DFS NBA Lineup & Value Plays

Another edition of our DFS NBA Lineup & Value Plays is upon us.

With only five games total today, and one being an early start we are left with a limited pool of talent to choose from. Thankfully, there is  talent to choose from as the Knicks play the Lakers, Pacers face the Hawks, Jazz visit the Kings and the Nets host the Bucks.

The Nets, Knicks and Bucks may be bottom dwellers in the Eastern Conference standings, but they offer legitimate fantasy basketball options. The Bucks have a ton of young exciting talent especially, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

There were many game-day decisions today, as if often the case on the Sunday schedule so assembly came right down to the wire. My picks have been in the money all week, so let’s compare rosters again.

  • My roster


As usual I have a heft amount of change left in my pocket. I always feel it’s more important to get the players I really want versus maxing out just for the sake of getting “better players:. It’s all about the matchup and what a player has to play for, so playoff runs and young guns with a bunch to prove highlight second-half of the season fantasy choices.

Antetokounmpo leads the squad again. He and teammate Khris Middleton will be heavily leaned on this evening with aspirations of 35+ fantasy points at the very least (each).

At PG Darren Collison was a nice value pick. D’Angelo Russell was my first choice but with limited options elsehwere and depth at point guard, the decision had to be made.

Kobe Bryant was on my avoid list. He was questionable heading into the game, so his potentially limited minutes were not an option.

Brandon Bass and Myles Turner were even bigger value picks. Priced at $4000 and $4900 respectively, as long as they can perform slightly above their average output your team shouldn’t suffer.

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DFS NBA Lineup

Here we have a special edition of a DFS NBA Lineup. An 8 pm edition, meaning just two games to choose your players from. The Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks, and at 8:30 pm the Detroit Pistons at Dallas Mavericks.

I only have two players from the Pistons-Mavs game, and I should probably have more but this two game format doesn’t leave many options in terms of mixing and matching salaries.

There were certain players I targeted and others that just made it because they were the best options for the available cap space.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was my first target. The Bucks star has been on an absolute tear of late, piling up stats in every category. He can put up between 30 and 65 fantasy points on any given night, so even at $9600 it’s worth taking the big man. He makes it fun to follow your daily fantasy roster.


Goran Dragic was a target as well, at $6800 you could do worse. I ended up stacking him and Dwyane Wade together as Khris Middleton would’ve given me just too many Bucks.

Luol Deng was a must have at that price. He is a great value pick again, capable of putting up 35+ fantasy points.

David Lee and Caldwell-Pope are my only two participants from the other game tonight. Dirk Nowitzki is a solid option, but I don’t think a monstrous game is in store for the veteran.  Lee is a tremendous value at just $5000, I would have considered him even with a full slate of games to select from.

Caldwell-Pope is capable of having the type of games that win you DFS contests, but you just never know with him. Sometimes he puts up 11 fp, sometimes 25. This is my make or break pick.

Hassan Whiteside is the reward for taking some discounts. The Heat center should log his normal 30+ minutes (illness) and 30+ fantasy points for owners.

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