While All-Star games in all major league sports are the subject of intense scrutiny and ridicule, they are still around and this Sunday should be a fun one. I don’t care what people say, seeing a half-hearted (if that) effort from the league’s best (and John Scott…we still love ya big fella!) ending in a 12-10 game is still fun for me. How can you not appreciate players juggling pucks 5-feet off the ice in an attempt to go OVER a defender instead of around him!?

This year, the NHL tried to spice things up by picking up the pace with a little 3-on-3 tournament and awarding¬†$1 Million to the winning team. Each division has a fan voted captain, plus league chosen All-Stars. Even with the way the NHL handled the John Scott situation (the 6’8 goon who is currently in the minor leagues) after being mock voted-in by the fans, this is sure to be fun.

Between a 19-year-old super-rookie (Dylan Larkin) a 43, soon to be 44-year-old living legend Jaromir Jagr and Pacific Captain John Scott and $1M on the line there is an abundant mix of talent, personality and good times to have had in Smasvhille.  Here is a look at the lineups:

Atlantic Team ASGMetropolitan Team ASG

Central Team ASGPacific Team ASG


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