Daily Fantasy Basketball Targets

Daily Fantasy Basketball Targets

We offer you our daily fantasy basketball targets again. This isn’t necessarily an optimal lineup for you to use (though we do quite well), but just some targets and value picks that could help put you over the top of your DFS contest. In order to win your daily fantasy basketball contest you need to maximize your spending and get the right formula for victory. Let’s take a look at my strategy today.

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We wanted to start off with a few big guns with Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose, but selecting Westbrook crippled our cap situation so unfortunately he didn’t make our cut. That’s not to say don’t play him, we just couldn’t afford him!

DeMar DeRozan replaces Westbrook at the top of the lineup, with Raul Neto of the Jazz filling a gap at $3900 only. We hope he can have a solid 15 point game with some assists to boot.

Air Gordon” isn’t just a dunk specialist, the kid can ball. He is one of those not-so-cheap but not too expensive guys you hope can outplay his salary hit.

Chandler Parsons has at least 24 points in three straight games and has another opportunity to pile up those trey shots against the 76ers on Sunday.

Jared Sullinger is definitely capable of big games, and Denver seems like prime ground to put it down. If Sully can throw down 30 fantasy points we will consider it a victory.

Rounding out the lineup are a pair of cheap options who could have big days filling in for fallen soldiers. Rolling the dice on Kris Humphries could really pay off. With Chandler and Len suffering injuries, Humphries has a major opportunity to impress his new team, while Kyle Anderson has a tremendous chance to come up with a big game as Kawhi Leonard went down last time out.

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