Daily Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Daily Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

The selection of players through daily fantasy football can be nerve wrecking sometime. In which position do we pick high end players and which ones can we find deeper value? Well if this is what you’re asking yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Looking through different fantasy cheat sheets overall ranking, you can see that most of the top players are running backs, followed by wide receivers and then quarterbacks. You can either go big on top end running backs and receivers, the two positions that usually locks in more points, or even out the lineup for a more equal approach.

The running back pool of players is always deeper than any other position. That’s usually where the best sleeper picks are. The average running back usually last 8 seasons because of wear and tear with all the hits it takes during his career, so injury factors can come in the equation. You can pick a high-end running back like DeMarco Murray that brought in high fantasy numbers last year, but played so much that he is prone to injury. Or you can pick a rookie starter like Melvin Gordon that could bring the same performance while you feel less bad of his cost. With two spot at running back for you fantasy team, it would be more tempting to fill it with two high end runners like LeVeon Bell and the aforementioned Demarco Murray. It could come at the expense of selecting a great quarterback or a wide receiver though. So why not select one secure option at high cost and one risky option at low cost.

Quarterbacks are the most important players on the football field but are less in the fantasy world. They do not have the same fantasy value has running backs or wide receiver. The talent is limited too, so you need to pick wisely for one that will not stumble. Aaron Rodgers is considered the best one available due to his constant passing talent and his extra ability to run with the ball. But a cost-friendly options like, promising quarterback, Cam Newton could bring the same kind of numbers than Rodgers.

It’s important to be bold in some selection you make. You do not finish in first without taking chances, but do not build an entire team on it either. You need to find a blend between a safe selection and a gamble picks. Look at all those player’s that were high-bets for good numbers last year and haven’t produced at their potential. Players like Zac Stacy, Toby Gerhart and Victor Cruz, just to name a few. There is no way to know exactly who will be having a good season.

It’s sometime too hard to research the physical/mental form of the athlete and it’s not always panning out to great grabs. Consistency is the better tool to select your draft picks. A player that piled up 3 or 4 great games and that his cost efficient should tickle your funny bone.

When building your lineup, there’s one thing to remember. The defense should be the last thing to choose in your draft. The amount of salary cap space left will decide which one to select from. You then can pick the defense that has the most favorable matchup (weaker offensive opposition). Defense compile the less points out of all the positions. So don’t worry if you end up with the Oakland Raiders, the rest of the team should be able to carry the load.

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