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Join now and participate in Single Day Leagues. This avoids those season long commitments. With a Salary Cap system you chose the players you want on your team. Remember to stick within the assign budget to spend on players. Load up your team with studs and then find those under the radar players which provide great value in Fantasy Sports. 7-day games are also available. Drafting players is easy and not time consuming. Sign up, deposit, draft and play in a few minutes.

Fan Picks is the best place for Fantasy Players to play to win money and prizes legally. Find all the major sports from the college and professional leagues. Leagues include NFL, College Football, NBA, College Hoops, MLB, NHL and more.

If you would like to spend a little money to win a lot Fan Picks is your Fantasy Sports home. Play in a cash game for as little as $1. Check out the free and paid contests offered daily to win big. Head to head private games and ten player fantasy contests are offered if you would like to play against friends, family and co-workers. First time depositors can play against beginners as contest are held for newbies. Announced prize money for each contest is guaranteed no matter how many are competing.

Do you need help sifting through the Fantasy News to compile a roster every day? We hire experts in the field from all the sports covered by Fan Picks to write about the major sports from a Fantasy perspective. Find out the players who provide value for your 1 Day Leagues and how to properly use the salary cap.

Are you new to Fantasy Sports? Be sure to check out our informative FAQ section which will get you moving in the right direction. Find out how to play the Fantasy Sports games offered and how our site operates.

Pick a roster of players and stay under the salary cap. As the games begin you will be able to view your team’s performance in real time with our state of the art software stats. As soon as the games go final the league winners are announced and the winnings are paid out immediately into the account holders. Some leagues will pay out one winner and some will play out multiple winners. It’s the player’s choice. Choose the games you want to play.

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Fantasy Sports Leagues for real money are legal in most states. Deposit with your debit or credit card. The cards accepted are Mastercard, Visa and Discover. Even account holders can deposit and withdrawal funds in and out of Fan Picks with their Pay Pal account or Pay Pal debit card. Withdrawals are paid via Pay Pal or Check. Pay Pal withdrawals usually take 48 hours to hit your banks. Checks take between 7-10 business days to reach member homes.

Winners are calculated based on total points. The players with the most points win. The results of all players participating in games will be transparent to all. Complete rules of each of the games offered are listed in our FAQ section.

1 Day Leagues pay out the same day. If you join a 1 Day league you will select your roster and be sure to stay under the salary cap. In real time point totals earned by members fantasy teams are calculated on the site. At the end of the final game scheduled the total points are tallied and the winners are paid immediately. Once the winnings are entered into players account the money can be withdrawn immediately.

Fan Picks offers several promotions to their account holders. Players can earn points which they can redeem for prizes or entries into free roll tournaments. A new player bonus is offered to first time depositors. Existing members are offered a reload bonus when they make additional deposits into their account as well as an entry into a weekly free roll.

Fan Picks has been optimized for not only desktops or laptops. Account holders can play with their tablet and phone.

Fantasy Sports was legalized by the Federal Government of the United States in 2006. US law does not consider fantasy sports an act of sports betting since the point spread or over under total is not utilized as a way of grading the results of the game. It was deemed a sport of skill and is also legal to play in Canada. Millions of US residents take part in Fantasy Sports Leagues. Each of the major sports leagues in the US and Canada actively support the use of Fantasy Sports to their viewers during telecasts. Free games are also offered.

If you have any questions customer service agents are on hand 24/7 via email, chat or toll free 800 number to serve you.