MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 5/25

MLB Fantasy Draft Weekend Recap 5/25

1 DAY FANTASY SPORTSWeather is something that affect MLB more than it does any other sport. Rain delays and cancellations are a constant concern in baseball and can make or break a Fantasy cash draft contest. The standard procedure in cash draft contests is to count a delayed game if that game is still played on the same day, or before all other games in the contest have ended. However, if that game has been postponed or cancelled completely, the players of those teams are given fantasy values of 0. Therefore, it is something you need to consider when selecting your lineup.

But it is not only a negative for fantasy draft managers, you can use it to your advantage. If a game is cancelled, and you have no players in that game, then your lineup is unaffected but your competitors can lose serious points. Therefore players in clear weather conditions bring more fantasy value than those in questionable conditions, all other things being equal.

Free Baseball Cash Draft Beat the StreakThis is a strategy I took on the Rockies/Giants game this past Saturday. They had a double-header scheduled and high chance of heavy rain all day. Their first game of the day was delayed from afternoon all the way until early evening. This considered, and the forecast of more rain, I thought the chances were doubtful the second game would be played and therefore avoided all Rockies/Giants players in the night session of Fantasy draft contests.

Free Baseball Cash DraftEven with the weather concerns however, all games were played (with the exception of Cardinals/Royals being ended at 6). Lets walk through all the positions and which players performed especially outstanding. Since baseball performance is very depended on hot streaks and slumps, these players will be promising picks moving forward into this next week.

Evan Gattis of the Houston Astros was the big performer at the catcher position on Sunday for any Mlb cash draft contest. He had three hits with a home run, a triple, and three RBI’s. This was a bigger than normal game for Gattis but he has been fairly consistent through the month of May racking up a total of 7 homers this month.

1st Base
Prince Fielder had a couple of great performances this weekend. He managed three hits both days with a homer and three RBIs on Saturday and a double and two RBIs on Saturday. With his modest salary, he is a prime pick to bring value in one day cash drafts.

Fielder however, pales in comparison to Mike Napoli. He followed up a 2 homer day on Saturday with another homer on Sundays game. That makes three consecutive games with a home run for Napoli and with the accompanying RBI’s, he can bring huge Fantasy Value to your lineups.

2nd Base
Brian Dozier of the Minnesota Twins had a big game on Sunday going 2 for 5, both home runs. Along with those home runs can 4 RBIs for a nice contribution in your fantasy cash draft.

The top performer at this position for the weekend was Didi Gregorius with a homer on one of his two hits Saturday. He wasn’t able to match that performance for the Yankees loss on Sunday but he will be one to watch in fantasy draft tournaments moving forward.

3rd Base
Nolan Arenado had a solid performance on Sunday with a triple and a homer, racking up 4 RBIs. This is when players bring huge fantasy value, when they can combine good hits with synergistic team points from RBIs. A heavy hitter, on a high scoring team like the Rockies, is a gem in daily fantasy tournaments.

Three big hitters in the outfield of the weekend were Mark Canha, Justin Upton and Andrew Mccutchen. Canha and Upton each recorded a homer on Sunday while Mccutchen had a homer both days with a couple of RBIs along with it. Upton has been very consistent this year with a total of 12 home runs, evenly split between the months of April and May.

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