Fantasy Football AFC East Review 2015 Season

Fantasy Football AFC East Review

FanPicks is proud to bring you this Fantasy Football AFC East Review of the 2015 season. Come enjoy daily Fantasy sports news at during this NFL offseason.

Fantasy Football AFC East Review

Fantasy Football AFC East Review

For 15 years, the AFC East has been the New Englands Platriots division. They’ve lost that crown only twice during that span of time. And things haven’t changed much this past season, with the Pats winning their seventh straight AFC East title. The Jets almost made it through the playoffs, but were denied entry after losing the last week of regular season. To make matters worse, they lost to their old coach, Rex Ryan, and his Buffalo Bills.


  • New England Patriots (12-4)

Coming into the 2015 season under scrutiny with “deflategate” and Tom Brady’s upheld suspension by the Supreme Court, New England put that all behind with a 10-0 start. They’ve started losing steam after that, winning two out of the last six. They fell from the AFC number one seed to number two. This proved costly, as they had to travel to Denver for the AFC Championship and lost at the doorstep of the Superbowl, to a score of 20-18. Once again, Rob Gronkowski was the star of this team, leading all NFL tight ends in receiving categories.


  • New York Jets (10-6)

After juggling through quarterbacks in the past few year, the Jets have found themselves a full-time starter in Ryan Fitzpatrick. New York also moved on from what was the Rex Ryan circus show. Todd Bowles did a good job for a team that had not a lot of expectation. This season springboard the Jets into contention for the AFC East number one spot, next year. Brandon Marshall also saw his career rejuvenated. He posted solid numbers, equal to his wonder years.


  • Buffalo Bills (8-8)

Bills fan entered the season with many questions. The most glaring one was who’s going to start at quarterback. Rex Ryan made his decision a few days before the first game of regular season. He chose to go with Tyrod Taylor, who impressed during training camp. Buffalo’s attack was solid, but the defense failed to reach expectations. It caused the team to be inconsistent, as they weren’t able to string two wins in a row all season.


  • Miami Dolphins (6-10)

Not much went the way of the Dolphins, this season. After opening the season 1-3, the team fired coach Joe Philbin. Philbin spent three years in Miami and recorded a total of 24 win and 28 defeats. Tight end coach, Dan Campbell, took the interim coaching job, but failed to do much better. Last season’s Bears offensive-coordinator will take on the coaching duties for next year.


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