NFL Fantasy News: Tom Brady’s Suspension

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Tom Brady’s Suspension

With so much happening already this week in the National Football League with the NFL Draft, the football world was stunned when a 3 judge panel overturned Tom Brady’s NFL appeal of his 4 game suspension. This was certainly a huge victory for Roger Goodell, the most powerful man in professional football. Tom Brady’s suspension in the so-called Deflategate case not only captivated the nation this week but also sent a message to other top players and all organizations. This recap of the most recent events surrounding the controversy is brought to you by

Tom Brady's Suspension

Over the years, the top sports leagues battled against some of their elite players in different aspects surrounding the integrity of their sport. Look at the MLB’s issues with Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez that were extremely publicized. However, a showdown between questionably the most decorated quarterback of all time and the NFL around the manipulation of the air pressure ever happened.

This controversy even drew analysis from physicists that believed Goodell’s judgment was inadequate and raised a lot of questions about the fairness of the game.

It did not only impact Tom Brady’s career but also the Patriots’ organization as well as their owner, Robert Kraft who used to be great friends with the commissioner. The Patriots not only were penalized with a $1 million fine but also lost draft picks.

Lawyers even challenged the decision at the highest judicial level and argued that Brady was definitely unfairly suspended. With the league allowing him to finish the entire 2015 season including the playoffs, the NFL ruled that they were actually not severe enough with the Brady case.

The two Patriots employees that deflated the balls below the legal limit were not penalized at all unlike what the public opinion is suggesting.

This incident, stemming back from January 2015, will surely have bookmakers reassessing their odds for the start of their season and perhaps, the results of the next campaign since the Patriots’ 15 year domination may come to an halt this fall.


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