Fantasy Baseball – MLB Weekend Recap 8/31

Fantasy Baseball – MLB Weekend Recap 8/31

It’s hard to decide the most impressive performance over the past weekend. For me it comes down to the Yankees scoring 20 runs in their victory over the Braves, Edwin Encarnacion hitting three home runs in Toronto’s 15-1 victory over the Tigers, or Jake Arrieta’s no hitter to shut-out the Dodgers in the last game Sunday night. Statistically, a three run day is the most scarce event of the three but in the daily fantasy sports world, each of the events could have been leveraged into cash in your pocket.

Yankee’s Stack

Let’s say you just happened to decide Saturday was the day to implement a Yankee’s batters stack against a weak Brave’s Pitching roster. Well that would have been the value pick of the night and put you leagues ahead the competition in any One Day MLB Fantasy Tournament. If you just so happened to draft Greg Bird at first base, Stephen Drew at second, Chase Headley at third, and Ellsbury in the Outfield, those four positions alone would have earned you 165 fantasy points!

Between the four of them came 3 home runs, two doubles, 11 total hits, and 13 RBIs. On the other side of the ball however, a lineup with Teheran at pitcher was doomed from the start. He pitched 4.1 innings allowing 9 hits and 8 runs, 3 of which were homers.

Edwin Encarnacion

Also on Saturday, the Yankee’s biggest divisional rival, the Blue Jays, tallied a total of 15 runs, 9 of which were a result of Encarnacion’s performance. At 5 at bats, he had 3 hits, all of which soared over the outfield fence. There three homers alone earned him 45 fantasy points. Additionally he brought in 9 runs and earned 4 runs himself for a total of 84 fantasy points! Just imagine how happy the user is who switched out Bird and put in Encarnacion at first. Take away Bird’s 27 and add Encarnacion’s 84, and you have a total of 222 fantasy points between those 4 positions now. That puts you in serious money in and MLB Cash Draft.

No Hitter against the Dodgers

Lastly we saw Jake Arrieta unstoppable from the mound. He pitcher the entire 9 inning game for a nice 18 point cushion to start. He combined that with 12 strike outs (24 fantasy points), the complete game shutout bonus (2 fantasy points), the no hitter bonus (5 fantasy points), the complete game bonus (4 fantasy points), and the winning pitcher bonus (5 fantasy points). However, be sure to subtract that half a point for the one walk he did allow. In the end, this totals to 54.5 points. That is about the highest you can ever expect a pitcher to score.

This somewhat ties into strategy differentiation between 50/50 contests and tournament structured fantasy mlb contests. Pitcher’s usually perform reliably and according to their value (low risk) however they have less high end potential since it is almost impossible for a pitcher to hit the point total Encarnacion scored this weekend unless he pitches 27 strikeouts. That being said, their consistency is ideal for head to head or 50/50 contests where you don’t need to hit huge point totals but you want reliable point totals. The opposite strategy works for tournaments. Since you need a serious point total get into the money you should invest higher in hitters and hope they can make contact with the ball.


Image courtesy of: Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports

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