NBA Game Preview Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers NBA Game Preview

Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers


The Golden State Warriors (33-2) will be hosted by the Portland Trail Blazers (15-23) at the Moda Center on Friday evening. is proud to announce its RotoPicker free to use tool, which allows you to create winning line ups and dominate your fantasy basketball competition.  Play the most exciting contest, including the newest $25K Grand Action and Point Spread contests only at the premiere daily fantasy basketball

Starting Lineup Golden State has been a ridiculously good team this season, but they haven’t been as dominant lately as they were in the beginning of the year. While they have won four of their last five, they have only one by more than 10 points once in that span. That’s obviously still very good, but it doesn’t even come close to their 20-point margins earlier in the year. That stretch directly correlates with an injury to Steph Curry, who’s been in and out of the lineup with some shin issues. It was noted that it will take him four weeks to fully recover and this could be a problem all season if he continues to play through the injury. Don’t be surprised if he rests regularly in the next few weeks to fully recover to get ready for an inevitable run at a title. In any case, Golden State comes into this game as a double-digit favorite.

The Trail Blazers have had a rough season, but nothing compares to the error they made in their most recent game. They were hosting a hot Los Angeles Clippers team and left themselves shorthanded with a “clerical” error. Apparently when sending in the official lineup, they accidentally left C.J. McCollum off the active roster and it left them without their best player as of late. That’s an egregious error and it was no surprise that they lost that game by double-digits. That marks their third loss in their last four games, with all three of those being by double-figures. That rough stretch correlates with the return of Damian Lillard and it’s quite strange that they are playing worse with arguably their best player back in the lineup. The Blazers have been slightly better at home though, as they come into this matchup 8-8 at the Moda Center this season.

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