MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 6/1/2015

MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 6/1/2015


This weekend in the MLB brought us action that strayed from the norm. On Saturday we saw the Cubs and Royals game get postponed due to inclement weather. Then on Sunday we saw three games go into extra innings with the Diamondbacks and Brewers getting to 17 innings before a winner was determined. These types of events, while rare, have serious implications in Daily Fantasy Draft Contests.

Free Baseball Cash Draft Beat the StreakWhen a game is postponed and played on the same day, then that has no effect on your draft picks as you still receive points for those players. However, in the event that the game is postponed to a different day, those players fantasy value is set at 0 and if you have more than a couple players in that matchup, you are likely already out of the money in that fantasy draft contest. Therefore, if you were unable to switch out your players from that matchup prior to game time, you were at a huge disadvantage going in to the contest.

Extra innings have the opposite effect for your players. Unlike rain delays (where we can check the forecast), there is no real way of predicting when a game will reach extra innings. As a fantasy draft manager, you can attempt to find games that are likely to be close, but extra innings are rare enough that it is not worth it to tailor your draft picks to the games where overtime is a possibility.

Free Baseball Cash DraftWhen there are extra innings however, your hitters get more at bats and more opportunities to score points for your lineups. Let’s look at Paul Goldschmidt, 1st Baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They ended up on the losing end of this marathon of a game. But in MLB cash draft tournaments, Goldschmidt was the winner. He came up to the plate 8 times over the course of this game. Early on, he hit a couple of singles and a homerun, already serious fantasy value. But then, going into overtime, he was walked intentionally four times in the opposing pitcher’s attempt to mitigate the damage he could inflict. While it may appear in the game that he isn’t doing much, he really is just racking up the fantasy points with every base on balls.
Other significant opportunities for value picks were players on the Braves or Reds as they both hit big point totals on both days this weekend. But in fantasy draft contests, you pick players, not teams. So let’s walk through what were the vest value picks of the weekend and look at who is hot moving forward.

JT Realmuto of the Miami Marlins had a big game on Saturday recording a double and a homer, along with 2 RBIs, 2 Runs, and a stolen base. While a grand slam is a great boost to any lineup, when a player hits all the areas like this that is almost more valuable. Different one day cash drafts have different scoring methods, those numbers would make Realmuto an essential value pick on Fanpicks.
On Sunday, the star at the catcher position was Martin Maldonado of the Brewers. Like Goldschmidt, he was able to take advantage of the extra innings getting four hits, including a 2 doubles and a home run. Adding to the fantasy value was his 2 bases on balls, 2 RBIs, and 3 runs.

1st baseman
While I made it sound like Goldschmidt had the game of his life on Sunday, he actually provided more fantasy value on Saturday. Saturday, he hit 2 home runs with 4 RBIs and 2 runs. If he can get anywhere close to these numbers moving forward, he will be an essential draft pick in any lineup.

2nd Baseman
At second base it was all Jace Peterson of the Braves. He had 3 runs, a single, a double, and a triple with the kicker, a stolen base. No big homers for Peterson but big numbers in the lesser categories can produce the same value as a couple big hits.
DJ LeMahieu of the Rockies hit similar numbers on Sunday with 3 hits, including a homer, a couple RBIs, and a couple Runs. LeMahieu is a consistent hitter of the squad of strong batters that make up the Colorado Rockies. With a batting average of .335 this season, you can count on him at the very least to get on base and be hit home by the supporting hitters.

Juan Uribe was able to grab a piece of the Braves’ point totals over the weekend. He had a homer each day coupled with a couple RBIs. Additionally, he had a stolen base, a double, a single, and 3 runs on Saturday. While he had the spotlight on Saturday, he was outperformed by Jhonny Peralta of the Cardinals on Sunday as he hit a homer, with 3 RBIs, a single and a run.

3rd Baseman
The value pick at third base was Manny Machado. Out of his three hits on Sunday, two were homers, driving in 3 RBIs and 2 runs himself. With homers being the largest way to provide fantasy value for MLB Cash drafts, Machado was a key draft Pick.

On Saturday there were big numbers hit by a player who was likely a very rare pick in Fantasy Draft Contests. Jerry Sands of the Cleveland Indians, who hasn’t made an appearance at bat since April 27th, made one trip up to the plate as a designated hitter. At that at-bat, he hit a home run, driving two runners in and scoring a run himself. While he wasn’t the biggest performer of the day, he was likely at the baseline salary in any one day cash draft and therefore, was the largest value performer. When it comes to Fantasy cash draft tournaments, it is about points per dollar of salary, rather than just total points.
Also with a big game on Saturday was Giancarlo Stanton on the Marlins. He was swinging for the fences as he had two hits, and they both were home runs. With his 2 RBIs and 2 runs, he was a nice inclusion in your fantasy lineup.
The Orioles’ Delmon Young had a great game on Sunday recording a couple of homers, RBIs, and runs. Souza, of the rays, hit similar fantasy value but in a different fashion. He had a single homer, but he added on top of that a couple doubles, 3 RBIs and 2 runs.
While these games have already been played and it’s too late to take advantage of these performances in future fantasy draft tournaments, you can still use this information to make sport value picks. Players go through hot streaks and slumps very often so it you can cash in on a hot streak (especially with a player who comes with a cheap price tag) it can give you a leg up on your fantasy draft.

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