunately for the Pelicans, their guard Tyreke Evans missed 5 straight games and there’s still no approximate timetable on his return.

The Cavs are settling well with their new coach Tyronn Lue despite a 2 game losing skid. The latest defeat Friday night came to the Celtics 104-103 in a nail biter. It was only the Cavs’ 4th home loss of the season. LeBron James led the squad with 30 pts, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. J.R Smith 20 pts 5 triples. Kevin Love had to leave the game with an injury in the 3rd quarter while Kyrie Irving added a solid 19pts on the board. The Cavs are just a game and a half ahead of the Raptors in the lead for the Eastern Conference.

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