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Strong Team Picks after the All-Star Break

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The MLB season is separated by two parts- before the all-star break and after the all-star break. They are two distinctly different parts of the season and team management and player strategy depend greatly on where the team stands at each portion of the season. Every year we see leading teams going into the break completely out of contention by the playoffs and lagging teams making a strong rise after the break.

Often teams post-break performance is related to the high volume of trades that occur after the break. This year was no different in that aspect. Since MLB Daily Fantasy contests player performances are very much a function of synergistic team performances, through runs and RBIs, it is important to consider team aspects when making your Draft Picks. Here are team trends on the biggest movers and losers since the break.

The Philadelphia Phillies have been on a roll since the break, despite trading off top pitcher Cole Hamels as well as one of their left fielder, Ben Revere. Although they remain last in the NL East with a record of 41 wins, 65 losses, they have won 8 of their last 10 with high scoring games. Look to pick up hitters from the Phillies as they win their games with an aggressive offensive attack, rather than strong pitching. Furthermore their hitters typically come at a bargain making them goo d value picks with the right matchup.

The Washington Nationals are on an opposite trend lately. They still hold on to a winning record of 54 wins, 49 losses but they have lost 7 of their last 10. They are currently in the lead of the NL East but the Mets are on their tails after sweeping the series against the Nationals. The Nationals can’t even blame it on the trades as they have worked to acquire strong players since the break. Be cautious about splurging on this normally potent offense to see if they can turn aroud this trend.

The Diamondbacks are down in the NL West but the hopes to make the playoffs are still alive as they are only 5 games out of the wildcard spot. They have won 7 of their last 10 rallying back after a serious losing streak prior to the break. They currently have a record of 50 wins, 53 losses and are 4th in the NL West.

Also making moves in this division are the San Diego Padres who are one game up on the Diamondbacks right now, putting them just 4 games out of the wildcard spot. Like Arizona, they have won 7 of their last 10 games. However, they will need to surpass the Mets or Nationals if they are to get one of those wildcard spots.

Moving on to the American League, the Angels have had a poor showing, moving out of the lead of the AL West since the break. They still hold a winning record of 55 wins, 49 losses but have won only 1 game of their last 10 and have lost their last 6. Furthermore, their star Mike Trout has struggled since returning from a slight injury scare. The Angels have been very active in their trading and looks like they hope to turn things around. For now, I would stay away from these draft picks in any MLB cash draft.

The Twins have seen similar struggles since the break. They have lost 7 of their last 10 and are going into a tough series against the Blue Jays. They are still 2nd in the AL Central with 54 wins and 51 losses but the Tigers and White Sox are hot on their heels. Their all star hitter, Dozier has hit a couple homers over the past 10 games but otherwise has failed to make contact with the ball.

The White Sox, despite selling off some players, are on a 7/3 streak including the series against the strong New York Yankees. Those wild card spots are up for grabs for anyone in the American league and Chicago’s southern team looks to be a contender. Their heavy hitters have been productive lately through the likes of Eaton, Laroche, and Cabrera and they have a strong series on starters including Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. Due to a weak pre-break showing, these hitters will usually come at a bargain and look to be nice value picks in one-day tournaments moving forward.

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