MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 6/29/2015

MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 6/29/2015


Weekend Recap: Pitcher Value Picks

One Day MLB Fantasy Contests revolve around the pitcher position. In every system, the pitcher is the most expensive player to buy and your lineups performance hinges on him. If you spend big on the pitcher, you expect a certain amount of points scored as you have crippled your lineup of hitters by restricted salary. On the other hand, spending too little on a pitcher can have your lineup falling short (or even send you into the red). Below are the performances of pitchers of varying salary levels and how much value each of these pitchers contributed. The value measure is how many fantasy points that pitcher scored per 1000 dollars of salary.

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As you can tell from the chart, even with a superb game, when a pitcher’s salary exceeds 10,000 the value they can bring your lineup is somewhat limited. Bumgardner and Greinke played just about as good as they could have on Sunday, but their value still did not exceed 2 points per 1000 in salary. Granted these may be more reliable picks than cheaper pitchers, you could have spent your money on Guthrie or Jimenez for similar point values and much lower salaries.

The real money range for pitchers is 6000 to 9000 as they have potential to score on the same level as the blue-chip pitchers but with much lower salaries, their value goes way up. Plus you are putting less risk on one player. Nothing kills your chances of scoring in a Cash Draft than a high priced pitcher playing poorly. Anyone who chose David Price this weekend learned that lesson well.

Something else worth mentioning is that the highest value pitcher of the weekend, Steven Matz. He came with a very low price tag due to this weekend being his debut in the MLB, but he hit 3.41 points for every 1000 dollars of salary and that is before considering his batting statistics. While hitting statistics do not count towards pitcher point totals, he hit 2 singles, a double, and 4 RBIs, which would be a nice point total for any normal hitter in your lineup.


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