Top MLB Fantasy Baseball Performers

May 17th 2016

With all the fuss and talk around the league following the legendary Texas vs Blue Jays brawl, Tuesday’s lineup seems pretty full with all 30 teams with the earliest game at 6:10 PM featuring the Ohio rivalry when Cincinnati Reds meet the Cleveland Indians. This should give you enough time to do your homework after checking out the Top MLB Fantasy Baseball Performers of the last games and dominate your lineup (click to join). The most interesting matchup will clearly be the one at 8:15PM featuring the currently red hot Boston Red Sox visiting the inconsistent Kansas City Royals. The Royals have had the best of Rick Porcello (6-1, 3.11) his last 3 starts against them posting a 7.20 ERA against the Royals but Boston’s offense has been out of this world and lead the majors in batting average by far (.298), 20 pts ahead of 2nd place Colorado (.278).

Player Pos Team Opp Last Game FP Two Game FP Avg Four Game FP Avg Ten Game FP Avg
Max Scherzer P WAS @NYM 91.5 51.7 36.6 34.4
Clayton Kershaw P LAD LAA 80.5 53.7 48.9 38.9
WeiYin Chen P MIA @PHI 52.5 25.7 27.2 22.5
Trayce Thompson OF LAD LAA 51 21.8 22 13.9
Jaime Garcia P STL COL 50 37.8 29.8 28.6
David Ortiz 1B BOS @KC 47.5 20.5 18.9 18.5
Noah Syndergaard P NYM WAS 40 27.5 32.5 30.7
JD Martinez OF DET MIN 39 23.5 17.4 12.7
Luis Valbuena 3B HOU @CWS 39 15.7 12.8 11.6
Desmond Jennings OF TB @TOR 38.5 12.8 10.7 5.1
Jake Lamb 3B ARI NYY 38.5 16.5 12.7 13.2
Danny Salazar P CLE CIN 37 34.2 37 27.1
Ian Kinsler 2B DET MIN 36 25.8 19.1 15.1
Matt Joyce OF PIT ATL 36 12 9 9.2
Adam Lind 1B SEA @BAL 36 13.5 9.7 8.3
Steve Pearce 1B TB @TOR 36 16.8 12.9 16.1
Marlon Byrd OF CLE CIN 35.5 16 12.5 6
Curt Casali C TB @TOR 35 12.5 8.4 12.2
Mookie Betts OF BOS @KC 34.5 19.3 20.5 15.9
Kyle Hendricks P CHC @MIL 34 30.5 25.9 23.6


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March Madness Fantasy Preview

Indiana Hoosiers VS Kentucky Wildcats

This will be a huge battle between two powerhouses and two extremely dynamic point guards. The Kentucky Wildcats will square off against the Indiana Hoosiers in what could’ve been a dream Sweet 16 matchup. Fanpicks is proud to bring you this March Madness Fantasy preview. Come enjoy our March Madness contests at Fanpicks with over 5 MILLION dollars in prizes for the NCAA TOURNAMENT.


March Madness Fantasy preview

This will be the 57th time that the rivals square off against one another and their first matchup since 2012.

There will be an amazing matchup between 2 of the the nation’s top Point Guards, Indiana’s senior, Yogi Ferrell and Kentucky’s sophomore, Tyler Ulis. Both players are playing extremely well as Ferrel got his 1st double-double of the season in the 1st round against 12th seed Chattanooga while Ulis led the floor for his team as usual in the thrashing of Stony Brook.


Indiana will definitely rely on their senior PG and their offense which shot nearly 65% from the field. They have other players that will need to step up like forward OG Anunoby who scored 14 pts and averaging 13.5 pts in his last 2 games. Their frontcourt of Troy Williams and Thomas Bryant will need to cope with the Wildcats’ veterans. This will be Ferrell’s 136th career game for Indiana, a record for any Hoosiers.


Coach Calipri’s Wildcats are excited about this rematch of their 2012 Sweet 16 matchup. Kentucky comes into this game after smoking out # 13 Stony Brook, with great help from their leading scorer Jamal Murray’s 19 pts, 15 of them coming in the second half. Their Freshman Isaiah Briscoe played well and was effective with a double-double 13 pts and 11 boards performance. Kentucky broke the single-game record in terms of blocks with 15 in an NCAA Tournament in their first round match. Ironically, it was their leader’s Ulis lowest scoring game in over two months with 10 pts and 7 assists. The Wildcats only played one Big Ten team and lost to Ohio State whereas the Hoosiers toppled the Buckeyes by 25 pts.


The winner of this game will face East region’s top seed North Carolina or 9th seed Providence if there’s another upset.

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NBA High Upside Value Picks


When choosing players for NBA Daily Fantasy Tournaments, most users tend to value the wrong thing.  They value consistency in their picks when consistency is actually the opposite of what you want.  In order to win serious cash in a Daily Fantasy Cash Draft you usually need extraordinary performances from all the players in your lineup, not a normal constant performance.


Furthermore, constancy is usually picked up in salary.  A consistent player like Stephen Curry is going to be at the top of the charts as far as salary goes because he regularly puts up huge numbers, but a player like Dwight Howard, who has potential for huge games or very poor games (as he often gets into foul trouble and plays minimal minutes).


So the goal is to find players that have the potential to put up big numbers but also have the potential for poor numbers.  Therefore, if they do have their big number day, then you’re lineup will benefit huge, especially since these inconstant players typically have low ownership as well.


Below you see a chart of 40+ fantasy point games in the past 30 days. Kemba Walker for example is going to cost you far less than Stephen Curry but if you picked him on January 18th, you already had a huge leg up on all your competition and were in the running for a big payday.  If you had Dwight Howard on that day as well you would have been a very happy daily fantasy manager as you got over 100 points in fantasy value out of only 2 roster spots.


Players to Exceed 40 Fantasy Point Games in the Past 30 days

Fantasy Basketball

It may be easier to identify value in the below chart.  Look at Tyson Chandler for example.  He costs only 5000 but has had two 40+ fantasy point games in the past 30 days.  If you caught him on one of those big days then his fantasy value would have been off the charts!


James Harden however has the most counts of 40+ point games in the past 30 with an incredible 8, but his salary remains lower than the likes of Curry and Westbrook.  This tells you when he has a bad game, it may be worse than those other players, but his upside is better.


Players to Exceed 40 Fantasy Point Games in the Past 30 days with Count and Salary

Fantasy Basketball



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NFL We Build Champions Roster – Week 12

This week the stack of ‪Russell Wilson‬ and ‪‎Doug Baldwin‬ were the most valuable picks. Those two combined for 3 passing touchdowns out of Russell Wilson’s total 5 passing touchdowns. There were several other multiple touchdown performances this week including ‪Adrian Peterson‬’s 2 rushing touchdowns, ‪CJ Anderson‬’s 2 rushing touchdowns, and‪ Brandon Marshall‬’s 2 receiving touchdowns. Receivers ‪Wheaton‬,‪ Landry‬, and ‪Thomas‬ only scored 1 touchdown each, but were able to create huge ‪‎fantasy value‬ with receptions and receiving yards. One very important factor to consider is the PPR (point per reception) scoring system such as the one used by Fanpicks.

Fantasy Football


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NBA Recent Hot Streaks


Daily Fantasy NBA tournaments are not about picking the all stars.   If Stephen Curry scores 40 points in one night, that is a huge basketball performance and a great addition to your lineup, but if he costs you $9000 in salary, you are better suited with two $4000 players who each earn 20 fantasy points.  Therefore, the biggest factor you should consider when drafting your players is Fantasy Value (That is Fantasy Points per Dollar spent) rather than Fantasy Points.


One good way to assess a players fantasy value is to look at how they have performed recently compared to their season averages.  Daily Fantasy Sites primarily use season averages to set each players salary level and take a while to adjust if a player has had some great recent performances.  This is where you can take advantage.


The chart below shows many key players season average Fantasy Points per Game, their Fantasy Points per Game over the past 2 games, and their Recent Rating- Which is Recent FPPG/Season FPPG.  A player with a Recent Rating of 1 is recently playing on par with how they have all season and does not offer much value for their salary level.  However, a player with a Recent Rating above 1 has been providing great fantasy value lately and it likely has not yet been reflected in their salary.

Fantasy basketball

Jamal Crawford leads the list on recent value almost doubling his season average over the past couple of days.  He is a good value addition to your lineup as he comes at a bargain and frees up salary cap to spend elsewhere.  Stephen Curry on the other hand, while having a fantastic season so far, his salary level is so high, that it is very improbable he will be able to exceed his fantasy value.  If you have the cash left over, by all means put in Stephen Curry, but more value can be attained elsewhere.

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NFL Week 9 Value Picks




Jameis Winston (NYG @ TB): Winston has been consistently subpar this year so far but this week may be a breakout against the weak Giants defense.  We saw last week how flawed the Giants secondary really is.  While I don’t expect a record setting performance from Winston as we saw last week agains the giants, there will be plenty of openings he can take advantage of to air out the ball.

Projection: 22.4 Fantasy Points


Jay Cutler (Chi @ SD):  San Diego’s defense has the highest rushing yards allowed and passing yards allowed of any team so far this season.  Cutler may not have his star running back Matt Forte but that will force him to throw the ball more, adding to his fantasy value.  With Jeffery and Bennet as top tier targets and the weak secondary, look for Cutler to provide big fantasy numbers.

Projection: 21.4 Fantasy Points


Derek Carr (Oak @ Pit):  Derek Carr has recently been a very valuable fantasy option and looks to keep this trend going this weekend against the Steelers.  The Steelers are notorious for shootout games, and if Carr can take advantage of that connection with Cooper, they could both end up with a big day.

Projection: 20.1 Fantasy Points



Running Back


Jeremy Hill (Cle @ Cin):  Hill is always a bit of a gamble as any given game could put Hill in the primary or Bernard.  One of them will definitely have a big game this weekend against the Browns but it could be either.  I’m giving the edge to Hill.

Projection: 20.7 Fantasy Points


LeSean McCoy (Mia @ Buf): McCoy has been given at least 10 rushing attempts every game this season and has been efficient with those attempts usually averaging over 4 yards per carry.  Couple that with a couple receptions and the fact that he will get even more workload if the Bills can get up early on the Dolphins and McCoy could be a prosperous draft pick this weekend.

Projection: 20.7 Fantasy Points


Duke Johnson (Cle @ Cin): Johnson had very poor rushing production last week against the Cardinals but was somewhat redeemed with his receptions.  He is a cheap fantasy option and may provide some value if he can more rushing attempts with his receiving targets as the Browns will likely have to throw the ball a lot to catch up to the undefeated Bengals.

Projection: 19.2 Fantasy Points




Wide Receiver


Amari Cooper (Oak @ Pit): The Carr-Cooper connection should be a valuable pick this weekend in the classic Roethlisberger shootout.

Projection: 24.8 Fantasy Points


Stefan Diggs (Stl @ Min):  Although the Vikings are facing the strong Ram’s defensive front, Diggs has been asserting himself as Bridgewater’s top target with a string of big fantasy value games lately (20+ fantasy points in three consecutive games).  He remains a cheap option at receiver.

Projection: 21.0 Fantasy Points


Malcom Floyd (Chi @ SD): Despite his minimal salary, Floyd managed 92 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns last week.  While he likely won’t be able to put up those numbers again, he clearly has chemistry with Rivers and the Bears’ defense won’t be able to do much to stop the pass.

Projection: 20.8 Fantasy Points




Tight End


Jordan Reed (Was @ NE):  The Redskins will have their hands full this weekend against the Pats and will likely be down early.  This will result in Cousins relying heavily on the pass game, with his favorite target Reed reaping the fantasy benefit.  Not to mention his 11 receptions for 2 touchdowns last week.  While ownership may be high on Reed, it may hurt you more to fade him then to go with the crowd on this one.

Projection: 22.6 Fantasy Points


Heath Miller (Oak @ Pit):  Miller has been somewhat unproductive this season so far but like what we have seen from Antonio Brown, he performs much better with Big Ben on the field than off.  Miller caught 100+ yards last weekend with Roethlisberger back in the lineup after failing to get anywhere near that mark in Ben’s absence.

Projection: 20.4 Fantasy Points

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NBA Value Matchups


Everyone knows the value of a high scoring game in daily fantasy NBA contests.  Likewise everyone knows who the high scoring teams are since the ownership percentages of players like Stephan Curry, James Harden, and Russel Westbrook are often 50 percent or higher.  But what is lesser known is the teams with weak defensive fronts who allow higher point totals from opposing teams.  Using this to your advantage may allow you to choose a players with big fantasy value without the massive ownership percentages that limit the benefit you can hope to get from that player.

Below are two tables of the 5 highest and lowest scoring teams as well as the 5 highest and lowest teams in terms of points allowed. Those 5 highest teams on the Points per game chart are likely to have high scoring games but high ownership percentages.  That however does not mean you should go for a team among the lowest scoring either because although they will have low ownership percentages, they will likely not provide much fantasy value.

The other chart displays points allowed per game.  Here is where you can add in value to your draft picks that many of your opponents may not realize.  A team playing against any of the top 5 teams should score higher point totals than normal and a team playing against the bottom 5 teams will score lower point totals than normal.

Fantasy basketball

However, unless you are dealing with a purely point based player, there are other factors that contribute to fantasy value.  While assists are closely linked with points and blocks/steals are somewhat volatile and unpredictable, rebounds can be considered when choosing a player, especially a center or forward.  The below table shows which teams allow the most rebounds from opposing teams and is another opportunity to take advantage of matchups for increased fantasy value in your draft picks.

Fantasy basketball

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NFL Week 8 Value Picks



Andy Dalton (Cin @ Pit): Dalton has let the Bengals to a 6-0 record so far this season against some strong defensive fronts.  He has averaged almost 300 passing yards and thrown only 2 interceptions all year.  Rested off of the bye week, Dalton will have to win the shootout against the returning Roethlisberger to keep the Bengals streak alive.

Projection: 22.7 Fantasy Points


Alex Smith (Det @ KC): Smith has been consistently subpar in fantasy value so far this year, but has had decent completion rating and very few interceptions.  He has Maclin back this week against the Lions and should be able to provide serious fantasy value for his cheap price.

Projection: 21 Fantasy Points


Matt Stafford (Det @ KC): Stafford on the other side of the ball has been one of the most volatile quarterbacks but chances are he will be firing the ball downfield just as much.  Also coming for a bargain, Stafford may be able to put together another big fantasy performance.

Projection: 21 Fantasy Points


Running Back


Justin Forsett (SD @ Bal): After a slow start to the season, Forsett has been a top pick at the running back position.  With his combination of running attempts and receiving targets, he should be able to deliver solid value this week against the weak Chargers defense.  Chargers have allowed second most rushing yards per game (132) and the most receiving yards per game (344) this season.

Projection: 20.8 Fantasy Points


Danny Woodhead (SD @ Bal):  Woodhead is the exact counterpart of Forsett for the chargers— a primary running back who magnifies his fantasy value with receptions.  After scoring two touchdowns last week and being the only effective running back for the Chargers, look for Woodhead to deliver again this week.

Projection: 20.1 Fantasy Points


Chris Johnson (Ari @ Cle):  Chris Johnson has asserted himself as the primary back among the Cardinals strong group of Running backs (including Andre Ellington and David Johnson).  He is facing the struggling Browns this week who have allowed more rushing yards (151 per game) than any other team this season.

Projection: 20.7 Fantasy Points


Wide Receiver


Martavis Bryant (Cin @ Pit): With the veteran Quarterback Roethlisberger back on the field, Bryant’s fantasy production should be far beyond his recent weeks (which have not been bad considering the conditions.  You can expect some long, on target passes to be thrown to Bryant downfield in the shootout against the Bengals.

Projection: 21.3 Fantasy Points


Jeremy Maclin (Det @ KC): Alex Smith has recently been spreading out the ball with moderate success.  However, his favorite targets are the Tight End Travis Kelce and Receiver Jeremy Maclin.  If the Chiefs are going to win against the Lions, Maclin will have to do his part.

Projection: 22 Fantasy Points


Alshon Jeffery (Min @ Chi): Alshon Jeffery has been plagued by injuries so far this year but look for him to return to his normal production this week against the vikings.  With Cutler back on track that chemistry could generate some good fantasy value.

Projection: 21.7 Fantasy Points



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The Atlanta Hawks surprised a lot of fantasy basketball experts when they finished first in the East. But they’ve shocked even more when they made it all the way to the conference finals. Last season’s coach of the year, Mike Buldenholzer, proved that you don`t need big names to have a great team.

The Georgian team came second behind the Golden State Warriors for the best record in the NBA 2014/15 season, with 60 victories and 22 defeats. During the playoffs, they were able to send both the Nets and the Wizard packing in 6 games each. LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers put an end to the Hawks Cinderella story, sweeping them in the East final.

The Hawks failed to bring in some premiere talent after playing their best season ever. The biggest signing was from one of their own. Power forward Paul Millsap decided to return with the team for a third season. The Hawks lost their starting shooting guard, DeMarre Carroll, who went on to sign a big deal with the Toronto Raptors. To replace him, they got Tim Hardaway Jr in a trade with the Knicks.

Atlanta Hawks PG

Jeff Teague

Teague contributed to the Hawks scoring by committee offence for the last three years. His consistency scoring points is tremendous. He scored 20 points or more in 25 games, last season. Not only is he capable of producing on the scoreboard, but he’s also a solid playmaker with 513 assists.

Atlanta Hawks SG

Tim Hardaway Jr

Hardaway will have some big shoes to fill. He takes on the position that DeMarre Carroll used to assume last year. The former New York Knick is offensively gifted, but his defense has been his biggest issue. Knicks general manager was very vocal about Hardaway lack of defensive acumen during the 2014/15 season. It’s something that the Hawks will miss in Carroll.

Thabo Sefolosha

One of, if not the best defender in the team, Sefolosha could be relied upon to take the responsibility of the starting shooting guard during the season. That’s if Tim Hardaway lack of defensive skills hurt the team too much. The 31 years-old is coming back from a season ending leg injury and is unlikely to play in the season opener. The most point he scored in a season during his NBA career was 613, back in the 2012/13 season. His fantasy value is not very high.

Atlanta Hawks SF

Kyle Korver

Korver is known for making three points shot look easy. He led the league in three point’s percentage with 49.2%, last year, and made his first all-star game appearance at 33 year-old. The sharpshooter seems to have found his groove in Atlanta.

Atlanta Hawks PF

Paul Millsap

Millsap became the pillar of this team since his arrival from Utah in 2013. The Hawks success comes from the team’s collective contribution, but Millsap is the face of the franchise. He led the Hawks in scoring last year, with 1218 points, and rebounds, with 570.

Atlanta Hawks C

Al Horford

The three time all-star is in the last year of his contract. He will look to cash in with a big season. Another thing that is going for him is that he has yet to miss the playoffs since being picked 3rd overall in the 2007 draft. Horford has all the tools to be a top fantasy pick center man in the NBA.

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Daily Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

The selection of players through daily fantasy football can be nerve wrecking sometime. In which position do we pick high end players and which ones can we find deeper value? Well if this is what you’re asking yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Looking through different fantasy cheat sheets overall ranking, you can see that most of the top players are running backs, followed by wide receivers and then quarterbacks. You can either go big on top end running backs and receivers, the two positions that usually locks in more points, or even out the lineup for a more equal approach.

The running back pool of players is always deeper than any other position. That’s usually where the best sleeper picks are. The average running back usually last 8 seasons because of wear and tear with all the hits it takes during his career, so injury factors can come in the equation. You can pick a high-end running back like DeMarco Murray that brought in high fantasy numbers last year, but played so much that he is prone to injury. Or you can pick a rookie starter like Melvin Gordon that could bring the same performance while you feel less bad of his cost. With two spot at running back for you fantasy team, it would be more tempting to fill it with two high end runners like LeVeon Bell and the aforementioned Demarco Murray. It could come at the expense of selecting a great quarterback or a wide receiver though. So why not select one secure option at high cost and one risky option at low cost.

Quarterbacks are the most important players on the football field but are less in the fantasy world. They do not have the same fantasy value has running backs or wide receiver. The talent is limited too, so you need to pick wisely for one that will not stumble. Aaron Rodgers is considered the best one available due to his constant passing talent and his extra ability to run with the ball. But a cost-friendly options like, promising quarterback, Cam Newton could bring the same kind of numbers than Rodgers.

It’s important to be bold in some selection you make. You do not finish in first without taking chances, but do not build an entire team on it either. You need to find a blend between a safe selection and a gamble picks. Look at all those player’s that were high-bets for good numbers last year and haven’t produced at their potential. Players like Zac Stacy, Toby Gerhart and Victor Cruz, just to name a few. There is no way to know exactly who will be having a good season.

It’s sometime too hard to research the physical/mental form of the athlete and it’s not always panning out to great grabs. Consistency is the better tool to select your draft picks. A player that piled up 3 or 4 great games and that his cost efficient should tickle your funny bone.

When building your lineup, there’s one thing to remember. The defense should be the last thing to choose in your draft. The amount of salary cap space left will decide which one to select from. You then can pick the defense that has the most favorable matchup (weaker offensive opposition). Defense compile the less points out of all the positions. So don’t worry if you end up with the Oakland Raiders, the rest of the team should be able to carry the load.

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Strong Team Picks after the All-Star Break

Fantasy Contest

The MLB season is separated by two parts- before the all-star break and after the all-star break. They are two distinctly different parts of the season and team management and player strategy depend greatly on where the team stands at each portion of the season. Every year we see leading teams going into the break completely out of contention by the playoffs and lagging teams making a strong rise after the break.

Often teams post-break performance is related to the high volume of trades that occur after the break. This year was no different in that aspect. Since MLB Daily Fantasy contests player performances are very much a function of synergistic team performances, through runs and RBIs, it is important to consider team aspects when making your Draft Picks. Here are team trends on the biggest movers and losers since the break.

The Philadelphia Phillies have been on a roll since the break, despite trading off top pitcher Cole Hamels as well as one of their left fielder, Ben Revere. Although they remain last in the NL East with a record of 41 wins, 65 losses, they have won 8 of their last 10 with high scoring games. Look to pick up hitters from the Phillies as they win their games with an aggressive offensive attack, rather than strong pitching. Furthermore their hitters typically come at a bargain making them goo d value picks with the right matchup.

The Washington Nationals are on an opposite trend lately. They still hold on to a winning record of 54 wins, 49 losses but they have lost 7 of their last 10. They are currently in the lead of the NL East but the Mets are on their tails after sweeping the series against the Nationals. The Nationals can’t even blame it on the trades as they have worked to acquire strong players since the break. Be cautious about splurging on this normally potent offense to see if they can turn aroud this trend.

The Diamondbacks are down in the NL West but the hopes to make the playoffs are still alive as they are only 5 games out of the wildcard spot. They have won 7 of their last 10 rallying back after a serious losing streak prior to the break. They currently have a record of 50 wins, 53 losses and are 4th in the NL West.

Also making moves in this division are the San Diego Padres who are one game up on the Diamondbacks right now, putting them just 4 games out of the wildcard spot. Like Arizona, they have won 7 of their last 10 games. However, they will need to surpass the Mets or Nationals if they are to get one of those wildcard spots.

Moving on to the American League, the Angels have had a poor showing, moving out of the lead of the AL West since the break. They still hold a winning record of 55 wins, 49 losses but have won only 1 game of their last 10 and have lost their last 6. Furthermore, their star Mike Trout has struggled since returning from a slight injury scare. The Angels have been very active in their trading and looks like they hope to turn things around. For now, I would stay away from these draft picks in any MLB cash draft.

The Twins have seen similar struggles since the break. They have lost 7 of their last 10 and are going into a tough series against the Blue Jays. They are still 2nd in the AL Central with 54 wins and 51 losses but the Tigers and White Sox are hot on their heels. Their all star hitter, Dozier has hit a couple homers over the past 10 games but otherwise has failed to make contact with the ball.

The White Sox, despite selling off some players, are on a 7/3 streak including the series against the strong New York Yankees. Those wild card spots are up for grabs for anyone in the American league and Chicago’s southern team looks to be a contender. Their heavy hitters have been productive lately through the likes of Eaton, Laroche, and Cabrera and they have a strong series on starters including Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. Due to a weak pre-break showing, these hitters will usually come at a bargain and look to be nice value picks in one-day tournaments moving forward.

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Arizona D-Backs vs Washington Nationals 8-04-15

Fantasy Baseball Preview

The Arizona D-Backs are visiting the Washington National for the 2nd of a 4 Fantasy Baseball game series at 7pm tonight. Let’s start with some One Day Cash Draft team analysis:

The D-Backs (51-53) may miss the playoffs for the 4th year in a row, but they are currently making a big push toward the N.L. wild card playoff spot. They won 7 out of their last 9 games and are looking for their second win against the Nats this week. The pitching hasn’t been good this season. Their pitchers allowed 117 homers, 2nd worst in the National League. Despite that, they possess the league’s 3rd best batting average on the road with .260. They also have some great base running with a team total of 91 this season.

The Nats (54-50) are in a battle with the Mets for top spot in the National League East. Washington just got swept by New York and they are now looking to bounceback from this against the DiamondBacks. The offensive talent of the Nats was absent last month. They had a total of 165 hits, the worst in the MLB, and scored 78 points, 3rd worst in the league, during all the month of July. The pitching has carried the team allowing 192 hits during the same month and gave up 84 HR over the year.

Fired Up Fantasy Pickups:
C Welligton Castillo (ARI) : He knocked a HR in Monday’s game against the Nats. It raises his total to 5 over the last 6 game. Not bad for a catcher.
SS Nick Ahmed (ARI) : He went 4-for-4 with a HR in the first game of the series against Washington. In 4 games against them, he holds an batting of .500.
OF David Peralta (ARI) : The left fielder went 2-for-4 Monday against the Nats. He had a 2-run HR in the 4th inning. Peralta has a batting average of .435 over the last 6 games.
OF A.J. Pollock (ARI) : He is one of two players in the majors to steal over 20 bases and hold a batting average over .300 this season. The center fielder is 2nd for most run scored in the National League with 68, one behind the next one on our list.
OF Bryce Harper (WAS) : The right fielder is first in the N.L. leaderboard with 69 runs and 29 HR. He is batting .320 and collected 5 HR against lefties this season.
SP Max Scherzer (WAS) : The former D-Back has an 11-8 record with a 2.22 ERA and 172 SO over the course of this season. He earned the win in his last start against the Marlins, allowing no runs in 7 strong innings.

Hit the showers :
C Wilson Ramos (WAS) : Ramos was batting .261 one month ago, and it has now dropped to .235. Lack of Fantasy Value from the power hitting catcher.
SS Ian Desmond (WAS) : With a .217 batting average, 11 HR and 34 RBI’s, Desmond is on his way to the worst season of his career.
OF Jayson Werth (WAS) : The tall outfielder has has an hitting average of .181 since coming back from injury on July 28. He collected 2 HR in 34 games this season.

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Fanpicks Top Performers 8-2-15

FanPicks DFS Top Performers
Now that the trade deadline has passed, we can look forward for an exciting end to the Fantasy Baseball season. There were 15 games played on Sunday. Here’s a look at those Fantasy Picks that made a big difference in your One Day Cash Draft league. This is your Daily Fantasy Sport top performer roundup:

P R.A. Dickey (6-10) shined against the Royals, allowing 2 hits and 2 walks in 7 inning win. He extended his streak to 20 2/3 scoreless innings. The arrival of P David Price (9-4) in the lineup will give Dickey less pressure, as he’s being bumped over in the rotation. It’s a situation that will suit him better in Cash Draft competitions. The Blue Jays (54-52) won 5-2 in an intense game against Kansas City (62-42).

In a game that saw both teams almost coming to blows, P Charlie Morton’s (7-4) performance couldn’t come unnoticed. In 7 innings of work, he allowed no runs and 5 hits with 7 strikeouts. The Pittsburgh (61-43) Pirates won 3-0 over the Cincinnati Reds (47-56).

P Jose Fernandez helped the Marlins to victory, despite him not getting the win on his resume. He had 10 K’s in 6 scoreless innings. CL A.J. Ramos blew it in the 9th giving up a HR, and stripping Fernandez of the win. In the end, Miami (43-62) avoided the sweep in a 5-2 win over San Diego (51-54).

Newly acquired, P Daniel Norris (2-1), came out clutch for the Tigers. He was the best prospect sent by the Blue Jays for former Cy-Young winner, P David Price. The lefty limited Baltimore to 1 run and 4 hits in 7 1/3 innings of work, his longest start in 7 games. He defeated the Orioles, a team who won 7 of their last 8 games before Sunday. It’s worth keeping an a eye on him over the next season, as his Fantasy Value will definitely rise. The Tigers (51-54) won 6-1 over the Orioles (53-51).

The Yankees (59-45) got a great performance out of SS Stephen Drew to cruise to a 12-3 victory over the White Sox (50-53). Drew put up 3 hits, 4 RBI’s and 2 runs for the A.L. East leaders. He came a HR shy of the cycle. P Ivan Nova (4-3) also came out strong in this one. The Dominican pitcher was pulled off early in his last game due to arm fatigue, but any concerns have now been thrown out the window. He allowed 5 hits and 1 run in 6 inning to register his 3rd straight win.

P Hisashi Iwakuma (2-2) gave up one critical HR in the 9th that allowed the Twins to tie it up and go to extra innings. Despite that, he ended with the best performance of the night giving up 3 hits and 1 walk while striking out 8 batters. The Mariners were able to break the tie, scoring 3 points in the 11th. Seattle (48-58) takes it 4-1 over Minnesota (54-50).

P Martin Perez (1-2) registered his first victory since coming back from Tommy John surgery. He lasted 8 1/3 innings allowing 2 hits to San Francisco. The lone run he allowed didn’t come up until the 9th inning. It’s a nice rebound over his last start, when he gave up 8 ER in 1 inning of work. The Rangers (51-53) won 2-1 over the Giants (57-47).

The Dodgers (60-45) swept the series against the Angels (55-49) when they won 5-3 on Sunday. OF Andre Ethier, who went without a HR during all the month of July, smacked 2 homers in the last 3 innings of the game, and the last one was the walk-off winner. He collected 3 RBI’s total. The halo’s are on a downward spiral after losing their 6th in a row.

The Mets swept the 3 game series and take on the lead in the N.L. East over the Nationals. P Noah Syndergaard (6-5) struck out 9 batters in 8 innings of work for another home win. He is now 6-1 with a 1.57 ERA at Citi Field. The man nicknamed Thor is a must Fantasy Pick for your Cash Draft competitions when he plays at home. New York (55-50) won against Washington (54-49) by a score of 5-2.

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