Green Bay Packers versus Arizona Cardinals NFL Playoffs Fantasy Picks 1-16-2016


The NFL Divisional Round of the playoffs will feature in prime time the Arizona Cardinals hosting the Green Bay Packers. Fantasy football draft managers can tune to NBC TV on Saturday January 16th at 8:15PM Eastern Time to track the results of their one day real money leagues.


This is a rematch of the regular season meeting between these teams back on December 27th. It was all Arizona as they crushed the Packers 38-8 at home. The Cardinals got a great performance on both sides of the ball. Carson Palmer passed for 265 yards with two touchdowns and a pick. It was a three headed monster for the Cardinals running game as they rushed for 121 yards. The Arizona defense had a fantastic game by limiting the Packers to just 178 yards and registered nine quarterback sacks.


Arizona is on a bye week as the number two seed in the playoffs. They possess the number one rated offense in the NFL as they gain 408 yards per game. They average 30.6 points per game which is second best in the league. The Cardinals has been outstanding on the defensive end as they limit opponents to 321 yards per game.


Green Bay is only the 25th ranked passing team in the NFL. They have not been able to overcome the injury of wide receiver Jordy Nelson. The Packers defense has performed well as they sit sixth best in the league in pass defense by giving up 227 yards passing per game. They went 0-2 to close out the regular season scoring just eight points at Arizona and 13 points at home to Minnesota to close the regular season. The team improved off those two dull efforts with the 35-18 road victory in the NFC Wildcard game last week against the Washington Redskins. The Packers moved the football on the Redskins defense for 210 yards passing and two touchdowns thrown by Aaron Rodgers with 141 yards rushing. The difference in the game came in the red zone. Green Bay was 4 of 5 while Washington was 1-4. That is a huge swing as the Redskins were able to move the football through the air in the passing game with Kirk Cousins passing for 329 yards. Arizona is better in the red zone in scoring and defending than the Washington Redskins. The Cardinals would be the preferred playmaker choices from this playoff meeting.


Green Bay Packers QB:


Aaron Rodgers


The Packers wide receivers have been graded by NFL scouts as being the slowest off the line of scrimmage of any unit in the league. It will be hard to hear the snap count for Green Bay at a noisy Cardinals stadium in this playoff game. In the playoff win last week at Washington Rodgers completed 58.3% of his throws for 210 yards with two touchdowns. He has touchdown passes in ten straight games and he has thrown for multiple touchdowns in six of ten games. Pass protection will be vital in this game for Green Bay as Rodgers took nine sacks last times these two teams met.


Green Bay Packers RB:


Eddie Lacy


Lacy is splitting carries with James Starks. That does not offer fantasy value. Last week Lacy had 12 carries for 63 yards and a touchdown for 5.3 yards per carry. But the issue is Lacy is receiving an average of only 12 carries over his past four games.


Green Bay Packers WR:


James Jones


The veteran wide out for the Packers has caught 50 balls for 890 yards with eight touchdowns. Jones had seven grabs last week for Green Bay for 81 yards. In Week 17, Jones had 102 receiving yards with four catches.


Arizona Cardinals QB:


Carson Palmer


The veteran quarterback for Arizona is coming off an outstanding regular season. He has been injury free starting all 16 games. Palmer is completing 63.7% of his passing for 4671 yards with 35 touchdowns and 11 picks. The yardage and touchdown passes are all career highs.


Arizona Cardinals RB:


David Johnson


The Cardinals have been hit hard with injuries to their running back position. Johnson has 125 carries for 581 yards with eight touchdowns and 4.6 yards per carry average. He had a three touchdown performance at Philadelphia in Week 15.


Arizona Cardinals WR:


John Brown


Brown is a big play receiver for the Cardinals. He has caught 65 passes for 1003 yards and seven touchdowns with 15.4 yards per catch average.


NFL Playoffs Real Money Football Fantasy League Picks


QB: Carson Palmer (Cardinals)

RB: David Johnson (Cardinals)

WR: John Browns (Cardinals)

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Green Bay Packers versus Washington Redskins NFL Playoffs Fantasy Picks 1-10-2016


The final Wildcard playoff game of the weekend will feature the Washington Redskins hosting the Green Bay Packers. NFL fantasy football draft GM’s can tune to FOX at 4:40PM Eastern Time on Sunday January 10th to track the results of their one day league roster picks.


Green Bay has had an up and down season. They have had trouble trying to adjust to life without Jordy Nelson who has missed the entire season with a knee injury. The Packers receivers have been clocked by NFL scouts to be the slowest off the line of scrimmage in the league. That explains the issues the team has had with their lack of scoring and 25th ranked passing attack in the NFL. This will be the third straight playoff team that the Packers have faced. They lost the previous two as they scored just 8 points at Arizona and only 13 at home for the NFC North division against the Minnesota Vikings.


The Washington Redskins at 9-7 were champions of a weak NFC East division on the year. They closed strongly winners of four straight games scoring 34 or greater points over their past three contests. The Redskins have faced soft competition down the stretch facing non-playoff teams in their past six games. They traveled to Carolina on November 22nd and were beaten 44-16. Washington had the 11th ranked passing attack in the league and the 28th overall defense. The Redskins are 25th against the pass and 26th against the rush. They can move the football and their field goal kicker Dustin Hopkins has made 25 of 28 picks and has been successful on 39 of 40 extra point attempts.


Green Bay Packers QB:


Aaron Rodgers


Rodgers is greatly hampered by his slow footed receiving corps. But he is a sly veteran who has the ability to make plays with his feet. He will not be afraid to run the football because the time to take high risks with running is in the playoffs. For the year Rodgers has completed 60.7% of his passes which is a career low as a starter. He threw for 3821 yards with 31 touchdowns and 8 picks. His 344 rushing yards is his second highest total in his career.


Green Bay Packers RB:


Eddie Lacy


The veteran running back is sharing carries with James Starks. The injury report lists that Lacy is dealing with rib injury and will play on Sunday. In his past three games he has rushed a total of 36 times for 117 yards which averages out to just 3 yards per carry. He has just two rushing touchdowns since Week 2.


James Starks


Starks has rushed 148 times for 601 yards with two touchdowns. He is rushing for 4.1 yards per carry just like Lacy. These two Packer backs shares carries. The Packers running back has had less than ten carries in six of his past seven games. It is tough to back any of the Packers running backs in this spot. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Aaron Rodgers ends up being the leading rusher in this game since both Lacy and Starks shares carries.


James Jones


The veteran wide out leads the Packers with 50 catches for 890 yards with eight touchdowns. Jones is averaging 17.8 yards per carry and has the ability to make big plays especially if Rodgers decides to run the football in this game. James Jones is a fantasy pick for this game because he could be a huge beneficiary for big plays with Rodgers scrambling and giving the Redskins secondary a threat to run.


Washington Redskins QB


Kirk Cousins


The Redskins signal caller has completed 69.8% of his passes for 4166 yards with 29 touchdowns and 11 picks. Washington faced only two playoff teams the entire season and lost both games by 17 or greater points scoring an average of 13 points per game. Pass on Cousins.


Washington Redskins RB:


Alfred Morris


The Redskins run game has been inconsistent throughout the year. Alfred Morris has 202 carries for 751 yards with only a single touchdown. Not a good sign inside the red zone. That’s why the play from the Redskins will be on their placekicker and their tight end.


Washington Redskins TE:


Jordan Reed


Reed leads the Redskins with 87 catches for 952 yards and 11 touchdowns. Look for Reed to get targeted in the red zone. He has seven catches or greater in three of his past four games.


NFL Playoff Real Money Football Fantasy League Picks


QB: Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

WR: James Jones (Packers)

TE: Jordan Reed (Redskins)

K: Dustin Hopkins (Redskins)

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NFL Wild Card Value Picks


With a small slate of games this weekend you’re quarterback choices are limited. So let’s run through the matchups. Houston and Kansas City has all the makings of a low scoring game. These are two defensive dominated teams and this matchup should be low scoring and slow paced, not places of high value for Fantasy NFL contests. Same can be said about Minnesota and Seattle. While Seattle’s offense is explosive, we saw what they did against the strong defensive front of the Cardinals last weekend, I’m saving my quarterback pick for an easier matchup.

The weakest pass defense of the weekend is by far the Steelers, but with the Bengals current quarterback situation, its hard to say anything for sure. In all likelihood AJ McCarron will be taking the field, but there is the small chance Andy Dalton will return for the game. Either way, they both should be able to provide great value with this matchup, just make sure you keep your eye on the injury report and you get the right one in.

Although the Bengals have a strong pass defense, it seems like nobody is able to stop Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown this year. I expect them to have a big game, but I also expect ownership to be very high on these two, so I’m playing the contrarian strategy and avoiding the Steelers stack.

Last we have Washington and Green Bay. This has all the makings for a classic shootout and I think there will be value on both sides of the ball. Aaron Rodgers has been very subpar this entire season, but he has been to the playoffs before and I think he will perform. Kirk Cousins on the other hand has been red hot and putting up big numbers, and that does not look to be stopping anytime soon. You’re probably going to find lower ownership with Rodgers so I’ll give him the edge in a tournament, but based on his performance this year, that may be a risky play.

Running Back

Our premium running backs for the week are Adrian Peterson, Deangelo Williams, Marshawn Lynch, Jeremy Hill, Characandrick West, and Eddie Lacy. As of now Williams looks to be out for this weekend so lets rule him out now (even if he were playing I don’t love the matchup). Marshawn Lynch will be returning but with the offensive efficiency of the Seahawks lately, its hard to say they will need to make much use of him so I am staying away from Beast mode as well. The Vikings may find it hard to pass against the dominating defense and will certainly run the ball a lot to Peterson, but he has not been as dominant this year as in years past and the Seahawks may shut him down. West as well is facing a tough defense, especially recently, so my recommendation is stay away from any Chiefs back.

So we are left with Hill and Lacy, both on the cheap end as far as premium running backs go. The way the Bengals use Hill and Bernard is very dependent on the matchup. They utilize Hill to run the ball up the middle while Bernard is valued more highly for his speed in screen passes and short drops. This matchup may be better for Bernard than Hill, and Bernard comes at a much cheaper price. Not a bad pick for this week. Lacy is the only premium back I like for this week. Like Hill, he could take a backseat position to Starks but I think Lacy has asserted himself as the primary back after early struggles in the season.

If you are looking for value at Running back however, there is a lot to be found. Starks and Bernard, as previously mentioned, will both only cost you less that $4000 on Fanpicks. Alfred Morris and Pierre Thomas both are a threat to accumulate fantasy value with their run and pass threat. The real value pick of the week is Jonathan Grimes, who put together a big game last weekend and comes at only $2700.

Wide Receiver

The same analysis on Quarterbacks applies to receivers as well. We want to stick with the good matchups: Steelers/Bengals and Packers/Redskins. Skipping out on Antonio Brown may just cost you a win, but I think there is more upside potential on fading Brown, especially for NFL Daily Fantasy Tournaments type contests. AJ Green should be able to put up some big numbers this week regardless of who gets the starting position at Quarterback.

I also like Desean Jackson or Pierre Garcon if you are looking to save a little money at the position. We know Cousins is going to throw the ball and we know he is going to throw it a lot. He may throw a couple interceptions but that doesn’t hurt his fantasy value too bad. It all just depends on which receiver can manage to get open between these two and Reed.

A good contrarian stack is Rodgers and either Cobb or Jones. They haven’t done much this year and are not on many people radar, but like I said before, the Packers know the playoffs. Cobb should get more targets but Jones is more of a long threat. The choice is up to you, I’m going Cobb.

Tight End

For me, the viable tight ends for this week are Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert. While you can make the argument for Heath Miller and Richard Rodgers, I think you will find much more value with Eifert and Reed. Reed is an obvious pick as he has had some very big games lately and is arguably the top tight end in the league. However, that also means he is going to come with a high ownership level, bad news for a tournament play.

That’s why I’m going with Eifert. I can’t stress enough how weak Pittsburgh is against the pass as all of their games end up turning into a shootout. Eifert will especially benefit if Dalton returns this weekend as there is usually great synergy between the two.

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NFL Week 14 Weekend Highlights

Seattle is on a roll

In the past 3 weeks Russell Wilson has scored 14 touchdowns, 8 of which were to his favorite target Doug Baldwin. This team is matching their stiff defense with an explosive offense that has scored 29 or more points for the past 5 weeks. These two led the weekend in fantasy points as well with Russell Wilson totaling 32.28 fantasy points with 292 passing yards and 5 passing touchdowns while Doug Baldwin had 6 catches for 82 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns.

As impressive as those numbers are, Baldwin wasn’t the only receiver to score big this weekend. Tyler Lockett had 2 receiving touchdowns for himself and over 100 receiving yards for a total of 28.4 fantasy points and 4th on the list of fantasy performers for the weekend, putting Seahawks players at 1st, 2nd, and 4th for the weekend, the clear winning stack of the week.

Golden Tate takes over in Megatron’s absence

While Calvin Johnson did take the field, he only had one catch this weekend on 5 targets, far from how we saw him performing just a couple weeks ago. Stafford and Johnson both have yet to produce the video game numbers from Thanksgiving. Golden Tate however took over with 9 catches on 10 targets (very impressive efficiency), with 60 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns for a total of 28.5 fantasy points, for third on our list of weekend fantasy performers.

Green Bay Running Backs

Very rarely do we see multiple running backs on the same team generating good fantasy value. Generally, in committee running schemes, the hot running back of the day will get most of the attempts while the others see little action. This weekend however saw big fantasy performances from both Starks and Lacy. Starks had 2 touchdowns, 1 receiving and 1 rushing for a total of 26.3 fantasy points. While lacy only had 1 touchdown, he beat out Starks in yardage with 124 rushing yards and a total of 21.8 fantasy points.

Jordan Reed may be the only promising player on the Redskins

While the Redskins still are in the hunt with a 6-7 record and a win over the Bears this weekend, they have clearly been very subpar this season. The one shining light however is Jordan Reed who caught 9 passes on 9 targets this weekend, leading the charts at Tight End with 120 receiving yards, a touchdown, and 27 fantasy points.

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Green Bay Packers versus Detroit Lions Thursday Night Football Real Money League Fantasy Picks 12-3-2015

Thursday Night Football will feature NFC North rivals as the Detroit Lions will be hosting the Green Bay Packers. NFL fantasy league GM’s can tune to CBS TV on December 3rd at 8:30PM Eastern Time to follow the results of their DFS roster picks.


In their first of two meetings this season back on November 15th it was a very low scoring game as the Lions earned the 18-16 road victory to the Packers. The Lions put up a very good defensive effort in their win as the Detroit offense generated just 287 yards in their win. The run game produced very little with 45 yards rushing on 26 carries. Matthew Stafford had a good game hitting on 24 of 38 throws for 242 yards with two touchdowns and a pick. Aaron Rodgers threw a high volume of passes in the loss as he went 35 of 61 for 333 yards and two touchdowns. Packers too had no success on the ground with 47 yards rushing on 18 carries.


The Lions are playing their best football of the season as they enter on a three game win streak to move their record to 4-7. This all came since the bye week when the team made changes to their assistant coaching staff. Lions have defended much better by allowing no greater than 16 points to their three opponents during this win streak. They had a very good performance last week in their 45-14 home victory to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Lion offense had 430 yards with 322 passing and 108 on the ground. Detroit executed very well inside the red zone last week going a perfect 6 of 6 in those situations.


The Green Bay Packers are 7-4 and has lost three of their past four games since their bye week after a 17-13 defeat last week at home to the Chicago Bears. The Packers offense had 365 yards in the loss and was balanced as they rushed for 177 yards. Where they struggled was in the red zone and with turnovers. The team was 0 of 2 in the red zone and had a -2 turnover margin. Aaron Rodgers has not been able to make the big play as the team has struggled with impact wide receiver Jordy Nelson on the sidelines with a season long injury.


Green Bay Packers QB:


Aaron Rodgers


The veteran signal caller has completed 52% or fewer throws in three of his past four games. Last week Rodgers hit on 51.2% of his throws for 202 yards with a touchdown and pick.


Green Bay Packers RB:


Eddie Lacy


Lacy has taken some criticism as he looks like he has put on some weight and looks out of shape. He had 105 rushing yards last week on 17 carries for his second straight 100 yard game.


Green Bay Packers WR:


Randall Cobb


The Packers veteran wide out leads the team with 58 catches for 627 yards with six touchdowns. Cobb is only averaging 11.8 yards per catch on the year which is well below the 14 yards per catch average he had in his past two seasons with the team. Cobb has just two touchdown receptions over his past eight games.


Detroit Lions QB:


Matthew Stafford


Stafford is completing 65% of his throws this year for 2944 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 picks. Last week in the win against Philadelphia Stafford hit on 71% of his passes for 337 yards with five touchdowns.


Detroit Lions RB:


Ameer Abdullah


The rookie running back has 96 rushes for 347 yards with a touchdown. He is averaging 3.6 yards per carry on the year. In their win against the Eagles, Abdullah had 16 carries for 63 yards. His rushing touchdown came in week one and he has none since.


Detroit Lions WR:


Calvin Johnson


The veteran wide receiver leads the Lions with 67 catches for 921 yards with six touchdowns. He is averaging a career worst 13.7 yards per catch. Johnson had a big game in the win against the Eagles on Thanksgiving with eight receptions for 93 yards with three touchdowns.


NFL Thursday Night Football Fantasy League Picks



QB: Matthew Stafford (Lions)

RB: Eddie Lacy (Packers)

WR: Calvin Johnson (Lions)

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NFL Thanksgiving We Build Champions Fantasy Football Lineup

The Stack between Matthew Stafford was the Key pick of the day with those two connecting for 3 passing touchdowns against the Eagles. Stafford threw an additional touchdown to both Theo Riddick and Golden creating huge fantasy value for himself and his receivers. Beyond the Lions offense, Carolina Defense was the next key value pick to lock in on as they had three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. In small game slates, such as yesterday, a couple of your picks can make or break you as failing to pick Calvin Johnson (who’s ownership was somewhere in the area of 70-80% depending on the contest) pretty much guaranteed you would be out of the money.

Fantasy Football

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Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers Thursday Night Football Real Money Fantasy Picks 11-26-2015

The final game of the tripleheader of action from the NFL on Thanksgiving has an NFC North battle scheduled as the Green Bay Packers will host the Chicago Bears. Fantasy football draft GM’s can tune to NBC TV at 8:30PM Eastern Time from Green Bay on November 26th to follow the results of their DFS roster picks for their one day league.


This will be the second meeting of the season between these two rivals. Back on September 13th it was Green Bay earning the 31-23 road victory at the Chicago Bears and despite being outgained by 80 yards in the process. The Packers made the most of their red zone appearances by scoring four touchdowns in five drives inside the Bears 20 yard line. On that night Aaron Rodgers completed 18 passes for 189 yards and completed three touchdown throws. Eddie Lacy had 19 carries for 85 yards and had a two yard rushing touchdown.


The Bears piled up 402 yards in defeat and had their ground game working rushing for 189 yards on 33 carries. Matt Forte had 141 yards on the ground with a rushing touchdown on 24 carries. Unfortunately Forte is hurt and will miss this game. Jay Cutler passed for 225 yards with a touchdown and pick. Ultimately the red zone drives resulted in only one touchdown in three attempts and that made a huge difference in the result of the game.


Chicago travels to Green Bay with a 4-5 record. They have a winning record on the road with a mark of 3-2. Their two game win streak came to an end last Sunday in a 17-15 home defeat to Denver. A failed two point conversion in the closing seconds prevented Chicago from forcing the overtime period. The Bears again had trouble executing inside the red zone by going 1 of 4 on drives inside the Broncos 20 yard line. Chicago struggled in run defense as the Broncos were able to rush for 170 yards and they gave up two touchdown throws to backup quarterback Brock Osweiler who was forced into starting with an injury to Peyton Manning.


Green Bay was able to break a three game losing streak and took over the lead back in the NFC North division with a 30-13 road victory to Minnesota last week. Packers had two touchdown throws from Aaron Rodgers and their field goal kicker Mason Crosby was excellent making 5 of 5 kicks. Packer’s defense was able to contain Adrian Peterson and the Vikings ground attack. Peterson had 13 carries for only 45 yards and a rushing touchdown.


Chicago Bears QB:


Jay Cutler


The veteran quarterback is completing 63.4% of his passes for 2310 yards with 13 touchdowns and 6 picks. Last week he threw for 265 yards but failed to throw a touchdown pass and had a pick. Up until that point Cutler had thrown a touchdown pass in every game he has started in 2015.


Chicago Bears RB:


Jeremy Langford


The rookie running back has been forced into a starting role as Matt Forte has been sidelined due to injury. Langford has 78 carries for 250 yards with five touchdowns. It is only a 3.2 yards per rush average. He had a miserable game on the ground last week with 13 carries for 25 yards but he did score a rushing touchdown.


Chicago Bears WR:


Marquess Wilson


The Bears have been hit with major injuries to impact wide receivers. This has forced Marquess Wilson to get targeted more frequently. He had his best day as a pro catching four passes for 102 yards which averaged out to 25.5 yards per reception.


Green Bay Packers QB:


Aaron Rodgers


Rodgers is completing 61.7% of his throws for 2482 yards with 23 touchdowns and 3 picks. With injuries to his receiving corps the Packers have not been as sharp as they have liked offensively. Rodgers still was able to record two touchdown throws on the Bears secondary last week.


Green Bay Packers RB:


Eddie Lacy


Lacy has had some consistency issues in recent games. He bounced back with a 100 yard performance last week at Minnesota on 22 carries.


Green Bay Packers WR:

James Jones


The veteran wide out has been a big play receiver this season. He has seven receiving touchdowns and is averaging a career high 19.7 yards per catch in his 30 receptions on the year.


NFL Thursday Night Football Fantasy League Picks



QB: Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

RB: Jeremy Langford (Bears)

WR: James Jones (Packers)

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NFL Fantasy Football News 10-7-2015

St Louis Rams versus Green Bay Packers NFL Fantasy Preview 10-11-2015

The Green Bay Packers will return home from the west coast as they battle the St Louis Rams from the NFL on Sunday afternoon. Fantasy football cash league draft GM’s can tune to FOX TV on October 11th at 1PM Eastern Time to follow the results of their roster picks.

The St Louis Rams are a 2-2 team. They have battled the NFC West division very well this year with a 2-0 record. They have a home 34-31 overtime victory to the Seattle Seahawks and a road 24-22 road win last week at the Arizona Cardinals. In their victory against the Cardinals it was a bend don’t break effort by the Rams defense. St Louis gave up 447 yards to the Arizona offense but the Cardinals couldn’t separate from the Rams because St Louis held them to just 1 of 5 inside the red zone. St Louis got a great performance from their ground attack as they rushed for 164 yards on 26 carries. The Rams have had issues on the offensive side of the football by ranking 32nd and last in total yards as they gain just 287 yards per game.

Green Bay is off to a hot start with a record of 4-0. They were held to a season low in points last week in their 17-3 road win last week to the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers got contributions from their run game with 162 yards in the victory. Green Bay had a good defensive effort holding the 49ers to 196 yards with just 119 coming from their passing attack. The Packers are sixth best in the NFL in scoring by averaging 28.2 points per game.

St Louis Rams QB:

Nick Foles

The Rams signal caller has hit on 63% of his throws for 815 yards with five touchdowns and one pick. In the victory against the Cardinals he completed 16 of 24 throws for 171 yard with three touchdowns and no picks.

St Louis Rams RB:

Todd Gurley

The rookie running back was huge in his second NFL game on Sunday. Gurley had 19 carries for 146 yards averaging 7.7 yards per carry.

Benjamin Cunningham

Cunningham has seen his carries diminished after week one. In the opener he had 16 carries for 45 yards. Since that game he has just four carries in his past three games.

St Louis Rams WR:

Kenny Britt

The seventh year wide out has caught eleven passes for 183 yards with a touchdown. He was not targeted on Sunday with no receptions in the win against the Cardinals.

Green Bay Packers QB:

Aaron Rodgers

It’s another good year for Rodgers as he is completing 72% of his throws for 995 yards with eleven touchdowns and no picks. He had 224 yards passing at San Francisco with one touchdown because the Green Bay run game was working on Sunday.

Green Bay Packers RB:

Eddie Lacy

Lacy has 50 carries on the ground for 230 yards and a touchdown. He had 18 carries against the 49ers on a short week and rushed for 90 yards for five yards per carry.

James Starks

With Lacy having health issues the sixth year back has 48 carries on the year for 157 yards. He has not been productive over his past two games against the Chiefs and 49ers by combining for 60 yards on 26 carries.

Green Bay Packers WR:

James Jones

Jones was cut by the Giants coming off training camp and returned to the Packers. The ninth year veteran leads the Packers with 17 receptions for 317 yards and four touchdowns.

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NFL Fantasy Football Draft News 10-4-2015

Green Bay Packers versus San Francisco 49ers NFL Fantasy Preview 10-4-2015

The San Francisco 49ers returns home as they meet the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon. NFL fantasy draft GM’s can tune to FOX TV on October 4th at 4:25PM Eastern Time to follow the results on their roster picks.

The Packers are off to a 3-0 start to the season and will be playing on a short week after a home victory on Monday Night Football to the Kansas City Chiefs by the score of 38-28. Green Bay has been high scoring this year putting up no less than 27 points to any one opponent. The team ranks fourth best in points scored at 32 a game. They are eighth best in total yards as they gain 377 yards per contest. In their home win to KC the Packers opened up an early 24-7 halftime lead. They finished the game with 448 yards of offense and went 4 of 5 inside the red zone. At issue for the Packers defense is they did surrender four touchdowns to Kansas City in all four of their red zone opportunities.

The San Francisco 49ers limp home at 1-2 after dropping two straight games by huge margins on the road. In week two they travel to Pittsburgh and get walloped 43-18. Then the following week they head to division rivals the Arizona Cardinals and are crushed 47-7 in a disheartening defeat. It is very rare in the NFL to see a professional team get beat down in back to back games. There is usually a positive response from a team the following week after a bad loss. It didn’t happen and that causes some red flags around this 49ers team and making matters worse they employ a rookie head coach who could be losing some of the team in the process. In their loss last week to the Cardinals the 49ers were down 31-7 at the half. They gained just 156 yards for the entire game while allowing Arizona 446 offensive yards. The 49ers turned the ball over four times and had a -3 turnover margin for the game.

Green Bay Packers QB:

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers signal caller has completed 73% of his throws this year for 771 yards with ten touchdowns and no picks. Last week against the Chiefs Rodgers threw for 333 yards and had five touchdown passes with no picks.

Green Bay Packers RB:

Eddie Lacy

Lacy had ten carries against Kansas City for 46 yards. He contributed on Monday Night Football in the passing game catching three balls for 41 yards. He was forced to leave the game in week two against the Seahawks with an ankle injury so his workload was light in week three.

Jason Starks

The veteran back had 39 carries for 129 yards and no touchdowns. Starks is running for just 3.3 yards on the year. He got the bulk of the work last week with 17 carries for 32 yards but had a very poor 1.9 yards a carry average. If Lacy is healthy he should get the bulk of the carries in this spot unless there is a Packers blowout then Starks would see significant work in the second half.

Green Bay Packers WR:

Randall Cobb

Cobb leads the team with 20 catches for 245 yards with four touchdowns. He had three touchdown catches on Monday night.

San Francisco 49ers QB:

Colin Kaepernick

The fifth year quarterback is coming off one of his worst days as a pro last week by passing for 67 yards on 9 of 19 completions and four interceptions.

San Francisco 49ers RB:

Carlos Hyde

Hyde has got the bulk of the work at running back and has 54 carries for 262 yards and two touchdowns. After a 168 yard rushing performance in week one against the Vikings with 6.5 yards per run average, Hyde has averaged 3.3 yards a carry at Pittsburgh and 3.4 yards a carry at Arizona.

San Francisco 49ers WR:

Torrey Smith

Smith had a nice performance against the Steelers in week two with six catches for 120 yards and a touchdown. In week one and three he combined for just one catch.

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Kansas City Chiefs versus Green Bay Packers

Monday Night One Day League Fantasy Picks 9-28-2015

The Monday Night Football game on tap for September 28th features the Green Bay Packers hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. Fantasy football draft GM’s can tune to ESPN TV at 8:30PM Eastern Time from Green Bay to follow the results of their roster picks.

The Las Vegas line has the Packers favored by -6 points and they expect each offense to put up points as the total is rather high at 49 points. It is worth noting that these two teams face off against one another just once every four years so the offense should shine on Monday Night. Kansas City will have plenty of time to get ready for Green Bay having played way back on September 17th at home to Denver. The Chiefs are 1-1 with a road win at Houston to open the year and a home loss to Denver 31-24. The Chiefs were unable to hold a 24-17 lead late against the Broncos as they surrender 14 points in the final 36 seconds of the game. The tying touchdown was a 19 yard touchdown pass by Peyton Manning then nine seconds later the Broncos return a Chief fumble for the game winning touchdown.

Green Bay is 2-0 on the campaign as they take the field on Monday Night. They have put up some points this season ranking sixth in scoring 29 points a game. They have a 31-23 road win at Chicago and last week they defeated Seattle 27-17. Defensively the numbers have looked good except in one area which is rush defense. Opponents are rushing for 154 yards on them ranking 31st and second to last in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs QB:

Alex Smith

The veteran signal caller is completing 65% of his throws for 434 yards. He has thrown three touchdowns with two picks. The Chiefs offensive line has surrendered six sacks in two games to their starting quarterback.

Kansas City Chiefs RB:

Jamaal Charles

The veteran back has 37 carries for 182 yards with a touchdown. He has seven first down gains and is running for 4.9 yards a carry this season. His best game of the year came at home to Denver where he rushed for 125 yards and touchdown on 21 carries for 6 yards per run.

Kansas City Chiefs TE:

Travis Kelce

The Chiefs third year tight end leads the club with 10 catches for 164 yards with two touchdowns. Alex Smith doesn’t fire deep as much as the elite quarterbacks do in this league so the tight end will be targeted heavily. Kelce had two touchdown catches in week one on the road to Houston.

Kansas City Chiefs WR:

Jeremy Maclin

The receiver was acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles in the offseason. He has caught nine balls for 109 yards. He has yet to catch a touchdown pass this year. Alex Smith had no touchdown passes to receivers last year. Maclin caught four balls last week against Denver for 57 yards.

Albert Wilson

Wilson is a fantasy dud so far lining up opposite Maclin. He has three catches for 25 yards.

Green Bay Packers QB:

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is playing well hitting on 76% of his throws for 438 yards with five touchdowns and no picks. He threw for 249 yards and two touchdowns last week at home to Seattle.

Green Bay Packers RB:

Eddie Lacy

The Packers running back is questionable as he left the game against Seattle with an ankle problem. He has 22 carries for 94 yards and a touchdown. He had just three carries before getting hurt.

James Starks:

The veteran running back has 22 carries for 97 yards. He is rushing for 4.4 yards a carry on the year. He had 20 carries for 95 yards last week against Seattle.

Green Bay Packers WR:

Randall Cobb

The fifth year wide out has 13 catches for 154 yards and a touchdown. He had a big game against Seattle last week catching eight passes for 116 yards averaging 14.5 yards per catch.

James Jones

Cut by the Giants and signed by the Packers in the preseason. Jones has caught five balls for 80 yards and three touchdowns. He has a touchdown reception in each game this year.

Monday Night Football Real Money Fantasy Picks

QB: Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

RB: Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)

WR: Randall Cobb (Packers), James Jones (Packers)

TE: Travis Kelce (Chiefs)

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Breaking Daily Fantasy NFL Football News 9-22-2015

Tony Romo Out for 8 to 10 Games with Broken Collar Bone

The Dallas Cowboys playoff chances took a series blow on Sunday as starting quarterback Tony Romo will miss the next two to three months of the season after a sack ended up breaking his collar bone. Ironically Romo missed over two months of the 2010 campaign with a similar injury. Tony Romo prior to his injury was completing 75% of his throws for 551 yards with three touchdowns and two picks.

Dallas will be forced to play backup quarterback Brandon Weeden. The fourth year pro from Oklahoma St is already 31 years old because he started college much later than usual. He does have maturity on his side. In relief of Romo on Sunday against the Eagles the signal caller hit on 7 of 7 throws for 73 yards with a touchdown. He is a career 56% passer who has thrown 27 touchdowns and 28 picks. Prior to playing in Dallas the past two seasons, Weeden spent two years with the Cleveland Browns. The Cowboys defense was outstanding last week in limiting the Philadelphia Eagles to just 10 points in the Dallas win. The Cowboys moved to 2-0 on the year.

Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy Leaves Sunday’s Game with Seahawks with Ankle Injury

Green Bay lost the services of starting running back Eddie Lacy during the first period of their Sunday Night game against the Seahawks. Lacy had just three rushes for nine yards in the 27-17 victory by the Packers against Seattle. The running back X-rays came back negative and he is listed as questionable for next week at home to Kansas City on Monday Night. James Starks a sixth year veteran filled the shoes of Lacy on Sunday and had 20 carries against the Seahawks defense for 95 yards.

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NFL Fantasy Picks to win each Contest Type

One Day NFL Fantasy drafts are a great alternative for the season long fantasy player looking to add a little more excitement to their fantasy experience while turning their fantasy skill into real money. The issue most crossover players make however is they do not realize the subtle strategy changes necessary to be successful in Daily Fantasy Contests.

One of those such strategy changes is making your picks depending on the contest you are in. There are two broad categories of DFS contests: 50/50s and tournaments. 50/50s are contests (including head to heads) where there are a number of users in the tournament and the top scoring half of users are winners and get $1.80 back for each dollar bet (since the DFS site takes a cut). Tournaments on the other hand pay out to a much smaller portion of the entrants but they pay out in larger amounts, usually graduated to where the first place entrant makes a very large amount.

It’s pretty clear cut that it takes more points scored by your lineup to be in the money in a tournament than it does in a 50/50 contest, however, it is not quite as clear how you should adjust your picks to accommodate that.

50/50 contests

Let’s first look at 50/50 contests and head to heads. In these lineups you are aiming for consistent players and an overall low risk lineup, since scoring a huge point total (and taking on more risk) gives you no more money than the user who just barely exceeds the threshold to score.

While you can go over each individual’s players volatility in performances over the season and recent seasons, it is easier to judge risk positionally. Quarterbacks and running backs for instance have much more consistent fantasy value than wide receivers and tight ends. Don’t take that to mean quarterbacks and running backs score more points however, as while wide receivers and tight ends are just more volatile, meaning they may score 0 points on a day or they may score 40 while a quarterback may be more in a 15-25 point range at the same salary level for example.

In a 50/50 contest however, you don’t need that huge 40 fantasy points value performance from a player. You just need reliable scorers. This means spend a little extra money at that quarterback and running back positions where you can count on them to hit their value, and if you are playing with a flex position, use a running back. Additionally, a running quarterback can be a more reliable fantasy points scorer than a pocket quarterback.

Good 50/50 picks for week 1 at Running Back are Eddie Lacy, Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles, or LeSean McCoy. At Quarterback you can go for shoot for a realiable veteran like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers or take a shot at a running quarterback like Russell Wilson or Cam Newton.


As you can probably guess, the exact opposite applies to Daily Fantasy Tournament structed contests. These are more aggressive and high stakes contests so you need to match your lineup to that attitude. Scoring a moderately good point total does not help you at all here since you will just end up losing your entry fee. In tournaments you need to choose volatile, high risk players, and hope that this is their week.

This doesn’t mean abandon your quarterback and choose second string running backs, but you can splurge a little extra on the wide receivers, tight ends, and defense.

A strategy that also proves beneficial in NFL tournaments is to pair your quarterback with his receivers. Quarterback and receiver performances are linked so if you pick the right team, you will cash in twice on each play made by that team. Obviously picking the same team increases your risk, but that is the goal in tournaments, all or nothing.

The last important factor in tournaments is what fantasy gurus refer to as a contrarian strategy. This means you choose a player that is likely looked over by your opponents due to poor performance lately or a tough defensive matchup. If you choose a player like this and they do happen to have a big day, that gives you a significant advantage on the majority of your opponents.

On the contrary, if you have a player that is owned by the majority of your opponents, then even if that player plays great, you’re still on the same level as everyone else. Remember, this is a risky strategy though as if a player’s ownership level is low in a contest, there is likely a reason for that and that player is probably not going to play well this week.

Good for your tournament picks you will need to pick a couple high ownership receivers like Demaryius Thomas, Odell Beckham, or Antonio Brown. Personally, I am staying away from Randall Cobb as he will have the highest ownership of any receiver with Jordy Nelson out. If he has a big game if may hurt you, but if he doesn’t, you’ll have a nice leg up on the competition.

Some receivers who will be lesser sought after may be Alshon Jeffery, Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, and Steve Smith. At tight end, I am expecting ownership of Gronkowski upwards of 60 percent so steer clear of him (especially with Brady out) and look to Julius Thomas or Jason Witten.

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