MLB Mid-Season Awards 2017

MLB Mid-Season Awards 2017

It’s shaping up as a season for the record books: more strikeouts, more homers, more rookie sluggers, and perhaps more teams vying for playoff spots than ever before. Join the MLB frenzy at FanPicks.

Strikeouts are up for a 12th straight year, reaching another record high. Home runs are flying out of ballparks like never before.

Oh, and games keep getting longer.

In other words, if you like action, the Tampa Bay Rays are your worst nightmare. No team takes longer to play an average game: three hours, 19 minutes. And much of their time is spent doing nothing. In a whopping 39% of their plate appearances—roughly two out of every five batters who steps to the plate—no defense or running is required because the play is not put in play. They are the kings of the Three True Outcomes (strikeouts, walks, home runs). And they are one of many American League teams still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Halfway home, the American League is up for grabs as far as who can challenge the Astros. Washington and Los Angeles are the class of the National League.

It’s time to present the Mid-Year Report.

NL Awards


  1. Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
  2. Bryce Harper, Washington
  3. Charlie Blackmon, Colorado
  4. Joey Votto, Cincinnati
  5. Ryan Zimmerman, Washington
  6. Corey Seager, Los Angeles
  7. Justin Turner, Los Angeles
  8. Anthony Rendon, Washington
  9. Nolan Arenado, Colorado
  10. Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles

This one’s not even that close. Harper has been terrific, but Goldschmidt has been that good.

Oh, and by the way: First 861 career games: Goldschmidt .934 OPS, .301 batting average, 159 HR; Miguel Cabrera .924 OPS, .309 batting average, 170 HR.

Cy Young

  1. Max Scherzer, Washington
  2. Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
  3. Carlos Martinez, St. Louis
  4. Zack Greinke, Arizona
  5. Kenley Jansen, Los Angeles

Scherzer leads in ERA, WHIP, innings and strikeouts. How’s that $210 million investment working out for Washington? With the Nationals, Scherzer is 44–24 with a 2.68 ERA. His ERA with Detroit had been 3.52.

Rookie of the Half Year

  1. Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles
  2. Kyle Freeland, Colorado
  3. Josh Bell, Pittsburgh

Bellinger changed his stroke in Class A to get the ball airborne. The result is the most whippy swing through a baseball since Jose Canseco. Upon follow-through, Bellinger regularly knocks himself in the back with the barrel of the bat.

AL Awards


  1. Aaron Judge, New York
  2. Carlos Correa, Houston
  3. George Springer, Houston
  4. Jose Altuve, Houston
  5. Corey Dickerson, Tampa Bay
  6. Mookie Betts, Boston
  7. Mike Trout, Los Angeles
  8. Jose Ramirez, Cleveland
  9. Chris Sale, Boston
  10. Justin Smoak, Toronto

It’s difficult to remember any hitter who adjusted so quickly to plate discipline and bat-to-ball skills than Judge. A swing-and-miss machine last year has become the most compelling player in baseball.

Cy Young Award

  1. Chris Sale, Boston
  2. Lance McCullers, Houston
  3. Jason Vargas, Kansas City
  4. Yu Darvish, Texas
  5. Craig Kimbrel, Boston

Red Sox Senior Advisor on Baseball Operations Bill James likes to say a player new to Boston incurs a break-in tax; it takes a year to acclimate to the environment. Not Sale. His stuff is great, and the reason why it plays up even more is that nobody throws quite like him. Hitters have no frame of reference in their mental database.

Rookie of the Half Year

  1. Aaron Judge, New York
  2. Trey Mancini, Baltimore
  3. Andrew Benintendi, Boston

Mancini’s terrific season is being overshadowed by Judge. You might say the same about the season of lefthanded pitcher Jordan Montgomery, Judge’s teammate.

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