NBA Recent Hot Streaks

NBA Recent Hot Streaks


Daily Fantasy NBA tournaments are not about picking the all stars.   If Stephen Curry scores 40 points in one night, that is a huge basketball performance and a great addition to your lineup, but if he costs you $9000 in salary, you are better suited with two $4000 players who each earn 20 fantasy points.  Therefore, the biggest factor you should consider when drafting your players is Fantasy Value (That is Fantasy Points per Dollar spent) rather than Fantasy Points.


One good way to assess a players fantasy value is to look at how they have performed recently compared to their season averages.  Daily Fantasy Sites primarily use season averages to set each players salary level and take a while to adjust if a player has had some great recent performances.  This is where you can take advantage.


The chart below shows many key players season average Fantasy Points per Game, their Fantasy Points per Game over the past 2 games, and their Recent Rating- Which is Recent FPPG/Season FPPG.  A player with a Recent Rating of 1 is recently playing on par with how they have all season and does not offer much value for their salary level.  However, a player with a Recent Rating above 1 has been providing great fantasy value lately and it likely has not yet been reflected in their salary.

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Jamal Crawford leads the list on recent value almost doubling his season average over the past couple of days.  He is a good value addition to your lineup as he comes at a bargain and frees up salary cap to spend elsewhere.  Stephen Curry on the other hand, while having a fantastic season so far, his salary level is so high, that it is very improbable he will be able to exceed his fantasy value.  If you have the cash left over, by all means put in Stephen Curry, but more value can be attained elsewhere.

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