DFS NBA Results

DFS NBA Results

Since we offer you an array of fantasy options through our daily lineups or value pick articles, we decided to start showing you how those picks were doing with our DFS NBA results. If you didn’t follow and read us regularly before, maybe this will give you a little incentive.

In yesterday’s pre-game article I mentioned how I was banking on Bucks teammates Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton to produce at least 35 fantasy points. Well, they did that…and more. Much more in the case of the Greek Freak, who doubled that scoring 71.2 fantasy points in their game against Brooklyn. Middleton put up 43.5 fantasy points on his own as well.

I’ll take that, thank you.

Of course as anyone who has played daily fantasy sports before knows, none of that matters if you have even just one player who completely whiffs on his performance. Luckily, the worst production on my squad was from a big money earner whose “terrible” game would’ve buried me had he originally been a lower-priced, less talented player.

So at least when Monta Ellis lets you down, it’s to the tune of 19.6 fantasy points.


Jeff Teague also left me wanting more. 21.9 fantasy points isn’t what you expect from your near $7000 PG. The Hawks rolled all over the Pacers so the opportunities were there, but Teague couldn’t break through for fantasy owners.

Aside from the Bucks bros, Carmelo Anthony anchored this team. 47.4 fps is a nice number, especially when it’s the second highest on your team. Usually a good sign.

Brandon Bass ($4000); my biggest value pick going in, came through in the clutch with 20.5 fantasy points. Thankfully, he out performed his usual self and somewhat made up for the slow day Ellis had.

Myles Turner ($4900) was a value pick as well, and he definitely earned his “salary”. Turner came up with 30 fantasy points when the hopeful expectation was closer to 25. His day probably kept me in the money as just one more foul ball could’ve been the end of me.

All in all, everybody pulled their weight at the very least and some more than made up for where others lacked. And that’s a winning daily fantasy recipe.


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