How to Play Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball LeaguesPlaying Fantasy Baseball is very easy. How to begin is to sign-up with a valid email. There are free and real money cash games to choose from. Enter the players lobby and choose from head to head game or battle against a pool of players in a tournament. Take part in a one day fantasy league draft to pick your team but be sure to stay within the salary cap. Then just sit back and watch the games and track your rosters scoring on the Fan Picks website that updates in real time. When the MLB games are done for the night then the scores are tallied and the winners are announced with the money won available for instant withdrawal via Pay Pal. Funding your account is fast and secure. Instantly withdrawal the money won. Fan Picks is fully compatible on multi platforms. Play on your desktop, laptop, notepad or mobile device with drafts, deposits and withdrawals fully capable on all platforms.

Baseball Cash DraftFantasy Baseball How to Draft:

When you have selected your real money cash league you then are ready to pick a roster. A salary cap has been established and draft managers must stay under that number. Select everyday players competing that day and a starting pitcher. On site are MLB draft guides to help you research and fill out your one day league rosters each and every day. Research starting pitchers and check for platoon players who may be substituted for. Our stats and seasoned writers give you the helpful clues to fill out winning rosters. It is very important to check out the MLB injury report for details on impact injuries. A helpful tip is keeping an eye on game times. Many Major League Baseball managers like to make substitutions to their lineup when a day game is scheduled after a night game. A night game can conclude as late as 10-11PM at night. Then the next day a game could be scheduled between 13-15 hours later giving players very little time to recuperate from the past game. Usually the starting catcher from the previous night will be substituted for in the starting lineup. If there is a reserve player who has a good history against the opposing daytime starting pitcher, it may mean a chance for the reserve to start too give a day off to an everyday starter.

Baseball Cash DraftHow to Make Money Playing Fantasy Baseball:

Spend as little as $1 to make up to a $1 million dollars on Fan Picks. There are many cash real money one day leagues forming giving mock draft managers the ability to score big. Sports knowledge is keys to winning big. Many have been sports fans for their entire life following the day to day activity with a great retention rate. Now sports fans can cash in on their knowledge by signing up, depositing and competing against other fantasy baseball participants on Fan Picks. Don’t forget to check out our blog pages with expert commentary and tips to help you fill out your winning rosters. Matchup previews keys you on the trends, hot and cold players as well as starting pitchers stats. We even track bullpens to help you figure out how the end of the game pitching situations may work out.

Baseball Cash DraftIs Fantasy Baseball legal?Baseball Cash Draft

Playing Fantasy Baseball for real cash money was legalized in the United States in 2006. Daily cash games and season long games were included in the legislation to legalize fantasy sports. The US Government came to the conclusion that since no point spread or over under total was used in the scoring process it was not considered gambling but a game of skill. That’s why you see all the TV ads and radio commercials promoting this activity nationwide.

Baseball Cash DraftFantasy Baseball Money Leagues:

Fan Picks has several real money leagues to play. You can invest as little as $1 or even higher as there are some leagues with a $100 entry fee. The best part is there are no long term commitments when you sign up for a daily tournament. The roster you select is for that one date on the 162 games schedule from Major League Baseball. The next day you start fresh and select a new roster.

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