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Once again I present to you my daily fantasy hockey lineup. There were three games on this afternoon, and another four coming up starting at 6:30 EST. The player pool may be small, but with the three California teams in action there is no shortage of  talent.

As always, I aim for the value picks (as it is the main point of these articles), and sprinkle in some star power. Let’s take a look at my lineup of players tonight.


When you have such a small schedule, the most important thing in fantasy hockey is choosing the right goaltender. First of all choosing the one who actually plays is important, as is someone who plays well while they’re out there.

Jaroslav Halak was the final choice after a long debate between himself and Martin Jones. Halak faces an Oilers squad who has lost 7 straight games and has one win in their last 10.

Jones doesn’t have the toughest matchup in the world, and has the added pressure to perform since his Sharks just acquired James Reimer from the Leafs on Saturday. If he wants to keep his job for the playoffs, beating teams who may not even participate would be a good start.

Joe Thornton and Ryan Getzlaf are both among the top five scorers in the NHL since the All-Star break. They lead their teams every night and have no reason not to perform again tonight. They could be worth $8500 and still be a fair value.

Hansen rides shotgun with the Sedins, so pick from the discount basket if you wish.

Sami Vatanen has been a fixture in my lineups for the past three weeks. His play has not diminished amidst trade rumours, and is the cog that makes the Ducks offense go from the blueline. His powerplay presence is heavy.

Drew Doughty is a two-way stud. He can easily match Brent Burns fantasy point totals at a much lower cost.

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