MLB Weekend Optimal Lineups

MLB Weekend Optimal Lineups

Saturday 9/19/2015
P: Cole Hamels
C: Victor Martinez
1B: Eric Hosmer
2B: Ian Kinsler
SS: Marcus Semien
3B: Kris Bryant
OF: Domingo Santana
OF: Jake Smolinski
OF: Carlos Beltran

Total: 330.5 points

Sunday 9/20/2015
P: Stephen Strasburg
C: Dioner Navarro
1B: Kendrys Morales
2B: Logan Forsythe
SS: Eugenio Suarez
3B: Yunel Escobar
OF: Jay Bruce
OF: Colby Rasmus
OF: Matt Kemp

Total: 400.5 points

In any random Daily Fantasy MLB Contest there are 19,336,000,000,000,000 possible lineup combinations you can enter. That means the probability of choosing the highest possible scoring lineup (what I call the optimal lineup) is more rare than winning the lottery. But don’t take that to mean your odds of winning money in the lottery are better than with Daily Fantasy Sports Cash Drafts. Typically, even in very large tournaments, it only takes about 60 percent of optimal to win big. That means if you scored somewhere around 240 points on Sunday, you could have been in contention for a lot of money.

The biggest boost you could have added to your lineup this weekend was Royals first baseman Kendrys Morales. He had a historical night hitting three home runs and a triple totaling 84 fantasy points. This is tied for the second largest fantasy total this season.

Ranking first on that list was Yoenis Cespedes of the Mets on August 21st when he had a three homer night of his own. Cespedes however had 7 RBIs along with that (as opposed to Morales 3) which brought his fantasy point total to 90. Tied with Morales is Edwin Encarnacion who hit three homers on August 29th with 9 RBIs for 84 fantasy points.

As far as pitchers go, only Max Scherzer has hit close to those fantasy numbers. On June 14th, he pitched a complete game shutout with 16 strikeouts totaling 82 fantasy points. But on that day Max Scherzer would have cost you over $10,000 in salary while those hitters cost less than half of that.

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