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NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball News – Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors

Dominate your competition with our NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball News, create the winning lineup at The Memphis Grizzlies (42-39) travel to Oakland and will attempt to spoil the Golden State Warriors (72-9) shot at history.Fantasy Basketball
It’s tough not to admire the tenacity of this Memphis team, but they simply don’t have the skills they need to win games right now. With Mike Conley, Mario Chalmers and Marc Gasol out of the lineup, the offense is naturally too inefficient to overcome. It’s all so clear by their recent results as well, with the Grizzlies losing nine of their last 10 contests. Not to mention, they could end up all the way to seven in the western conference if they lose this game, which draws a scary confrontation. This team has been a nice story so far this season, but the playoffs could be an unpleasant end to the year, especially of the fact they will either  take on the likes of San Antonio or Oklahoma City.

All the talk in this match-up is about the Warriors pursuit of greatness, as a victory here will give them the best record in NBA history. It’s definitely been an amazing run, as they haven’t lost back-to-back games all season long. The only concern is what this drive will do to them in the playoffs, as all of their competitors have been able to rest many of their main starters, with those of the Warriors playing every game until the end. All-and-all, this is easily the best squad in the NBA and it shouldn’t hamper them much. The Warriors are a projected 18-point favorite in what is one of the most important regular season meeting in recent memory.

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