NFL News Rundown in May

Here what happened this past month in the NFL…

May 24 – Incognito is in a psychiatric clinic

The Boca Raton police have transferred the NFL guard Richie Incognito to a psychiatric clinic after incidents that occurred a day before at a gymnasium in Florida.

May 23 – No knee on the ground will be tolerated

It was reported that the league will force the players present to stand on the field during the interpretation of the Star-Spangled Banner. Those who do not want to put up with that will be able to stay in the locker room during that presentation.

May 23 – Super Bowl: 2023 in Arizona, 2024 in N.-O.

The head of the National Football League announced that the 2023 and 2024 Super Bowl Editions will take place in Arizona and New Orleans, respectively.

May 19 – Terrance Williams was arrested by the police

The wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Terrance Williams, was arrested for public intoxication after the police showed up at the scene of an accident involving his car.

May 18 – The Cards would put their hands on Jamar Taylor

The Arizona Cardinals reportedly finalized a transfer that would allow them to get their hands on the Cleveland Brown’s half corner Jamar Taylor, according to a well-informed source.

May 15 – The Panthers are sold for 2.2 billion

Hedge fund manager David Tepper has agreed to purchase the Carolina Panthers for 2.2 billion dollars.

May 14 – DeAngelo Hall is hanging his cleats

The defensive back, DeAngelo Hall, finally decided to retire after 14 seasons in the NFL, as reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

May 7 – Derrick Johnson joins the Raiders

The Oakland Raiders announced that they have signed the linebacker and standout player Derrick Johnson.

May 3 – Falcons QB Matt Ryan becomes the highest paid player in the league

Ryan is guaranteed to collect at least $100 million, surpassing the guaranteed $84 million over three years for quarterback Kirk Cousins by the Minnesota Vikings.

TE Jason Witten has opted for retirement.

He will now act as an analyst on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

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