Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs – 4/24/15 Playoff Basketball Picks, NBA Fantasy Sports

Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs – 4/24/15 NBA Playoff Fantasy Sports, Basketball Picks, Odds & Predictions

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The one playoff series that most figured that will go the distance to seven games ironically is the only series that is tied 1-1 after two games. After one day of rest the San Antonio Spurs are headed back home after winning Game 2 to host the LA Clippers for Game 3 of this Western conference playoff series. ESPN TV will televise and the starting time is set for 9:30PM Eastern Time. Let’s examine the mock draft value for both NBA rosters to find some potential for big fast money payouts in our leagues.

No one should every write off those San Antonio Spurs. They have been through the rigors of two consecutive NBA Finals appearances while the Clippers have been early round knockouts the past few seasons. In 2012 the Spurs went as far as the Western conference finals. One would think that fatigue would enter the picture at some point but these San Antonio Spurs have quality depth and despite some aging superstars there are enough contributions from younger players.

The Clippers on the other hand have to feel they let an opportunity get away from them last night. Tony Parker was not 100% and Manu Ginobilli having been fouled out and the Clippers failed to close out the game in the final seconds of regulation. Chris Paul and the LA Clippers have high expectations for an NBA title. They have not raised their games to a championship level in the post season and as the team has greatly been a disappointment come the post season. Doc Rivers is a good coach but the team has assembled a poor bench to support the starters. Depth really doesn’t play a role unless an injury occurs or teams are very deep in the postseason. Sometimes needed are bench players to shine and help steal a game in the Conference or NBA Finals.

LA Clippers Point Guard: Chris Paul in both games of this series has averaged 40 minutes a game with 26 points. He has been productive from draft managers with his 6 ½ rebounds and 7 ½ assist average per game. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about his end game execution because Paul piles up enough points for league players when the pressure is off as evidenced by his 60% shooting in the playoffs.

LA Clippers Power Forward: Blake Griffin has been working on an outside shot to help the All Star find greater paths to the basket. Teams would simply not respect Griffin’s ability make a jump shot and would play off of him making it very difficult for him to create one on one offense. In this opening round of the playoffs Griffin is averaging 27 points and 12 rebounds per game. He has even dished an average of 8 ½ assists. Blake Griffin is hitting 46% from the field and the Clippers have played well in San Antonio this year with a convincing win during the regular season.

LA Clippers Shooting Guard: J.J. Redick is the Clippers three point shooting weapon. He is healthy this year and making 40% of his three point shots. Jamal Crawford is seeing only 22 minutes a game in this series and is as streaky as they come.

LA Clippers Small Forward: Matt Barnes is more of a defensively specialists and is not asked for too much on the offensive end of the court. That’s not to say if asked he won’t deliver. In 34 minutes a game Barnes is averaging 6 points and 7 ½ rebounds per game. With a cast of All Stars around him Barnes is contributing on the glass.

LA Clippers Center: DeAndre Jordan gets rebounds and missed a lot of free throws. He is playing 41 ½ minutes per game and has averaged 14 ½ points and 14 ½ rebounds per game. If leagues don’t punish for missed free throws Jordan is worth a look in leagues because he gets opportunities for offense.

San Antonio Spurs Point Guard: Tony Parker does not appear to be 100% and is playing 29 minutes per game in this series. Parker is averaging just 5 ½ points per game. Patty Mills has some value at 13 ½ points per game in 15 minutes per game of play.

San Antonio Spurs Shooting Guard: Manu Ginobili is seeing just 20 ½ minutes per game with 9 ½ points per game average.

San Antonio Spurs Power Forward: Tim Duncan had a very good Game 2 and it has led to 19 points per game average. He leads the team with 37 minutes per game average due to Tiago Splitter returning from injury.

San Antonio Spurs Small Forward: Kawhi Leonard has led the Spurs in the post season with 20 points per game average in 36 minutes per game work rate. He delivers a 7 ½ rebounds per game.

San Antonio Spurs Center: Boris Diaw is playing 33 minutes per game and is asked for defense. He averages 8 ½ points and 7 ½ rebounds per game.

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PG: Chris Paul (Clippers)
SG: J.J. Redick (Clippers)
PF: Blake Griffin (Clippers)
SF: Kawhi Leonard (Spurs)
C: DeAndre Jordan (Clippers)

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