Fantasy sports has become a worldwide trend and Fanpicks comes in handy as a facilitator of the games that are offered on Daily Fantasy Sports. The number of leagues vary from NFL, CFB, MLB, NHL, UFC, CBB, NASCAR and Golf. Fantasy basketball is one of the main games that players get to be involved in. This entails a group of players from fantasy basketball coming up with a team that is set to compete against another fantasy basketball team. The games are usually based on the outcome of the real and professional games and most of these players usually form part of the National Basketball Association.

Fantasy basketballIs Fantasy Basketball Legal?

Daily Fantasy Basketball leagues are quite prominent in the daily fantasy sports world. In this regard players are allowed to draft a team of NBA players. A number of scoring rules are put out to guide the player and the player is expected to score fantasy points according to these rules.

Fantasy basketballFantasy Basketball Scoring system

Fantasy basketball leagues are also grouped under other categories based on numbers. They range from three to eleven. The three category leagues count points, rebounds and assists. Blocks and steals are usually added on the five category leagues whereas the eight category leagues entail the addition of field goal percentage, free throw percentage and either three point field goals made or three point field goal percentage. Turnovers come in the nine category leagues.

Fantasy basketballEntering a Cash Draft Draft Contest

In fantasy basketball there are generally two leagues, that is the public league and the private league. The public league consists of ten to twelve teams which are open to anyone who is interested to play. On the other hand, the number of teams on the private leagues is dependent upon the players who have subscribed to the game since only those who have been invited to play are allowed to play. Therefore the number of teams may vary from time to time.

You may choose which contest you would like to participate in based on the amount you are looking to wager or the prize you want to win.

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