NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft News 10-14-2015 – WARRIORS



At the start of the 2014/15 season, not many people saw the Golden State Warriors finishing with the best record in the league, let alone win the NBA Championship. A year later, they made it happen. All seemed to mesh with the team, beginning with the arrival of coach Steve Kerr. He made an immediate impact on the team. The Warriors won 21 of the first 23 game of the season. Kerr ended up with the best record for a rookie coach. He played under legendary coaches Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich and has won 5 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs. The NBA leader in three-point percentage can say that he learned from the best, and this knowledge will make him a well-regarded coach in the league.

The Warriors had the best record in the NBA with 67 wins and 15 losses. But before this team was racking up victories, they had to rely on their best player year in and year out. Stephen Curry led the league in three-points scored since the 2012/13 season. The supporting cast wasn’t there until last year.

No major changes were made during the offseason, allowing the same squad to go for a repeat of the title. But now they have a target on their back. The other 29 teams in the league have penciled their meeting with the NBA champs. It’s up to the Warriors to play up to the chemistry they had last year.

Golden State Warriors PG

Stephen Curry

Curry finally got the recognition he deserved, winning the NBA MVP award. He led the Warriors all-season long, with impressive shots from beyond the arc and stellar passing. The 27 years-old finished first in three-point’s field goal (286), steals (163) and free throws percentage (.914). He also came second in points scored with 1900. Curry can now focus on writing his name on top of the NBA’s history book.

Golden State Warriors SG

Klay Thompson

Thompson finished second behind teammate Stephen Curry in three-points made with 239. Both players made NBA history, as they’ve combined for 525 three-point field goal. It’s the most ever made by teammates. Coach Steve Kerr seemed to have already implemented his strength as a sharpshooter to the team.

Golden State Warriors SF

Draymond Green

Every team needs someone to protect their star player. Draymond Green was that gritty player. He always covered Stephen Curry when he needed protection and even brought this outside of the court, smack talking everyone who opposed him or his teammates. His importance was proven, signing the second biggest current contract of the team during the summer.

Andre Iguodala

The swingman exchanged the franchise tag he had with Philadelphia 76ers for being the 6th man with a championship team. He proved his worth in the NBA finals winning the series most valuable player. The 31-years-old recorded 16.3 points in those finals, all while covering former league MVP LeBron James. Iguodala became the first player to win the finals MVP award without starting a single game during the regular season. He only started his first game of the year in game 4 of the NBA finals.

Golden State Warriors PF

Harrison Barnes

Barnes is the player who has improved the most since the arrival of coach Kerr. He shot 48.2 percent from the field and 40.5 percent from the arc. He’s also good defensively and can be key in clutch situations. The chances for him to be a legitimate fantasy basketball star is still very limited.

Golden State Warriors C

Andrew Bogut

The Aussie has been a great shooter and defensively sound throughout his career. Unfortunately for him, his body went through some wear and tear this past few seasons. He was kept out from 150 games in the past 4 years. The 2005 first overall pick will be likely sharing a lot more play time than playing basketball.


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