Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks

Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks

While our daily fantasy basketball picks have been red-hot of late, there were many choices on the schedule tonight so the end result does have a wider margin for error.

We still like our team of course, specifically a few of our choices.

Let’s take a look at the entire lineup.


There were a ton of options at point guard this evening, but a few stood out to us.

Damian Lillard was definitely one, as he is set to face-off with Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder. He played his heart out against the Warriors, and will do so again against this Western Conference giant.

Ricky Rubio has a fantastic matchup with the Suns, as they are one of the 6 worst teams in the league over the past month at defending point guards. I’m hoping for at least 35 points from Rubio.

We think Gary Harris is a terrific value pick at $5200. Harris is one of several Nuggests attemtping to pick up the offensive slack Danilo Gallinari has left since he went down with injury, and Harris has done it quite well. He has been ridiculously consistent over the past 10 games, so another 25 fantasy points should be on the books.

At $4200 Harrison Barnes is the biggest value play. Sometimes the Golden State SF has a big game, and it would be great if that came tonight. The Pelicans provide a nice matchup of course as well. His inclusion fit more in terms of team need rather than targeting, but we’re still confident he can hit the 20 spot.

We don’t usually invest heavily in the center position, but Hassan Whiteside looked like money tonight. The Miami big-man has now reeled off 12 straight games with at least 10 rebounds and two blocks.

Thanks to all for reading and good luck!



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