Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Picks

Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Picks

Here is another list of daily fantasy basketball value picks  (below) that you can target to make your daily fantasy team successful. As we had two earlier games on today, there are five remaining in prime time. Lebron James sat out the Cavaliers (early) game, and it came back to haunt them, but the Raptors are still resting Kyle Lowry tonight and the Magic sitting Evan Fournier.

DeMar DeRozan would be the obvious choice to take over the heavy lifting for Toronto but he had the flu and is questionable for the contest. Even if he does play he will of course be limited to some extent. Cory Joseph will replace Lowry in the starting lineup and should get a ton of minutes.

Evan Fournier isn’t suiting up (or down in reality) for Orlando’s game against Philly. Victor Oladipo should lead this train, while Mario Hezonja slides into the starting lineup.

Not done with the Magic just yet, Aaron Gordon has been lights out lately and is a nice deal at that price tag. He can put up fantasy stats worthy of a $9000 man.

Kristaps Porzingis at $6400 can be a tremendous value as well. He can easily post a double-double on any given night.

Fellow Knick Carmelo Anthony was a luxury since I saved so much on the replacements. You gotta use your money at some point.

…So I snagged up Damian Lillard as well…and still have $500 left.

  • Here is my entire lineup


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