College Football Weekend Leaders

Daily Fantasy College football is often overlooked in the fantasy world. It typically serves as a Saturday side note to the Fantasy focus of the weekend, the NFL Sunday action. However, by skipping the amateur football contests, you may be missing out on some volatile and exiting Cash Drafts where you can make a lot of money.

Look at this weekends leaders for example. We saw the leading Quarterback score 45.3 fantasy points, the leading wide receiver score 51.9 fantasy points, and the leading receiver score an unreal 65.7 fantasy points. In the NFL these totals would be historic, even record breaking, but in the NCAA, this is the norm. College games are more fast paced and with the constant scoring, there is much more to the fantasy excitement.


The top quarterback of the weekend should be no surprise. Brandon Doughty from Western Kentucky has been consistent in providing fantasy value all season. While he comes at a premium price, he provides fantasy return week after week. Doughty scored his massive point total of 45.3 fantasy points with pure passing, no rushing touchdowns or yards (he actually had -29 rushing yards). Rather he stayed in the pocket and threw 6 touchdowns and 457 passing yards to lead the list of quarterbacks.

The second quarterback on the list scored his points a little differently. Greg Ward Jr. from Houston scored 39 fantasy points, but he did a lot of work with his legs. He scored 6 touchdowns like Doughty, but only 4 of those were passing and he ran in the rest. He only scored 274 passing yards, falling short of the 300 yard fantasy bonus, but matched that with 91 rushing yards, almost enough for the rushing yards fantasy bonus.

Running Backs

Deandre Washington from Texas Tech had a dominating 51.9 fantasy point performance this weekend. He rushed for 188 yards with 4 rushing touchdowns. Once a player exceeds that 100 yard mark and attains that rushing bonus, they get most of their fantasy value from touchdowns. Compare Washington to Leonard Fournette of Louisiana State who ran for 244 yards, but only got 2 touchdowns, and therefore ended the day with 41.1 fantasy points, far less than Washington. The key to maximizing fantasy value in your running back draft picks is to find a back who gets enough attempts to surpass that 100 yards mark yet still gets the red zone attempts. A running back who does all the work down the field, just to hand off the duties in the red zone has little value in a Daily Fantasy CFB contest.


Way above the competition at the receiver position was Josh Doctson of Texas Christian. He scored a total of 65.7 fantasy points this weekend with 267 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. The next closed on this list was Ed’Marques Batties from Middle Tennessee with 45.5 fantasy points from 2 touchdowns and 175 receiving yards.

The point differential here is key. At the quarterback position, if you swap out Ward for Doughty that only costs your lineup 7 fantasy points while swapping out Doctson for Batties costs your lineup a huge 20 fantasy points. The key to winning Daily Cash Drafts is to spend a little extra money on those positions with high point differentials, and maybe save a little cash at those positions like quarterback where there is a lot of depth to be found.

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