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NBA Monday Night Fantasy Picks 2/29

FanPicks has your your NBA Monday night fantasy picks for the basketball games tonight. Come enjoy some DFS action and contests at






If you want to spend your money at point guard, the best option is Russell Westbrook. On a night with lots of good options at guard (Paul, Harden, Wall, Irving, Thomas), you may be able to get away with Westbrook without the normal 40 percent ownership that goes along with him. He always has potential for 50+ fantasy points and he may be avoided by others because of his massive salary and the fact that he has been outshone by Durant lately. But Westbrook is the guy to put up huge numbers tonight against the Kings.



If you want to save your money for a big pick at forward or center you have options. Ish Smith from the 76ers has quietly been putting up good fantasy value lately and he comes with a cheap price tag of only $4700. Monta Ellis also has potential for some good numbers, although with that Indiana offense, it is hard to determine which player will get the big numbers on any given night.





But then again, Durant could continue to outshine Westbrook. The way that offense goes, both players usually take the majority of the fantasy value but it tends to lean in one direction or the other. For a secondary lineup, it is a safe to hedge your bets with Durant over Westbrook because you can always expect some big number from one of the two.


However, if you want to win your Daily Fantasy Tournament, you need to pick a player that most others are avoiding. Tonight I believe that player is Lebron James. He is projected similar to Durant, but due to a couple of down games lately, his status as the best player in the NBA is very much in question. Obviously James always has potential for huge numbers, and if he is low ownership as well, that is the best case scenario for winning some serious cash in your fantasy contest.



If you are looking for some value at this position some good options are Will Barton for the Nuggets at $5400, Zach Randolph for the Grizzlies at $5400, and Gordon Hayward or Derrick Favors, both from the Jazz for $5800 and $6100 respectively. Barton and Randolph will be matched up in what should be a close game between the Nuggets and the Grizzlies. Vegas has the total at 207 with the spread at 3 favoring the Grizzlies.





The top picks of the night are between Dwight Howard and Deandre Jordan. Jordan is a safer pick as Howard tends to get into foul trouble and see limited minutes, but if you want to win your daily fantasy tournament, safe is not the way to go. I would rather put my money on Howard putting up 40+ fantasy points that stick with the consistent 30 fantasy points from Jordan.



For value at center Ruby Gobert from the Jazz should be able to put up good value at a salary of only $5400. One of the biggest determinant factors of ownership is team. A player on Golden State or Oklahoma City will always have ownership of 20 to 30 percent or higher. But if you pick players from low market teams such as the Jazz, the Bucks, or the Timberwolves, you can expect less ownership and more value for your money.

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