NBA Fantasy Basketball preview Celtics vs Trail Blazers

Boston Celtics vs Portland Trail Blazers

NBA Fantasy Basketball preview

Two teams battling for their playoffs will meet up tonight at the Moda Center in Portland when the Boston Celtics visit the Portland Trail Blazers in what should be a great showdown. FanPicks is proud to bring you this NBA Fantasy Basketball preview. Come play in our NBA Magic Million contest where you can win up to a $1 million this week at FanPicks.


NBA Fantasy Basketball preview

The Trail Blazers are playing very well and have won 3 of their last 4 games. Their intensity is growing as they’re battling to stay into the playoffs. They’re currently sitting in the 6th spot in the Western Conference but are only 2 games up from the 9th place Dallas Mavericks. This season had a lot of ups rather than downs and they can see this campaign as a success, as they were a  projected lottery team who’s game exceeds expectations. The Trail Blazers can look very bright in the figure as this team is full of talented young stars who can carry this team very far. This game will be tight as the Celtics are in the same boat and in a 3 way tie to remain in the playoffs.


The Celtics as well have been playing stellar lately having lost only one of their last five games. Even though the wins came against extremely weak opponents such as the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and last place 76ers, a win is a win and they need to be taken into consideration though. The Celtics are fighting for their tough playoff spot in the Eastern Conference where being in 3rd place one day means you can be in 6th the next. It’s extremely tight and they will need to focus and dig deep to beat the Trail Blazers on their home court. Jae Crowder has been practicing with the squad and may be back with this game. He’s a great defensive players as well as an offensive weapon for the Celtics.

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