NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft News 10-12-2015 – MAVERICKS

NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft News 10-12-2015

Dallas Mavericks are Old and on the Decline in the Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban was very excited when it appeared that Clippers free agent DeAndre Jordan had verbally agreed to a contract in the offseason with the team. Cuban commented that if the team had not signed Jordan that Mavs would have tanked the upcoming season and vie for a lottery pick. Well the joke may have come back to haunt Cuban as Jordan changed his mind and resigned with the Clippers. Many were critical about Jordan crossing the line and going against his word. But what was forgotten were those words Cuban spoke about what he felt about the roster around him. It made it easy for the Clippers to use that comment against the Mavericks and change Jordan’s mind.

Dallas Mavericks PG:

Deron Williams

This acquisition was a head scratcher. He is an aging 31 year old injury prone point guard acquired in the offseason by the Mavericks. Last year Williams played in 68 games and shot 38.7% from the floor with a 13 point per game average. The point guard was well below his career averages in assists, shooting percentage and points per game. There are many critics about William’s work ethic but the truth may be all of the injuries he has had over the years makes him play a lot older than his 31 year old body. He is already trying to shake off a calf injury during training camp and has been limited in the preseason which will impact chemistry on the court with the other starters around him once the regular season begins.

J.J. Barea

The 31 year old backup point guard returned to the Mavericks in 2014-15 after spending the past three seasons in Minnesota. He played in 77 games last year averaging 18 minutes a game and 7.5 points per game. He shot 42% from the floor and 32.3% from three.

Dallas Mavericks SG:

Devin Harris

Harris is a 32 year old shooting guard with 11 years of service in the league. In 76 games played in 2014-15 he averaged just 22 minutes a game and 8.8 points. In the playoffs last year Harris hit just 34.8% from the floor. He may see time at point guard if Williams is forced to miss time on the court due to injury.

Dallas Mavericks SF:

Chandler Parsons

The Mavericks 26 year old small forward is coming off knee surgery as he played in 66 games last year. He averaged 33 minutes a game and shot 46.2% from the floor with 38% from the three point line. In his first three seasons in Houston, Parsons was a poor defensive player. Head coach Rick Carlisle wants a strong defensive commitment by his players and how well he defends will determine how many minutes Parsons gets. He may be the only Maverick to consider adding to a one day NBA fantasy league roster.

Dallas Mavericks PF

Dirk Nowitzki is now 37 years old yet still was able to play in 77 games in 2014-15 in a grueling NBA schedule. He averaged 17.3 points per game and was around his career average in three point shooting at 38%. His three point shooting declined in the playoffs where he hit 23% from beyond the arc last year.

Dallas Mavericks C

Zaza Pachulia

Pachulia is the third starter over 30 years old on the Mavericks. He has spent his past two seasons in Milwaukee after nine years in Atlanta. He played in 73 games last year and averaged 23 minutes with 8 points per game. His downside is his heath. He has played no greater than 58 games in three of his past four seasons. Pachulia is a difficult player to recommend on a one day roster because he has not averaged over 30 minutes a game since the 2005-06 season.

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