Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors – 5/19/15 Playoff Basketball Picks, NBA Fantasy Sports

Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors – 5/19/15 NBA Playoff Fantasy Sports, Basketball Picks, Odds & Predictions

1 DAY FANTASY SPORTSWe have reached the Western conference finals stages of the NBA playoffs in 2015 and the matchup should be one that will entertain one-day league fantasy rosters. The Golden St Warriors will host Game 1 against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday May 19th. Fantasy league owners can tune to ESPN at 9PM Eastern Time from Golden St to follow the scoring.

The matchup involves two high scoring teams. The Houston Rockets are the sixth best team in points per game at 104 points per contest. The Golden St Warriors sit number on in all three major categories offensively in the league. They are the best in scoring at 110 per game, field goal shooting at 47.8% and three point shooting at 39.8%. One thing that Golden St does much better than Houston is defend. The Warriors are the top defensive field goal shooting team in the league by holding opponents to 42.8%. Those who watched the Warriors eliminate the Grizzlies in six games saw a very good game plan executed as they doubled down on the Memphis big men in Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Golden St limited the shots of the best two shooters on the Grizzlies roster and exploited the poor outside shooters on the Memphis roster. Houston will have just one day of rest since eliminating the LA Clippers in a seventh game on Sunday that was played on the Rockets home court.

1 day fantasy sportsHouston Rockets Point Guard: Pablo Prigioni is the line point guard on the Rockets active roster. He has averaged 18 ½ minutes over his past five games with only 2 ½ points and 2 ½ assist per game average.

Houston Rockets Shooting Guard: James Harden is a high volume shooter and leads the Rockets by far in scoring in the playoffs at nearly 27 points per game. Harden does a great job of drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line. Note he will be working hard on defense trying to contain the fast guard play of the Warriors.

Houston Rockets Power Forward: Terrence Jones contributed with 11 points per game average in the playoffs in his 24 minutes of play each night. He has pulled down over five boards per contest. Small forward Josh Smith takes Jones’ minutes when the team needs offense.

Houston Rockets Shooting Forward: Veteran Trevor Ariza is getting major minutes in the post season as he leads the team with 38 per game. He puts up 13 points, grabs nearly 7 rebounds and dishes out 3 assists per contest in the playoffs.

Houston Rockets Center: Dwight Howard is second on the club in scoring at 17 points per game. He has grabbed 14 rebounds per playoff contest. He was sent to the free throw line a lot of times in the Clippers series. With the Warriors fast pace it will be interesting to see if they want to break up their momentum and pace of the game by sending Howard to the free throw line.

F1 day fantasy sportsGolden St Warriors Point Guard: Stephen Curry has played very well against Houston this year with a 24 points, 8 assists and 6 ½ rebounds per game in his four contests. Curry should be good to fantasy draft managers because the Rockets don’t nearly defend as well as the Grizzlies.

Golden St Warriors Shooting Guard: Klay Thompson’s production goes down greatly on the road. The Warriors are home in Game 1 and 2. He is second on the club at 21 points per game in the playoffs.

Golden St Warriors Power Forward: David Lee is the only power forward on the roster for NBA drafters when selecting fantasy rosters. Lee is coming off the bench and has averaged just 11 minutes and 3 points per game in the playoffs.

Golden St Warriors Small Forward: Draymond Green has made a name for himself in the postseason with his offense and defense. As a result his minutes have increased by six more in the playoffs. He is averaging nearly 14 points, 10 rebounds and dishing five assists per game.

Golden St Warriors Center: Andrew Bogut isn’t providing much scoring for the team. On offense he sets picks and rolls to the bucket for rebounds. On defense he plugs the middle. He is posting five points, eight rebounds and 2 assists per game.

Cash Real Money NBA Best Fantasy Picks

PG: Stephen Curry (Warriors)
SG: Klay Thompson (Warriors)
PF: Terrence Jones (Rockets)
SF: Draymond Green (Warriors)
C: Dwight Howard (Rockets)

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