NBA Draft First Overall Pick Prediction

NBA Draft 2016

First overall selection prediction

The NBA draft (click to play) is one day away. No sign of who’s going to be picked first overall by the Philadelphia 76ers, but i might just be sure who they’ve got in mind. I’m all but sure general manager Bryan Colangelo is going to choose Ben Simmons. Philly doesn’t have much guard play. They can’t pass on having a guy who likes the ball in his hands, who can put it on the floor and attack in transition. They have a glut of bigs and he’s a dynamic facilitator, so they should just take him.

I also think it’d be really tough for Bryan, with his track record with No. 1 picks, to go a little against the grain and be wrong. If Simmons turned into this LeBron-type star, this dynamic, transformational, six-foot-10 monster could help an under-average team go to the Final. It be tough be tough to pass on that.

Simmons isn’t a play finisher, he’s a play initiator. When the clock is down 3-2-1 and the ball finds him, that’s not a good situation for him. He has to catch and shoot and that’s not the way he plays. The ball needs to land in his hands off a defensive rebound, while he’s pushing the other way early in the clock. He’s the kind of guy who can create 2-on-1 situations for you. The 76ers don’t have that. They’ve only got guys who can finish plays. Nerlens Noel can catch and dunk at the rim. Joel Embiid is able to catch and dunk at the rim. While Jahlil Okafor wants to catch in the block, turn and score. They need someone who can say, “Give me the ball, let me weave my way down the floor, and when a double comes, I’ll find you.”

Brandon Ingram will likely fall to L.A. It gives the Lakers the easier choice, because now they don’t have to make the ultimate decision. Simmons is a guy they could market really easily, but I think long-term they liked Ingram’s upside a bit more and they weren’t as worried about the off-court stuff. Simmons is a little ahead of himself in terms of thinking about his brand before on-court play. Ingram’s going to really be good. And here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t know about him: He’s mentally unbreakable, and you can put him in pick-and-roll and that guy can read the game to perfection. Something people haven’t seen yet.

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