MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 7/20/2015

MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 7/20/2015


Coming off of the All Star break, this weekend saw most of the MLB’s pitchers rested and ready to play.  This included all 6 starting pitchers from the All Star game and a matchup between Greinke and Scherzer after playing on the same side team last week.  All pitchers have their different ways of bringing fantasy value— some do it with innings, some limit their earned runs, and some rack up the strikeouts.  Lets look through this weekends top pitcher performances to see which pitchers can bring fantasy value in the coming week during their next start.

Chris Tillman (Baltimore)

Tillman pitched 8 innings against the Tigers allowing zero earned runs and only allowing a single hit and a single walk.  Getting close to completing the game and allowing minimal hits already makes him a prime fantasy pick, but he also contributed 8 strikeouts and the Orioles held their lead giving Tillman the win.  All in all, Tillman brought 36.5 Fantasy Points in under Fanpicks MLB scoring system.

David Price (Detroit)

Price, coming off an appearance in the All Star game, provided similar value on the other side of that matchup.  During the 7 innings he pitched he gave away 6 hits, a walk, and an earned run.  While these stats were inferior to Tillman, he had 12 strikeouts, putting him on par with Tillman at 35.5 Fantasy Points.  He did come at a higher price tag than Tillman however, meaning Tillman was a better value pick.

Garrett Richards (LA Angels)

Richards brought fantasy value through stamina.  He pitched all 9 innings against the Red Sox, allowing only 2 hits and 1 walk, and 6 strikeouts.  Where the real fantasy value came however was with the performance bonuses.  He received 5 extra points for the win, 4 points for the complete game, and 2 for the shutout.  All in all, Richards was worth 40.5 fantasy points.

Jon Lester (Chi. Cubs)

Lester did not end up at the top of the performance list but his play was notable regardless.  Through 7 innings, he was on pace for a no hitter against the weak Atlanta offense.  This performance started what was a great weekend for Cubs pitching, only to be exceeded by the league leaders in pitching, the LA Dodgers.  Lester left the game shortly after giving away his first hit and ended the day with 33 Fantasy Points.

Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers)

However, the best pick on Saturday was the All Star Clayton Kershaw.  He pitched an incredible 14 strikeouts in 8 innings and allowed only 3 hits.  The Dodgers held on for the win against Washington and Kershaw totaled 49 fantasy points, fantastic fantasy value even considering his premium fantasy salary.

Dallas Keuchel (Houston)

Keuchel was able to post a similar performance to Kershaw against a strong Rangers squad of hitters.  He tallied 13 strikeouts and only 2 runs in his 7 innings totaling 45 Fantasy Points.

Zach Greinke (LA Dodgers) VS Max Scherzer (Washington)

The pitching matchup of the weekend was between Greinke and Scherzer.  Both all stars and considered the top two pitchers in the MLB, this matchup was to be one for the ages.  The Dodgers, led by Greinke, ended up on top.  Greinke pitched 8 innings with 11 strikeouts.  Scherzer, on the other hand, had a relatively off day.  He was able to get 8 strikeouts in 6 innings but also gave up 7 hits and an earned run.  Overall Greinke ended the day with 42.5 points and Scherzer hit only 25.5 points, far off of his fantasy value considering his price premium.

Jake Arrieta (Chi Cubs)

The last notable pitcher of the weekend is Arrieta, continuing the Cubs quality pitching weekend.  He totaled 10 strikeouts and allowed only 3 hits.  He was facing a weak Atlanta offense but the performance is notable none the less.

As we move forward into this fantasy week, it is important to make your pitching picks based on the opposing teams batters as well as the recent performances of the respective pitcher.  The Marlins for example are already a weak hitting team, and they are on a 3 game losing streak right now.  The Braves similarly have lost their last couple games.  Other weak hitting teams are The White Sox, Mets, and Seattle.

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