NFL Fantasy Football News: Peyton Manning is innocent.

Peyton Manning
July 25, 2016

NFL Fantasy Football News FanPicks NFL (click & play here) all-time best QB Peyton Manning can finally see his legacy fulfilled after month of being shrouded with controversy. Peyton Manning is innocent. After a 7 month NFL investigation on whether former pro-football quarterback Peyton Manning did or did not take performance enhancers, the conclusion announced on Monday that he played the game clean. He did not use any drugs restricted by the league,…


Doping – NFL probing 3 superstars

Doping - NFL probing 3 superstars
June 27, 2016

Doping – NFL probing 3 superstars Breaking news in the NFL today during the off season when news broke out today that a report linked to Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and James Harrison to doping products. They will be be interviewed in the coming months by NFL authorities and this article of Doping – NFL probing 3 superstars is brought you by FanPicks where you can play the only fantasy…


NFL Pro Bowl Preview

January 31, 2016

NFL Pro Bowl Preview The Pro Bowl is a hard event to predict. Just because a player does well in a certain type of offense in the regular season does not guarantee they will be effective in the Pro Bowl. The opposite is true as well when a player is used to being the target of a subpar quarterback for example. Lets look at the lineups and determine where value…