NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers

Dominate your competition with our NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball, create the winning lineup at The Utah Jazz (40-41) take on the host Los Angeles Lakers (16-65) at Staples Center. Fantasy Basketball
Utah comes into this game tied for the eight-seed in the western conference, but their faith will be out of their hands. The Houston Rockets are holding the eight-spot as well, but have the crucial tiebreaker over the Jazz. The Jazz have actually lost three of their past four headed into this game and that’s not the type of thing you can do in the midst of a playoff hunt. The offense has really hurt this club, as they rank 28th in both scoring and assists per contests.

Although the Lakers are having one of their worst seasons in franchise history, this trivial game will be one of the most important ones in years for Los Angeles fans. This is the last game of Kobe Bryant’s career and the energy in the Staples Center should be out of control. That alone should make this a exceptional game, as the Lakers will have plenty of motivation in what would normally be a throw-in-the-towel match-up.

With that in mind, the Jazz should still be a sizable favorite, as their post-season lives are on the line and the Lakers are still leaving empty-handed after this.

Top Fantasy Picks

G Shelvin Mack (UTA)

G Rodney Hood (UTA)

F Julius Randle (LAL)

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NBA Basketball Game Fantasy Preview

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will try to put their locker room issues behind them as well as this record losing season when they host the Boston Celtics Sunday night at the Staples Center. This NBA basketball game fantasy preview is brought you by Come PLAY in our Daily Fantasy Basketball contests at FanPicks and get a free chance to win $1 Million dollars!

NBA Basketball Game Fantasy

The Los Angeles Lakers have dropped 4 of their last 5, but are playing their best basketball of the season. They ended up winning against the Miami Heat in an OT nailbiter. But in reality, winning isn’t the main thing this team needs right now though simply because the higher they finish, the less likley they will get a # 1 overall draft pick. Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour is almost done and it’s really sad to see him wrapped up like a mummy after every game. He will come out playing hard in this game that was traditionally one of the best rivalries in sports.


The Boston Celtics come in this game having only lost twice in their last 8 games but with the most recent win standing above any wins this season. They can really brag about beating the Golden State Warriors on the road, simply because it cracked their record of 54 straight home wins. This Celtics squad is doing some impressive stuff, as they’re currently one of the few teams in the NBA who rank simultaneously in pts scored, assists and boards per game. Despite the fact they’ve fallen to the 6th spot in the Eastern Conference the recent weeks, they’re only haf a game behind the Miami Heat that sit in 3rd .




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Fantasy Basketball NBA Preview

Washington Wizards vs Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant’s struggling Los Angeles Lakers will host the travelling Washington Wizards at Staples Center on Sunday. FanPicks is proud to bring you this Fantasy Basketball NBA preview. Take a break from March Madness and come play in our NBA Magic Million contest where you can win up to a $1 million this week at FanPicks.

Fantasy Basketball NBA

Los Angeles have continued their poor form and lost 6 of their last 7 games. Their only win in that span came against a shorthanded Memphis Grizzlies squad. The main problems are endless with this Lakers team as they rank in the bottom 4 in pts scored, pts allowed and assists per game. Despite the great improvement of Julius Randle, coming off his 1st career triple-double in their most recent loss to the Denver Nuggets, their rookie star D’Angelo Russell got injured in that game and is unlikely to come back for this game as he continues the rehab of his ankle injury. The Lakers have much less to lose in this game than the Wizards, making them an unfortunate huge underdog for this game.


The Washington Wizards are now 3 games out of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with only 10 games left in the regular season. That same squad finished in the top 4 last campaign which shows a regression and is a huge disappointment for them. The biggest issue with this team is the rebounding as they rank 29th in the league in boards per contest. Their offense is stacked with John Wall and Bradley Beal but are clearly one big man away in the frontcourt from being a huge contender in the Eastern Conference. They are clear favourites for this matchup with way more motivation than the Lakers to get the W in this Sunday night matchup.

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Fantasy Basketball Memphis Grizzlies vs              Los Angeles Lakers Preview

NBA Basketball Fantasy Basketball Preview

Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers will be hosting the Memphis Grizzlies Friday night in this Western Conference battle. FanPicks has your your fantasy basketball preview for this game. Come enjoy some DFS news and predictions at

Fantasy Basketball Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Lakers

L.A. comes into this game hoping to end their 7 game losing streak. They’re coming back from a defeat in Memphis 2 nights ago. Unfortunately for the Lakers, their numbers in Kobe’s last year have been absolutely terrible. Terrible to the point where they rank in the bottom 5 teams in pts scored and on average allow over +110 pts a game. On a positive note, their future generation looks promising with youngsters like Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell.

The Grizzlies are on some kind of hot streak lately, having dropped only one of their last 4. They will hope to continue that streak by beating the Lakers back to back after their latest battle Wednesday. It was the 14th time in their last 16 games that they score way over a 100 pts/ Marc Gasol’s hasn’t really impacted their offense surprisingly. Demarcus Cousins has really been turning it up lately, helping them constantly to boost their offense. They will be hoping to maintain their momentum in this last stretch with the playoffs approaching quickly.

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Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Picks

FanPicks presents our daily fantasy basketball value picks once again. Important note: This isn’t necessarily an optimal lineup for you to use (though we do quite well), but rather Value Picks and Targets that could help put you over the top of your DFS contest. In order to win your daily fantasy basketball contest you need to maximize your spending and get the right formula for victory. As you can see I still have a healthy $100 leftover, so use this roster as a fantasy aid to assemble your dream team.

  • My Roster


Reggie Jackson tops off our list, fittingly so because he is our highest paid player tonight. At $6500 that isn’t much to be your pinnacle, but we went with a balanced approach and no real cheapies.

Dragic and Deng should pick up where they left off last game, picking up the slack for their injured Heat bredren. Avery Bradley has five 20-point performances since January 22, and can rack up boards, assists and steals too.

Kyle Lowry is a great option tonight as well.

Jabari Parker has been rolling and is a ultra-popular in daily fantasy circles these days. He put up a season high 34.5 FP last game and should continue tonight. His price tag makes him a must-start even if he can’t repeat to that extent.

Lakers, Julius Randle scored 50.5 FP in his last two outings combined, while D’Angelo Russell recently learned he will be starting for the rest of the season. His bump in minutes should boost his confidence so his worth the gamble as he fits snuggly into the lineup.

Big-men Tristan Thompson and Ian Mahinmi were prime Value Picks. Thompson will be more heavily owned as he has been averaging 26.8 FPPG over his last three and is the bigger name, but Mahinmi has also been averaging 26 FPPG (last 2 games) and provides a nice deal at $5200.

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NBA Daily Fantasy Picks 2/22


The below chart is misleading to the NBA Daily Fantasy novice. On first look you probably look at Lebron James and Stephen Curry, decide that Lebron is projected higher than Stephen Curry but is cheaper so you should pick Lebron James. That is true that Lebron is a better option for today than Steph, but is he the best option? When it comes to daily fantasy picks, your picks are all about value (points per dollar) rather than sheer points. Winning a daily fantasy contest comes down to scoring the most total lineup points, and that is done with turning your $50,000 salary cap into all around value, not just a couple big scorers.


This may be a bad example because Lebron does have a good value coefficient of 5.5, meaning he is projected to score 5.5 fantasy points for each $1000 or his total $8700 of salary. That is not bad but as you can see, there are players on this list with higher value coefficients.


The one that sticks out especially is Jamal Crawford. He has taken on a larger role for the Clippers in Griffin’s absence and has been very consistent over the past 5 games at that 30 fantasy point mark. However, with a salary of only $5000, if he continues to put up 30 fantasy points per game, he will provide more value than any other player is projected. He should get plenty of play time in what should be a high scoring blowout in the Clippers favor against the Suns.


Another player who has been providing huge value is Khris Middleton. He has a more moderate salary level at $6500, but looks like he will be putting up numbers with the heavy hitters today. Milwaukee is favored by 8 points against the Lakers is what should be slightly higher scoring game.


If you need another cheap option to fill some gaps in your lineup Jabari Parker should be a good overlooked value pick. His numbers have been fantastic lately for his cheap salary level. Pairing him with Middleton may pay off if Middleton sets up Parker for some baskets as you will double dip with Parker’s points and Middleton’s assists.



Position PlayerName Points Dollars Value
SF LeBron James 48.1 8700 5.5
PG Stephen Curry 46.9 9400 5.0
C DeAndre Jordan 40.1 7300 5.5
SF Carmelo Anthony 39.6 7500 5.3
PF Paul Millsap 39.5 7100 5.6
PF Draymond Green 39.1 7500 5.2
SG Khris Middleton 38.5 6500 5.9
PG Kyle Lowry 38.3 7600 5.0
C Andre Drummond 38.3 7800 4.9
PG Isaiah Thomas 38.1 6900 5.5
SG DeMar DeRozan 35.9 6900 5.2
SF Giannis Antetokounmpo 34.9 6500 5.4
SG Klay Thompson 34.5 6500 5.3
C Greg Monroe 34.2 6800 5.0
PF Kevin Love 31.7 6800 4.7
PF Julius Randle 31.5 6100 5.2
SG Jamal Crawford 31.4 5000 6.3
C Al Horford 31.1 6500 4.8
PG Ricky Rubio 30.3 6100 5.0
PG Reggie Jackson 30.3 6500 4.7
PF Jabari Parker 30.1 5100 5.9


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NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft News 10-8-2015

LA Lakers face Uphill Battle in Western Conference Playoff Race

The 2014-15 LA Lakers are coming off a very poor season a year ago. They finished with a mark of 21-61 which was the fourth worst record in the league. LA was 9-43 against the Western conference.

There are many areas of improvement for this club but most notably will be their play on the defensive end of the court. The team ranked 29th and near the bottom in points allowed per game (105.3) and in opponents field goal percentage (46.6%). They did have their bad breaks injury wise. It began in training camp as their number one pick Julius Randle was lost for the year with a broken leg. Veteran Kobe Bryant played in just 35 games.

Head coach Byron Scott enters his second year with the team and will have to deal with Kobe Bryant’s contract situation as the Hall of Famer enters his last year on his contract. Bryant hasn’t shown any interest in retiring and LA’s brass has mentioned that they have no intensions of extending Kobe’s contract once it expires at the end of the season.

If the Lakers double their win total from a year ago with 42 wins it will likely not be enough to make the playoffs in the difficult Western conference. The New Orleans Pelicans were the eighth seed in the Western conference a year ago and the final team to qualify into the postseason. Their record was 45-37. The question becomes will LA trade Kobe at the trading deadline to a contender because a drastic improvement isn’t likely with this team.

LA Lakers PG:

D’Angelo Russell

The Lakers first round draft pick was taken out of Ohio St in the 2015 draft. He is only 19 and will be 20 years old on February 23rd. There is lot to learn about this league and Russell will be matched against many of the talented point guards in the Western conference. NBA fantasy draft managers may want to wait a while before adding this rookie on their one day league rosters. He has to gain the trust of Kobe Bryant and that may take some time to develop. Biggest issues facing rookies in the NBA and especially point guards will be his defense and ability to limit turnovers.

Jordan Clarkson

One of the few positives to come out of last season was the development of Jordan Clarkson at the point guard position. He will back up Russell so his minutes will be dependent on how efficient Russell is. The Lakers second round draft pick from 2014 averaged 12 points a game and shot 44.8% from the field.

LA Lakers SG:

Kobe Bryant

The 19 year pro has faced injury issues the past couple of years. His production has digressed. Kobe was a career 45% shooter who shot 37.3% from the field last year. He averaged 34 ½ minutes. Bryant a good friend of Byron Scott will most likely still call the shots on how many minutes he plays each night. With so much player turn over the past couple of years with the Lakers, Kobe could become frustrated and lose the team work necessary to help grow this young roster.

LA Lakers SF:

Nick Young

Young is an all offense and no defense type of player. He has bounced around the league and will never be an impact player on a good team. He fits the mold of an offensive star on bad teams who lose because they don’t defend. Has fantasy value when Kobe is not on the court.

LA Lakers PF:

Julius Randle

Randle showed great potential last year in the preseason with a good presence around the basket. LA will miss a lot of shots and Randle will have opportunities for rebounds and put backs.

LA Lakers C:

Roy Hibbert

He was signed by the Lakers purely for a defensive presence around the basket to prevent points by the opposition. In his days with the Pacers the team was great defensively. Hibbert’s size and strength allowed him the ability to rebound. Those Indiana teams bought into playing defense. With Kobe and Nick Young on the court that is a hard sell. For that reason Hibbert may digress defensively on this roster.

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