MLB Weekend Recap: Hitter Dominated Fantasy Cash Drafts

MLB Weekend Recap: Hitter Dominated Fantasy Cash Drafts


Last weekends one day fantasy sports contests were dominated by pitchers through the likes of Clayton Kershaw, Zach Greinke, Jon Lester while hitters failed to hit their fantasy value. However, this weekend hitters got their revenge. Specifically, those hitters swinging for the fences carried their teams to huge run totals.

Saturday 7/25

The biggest event of the weekend was the domination of Alex Rodriguez. At the age of 40 years old he showed he has not lost any bat speed or strength behind the bat. He hit 3 home runs on Saturday with 4 RBIs accounting for 7 out of the 8 runs scored by the Yankees in their victory over the Twins. This performance amounted to 44 fantasy points under the Fanpicks scoring and usually would require approximately $20,000 in fantasy salary to score this many points.

A-Rod’s performance overshadowed a similar performance by Lucas Duda for the New York Mets. He hit 2 homers on Saturday but unlike A-Rod, his team also came ready to play as the Mets scored an astounding 15 runs to win over the Dodgers. He scored a total of 27.5 fantasy points, providing fantastic fantasy value for his salary level.

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Sunday 7/26

Sunday saw another Veteran carry his team. David Ortiz, at the age of 39, hit 2 homers. His real value came from the addition of 7 RBIs putting him on the same fantasy level as Alex Rodriguez with 44 fantasy points. The Red Sox scored an impressive 11 runs on Sunday after a series of poor games recently.

Although they had the handicap of the low pressure Coor’s Field, the Rockies scored an incredible 17 runs yesterday, carried by Carlos Gonzalez and Ben Paulsen. Each of these two hit two homers and scored 44 and 39.5 fantasy points respecively. Sunday’s contests would have been a great day for a Rockies stack, however, fantasy value is limited with Rockies players at home as all hitters typically will exceed 20 percent ownership in one day fantasy tournaments. That means, even if you chose those players, it will not necessarily place your lineup far beyond the competition.

The last big hitter of the weekend is a guy who is used to hitting it out of the park. Mike Trout hit 2 homers making him the league leader with a total of 31 homers so far this season (he is followed by Pujols at 29 home runs). The Angels won a high scoring game in 13-7 over the Rangers and Trout contributed 42 fantasy points to any fantasy manager who picked him.

Free Baseball Cash Draft Beat the StreakIt is very atypical to have a weekend such as this last one with so many high scoring games. These are the weekends when it pays off to spend a little extra salary on hitters, but picking the wrong pitcher could have driven you deep into the whole as well with a lot of opposing earned runs. When it comes to making your fantasy picks for MLB one day cash drafts, it is often more important to consider the matchups than the individual players.

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