FanPicks exposes a player to a variety of games including NFL, CFB, MLB, NHL, UFC, CBB, NASCAR and Golf. Fantasy hockey is one of the main games that players get to be involved in. This entails a group of players from fantasy hockey coming up with a team that is set to compete against another fantasy hockey team. The games are usually based on the outcome of the real and professional games and most of these players usually form part of the National Hockey League.

Hockey PuckWhat is Daily Fantasy Hockey?

The daily fantasy hockey involves the drafting of teams based on the professional teams and players and competing only for a day. This, therefore means that a contestant does not have to be stuck with one team for a whole season. Once they compete against the other drafted teams they go to the next contest with completely different teams and players as the contestant wishes. FanPicks provides a stipulated number of scoring rules which have to be adhered to by the contestant. Most participants prefer the daily contests because they are quicker and so the pay comes in handy.


Hockey PuckSelect players in your Fantasy Draft

A fantasy hockey team can comprise of 12 to 20 players. All in all it is mandatory that in a particular team the following positions are present: 2 centers as forward, 2 left wings as forward, and 2 right wings as forward, 4 defensemen, 2 goaltenders and 5 bench players. In regards to scoring, players gather points based on points, goals, assists, plus/minus, penalty minutes, power-play points, game-winning goals, face-off won, shots on goal, hits, blocked shots, wins, goals-against-average, save-percentage, shutouts and hat-tricks. When choosing NHL players, participants draft their teams online through our website or mobile app.


Hockey PuckSelect your Cash Draft Contest

You may choose which contest you would like to participate in based on the amount you are looking to wager or the prize you want to win. We have various contests in our lobby.