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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors – 6/14/15 NBA Playoff Fantasy Sports, Basketball Picks, Odds & Predictions

The NBA Finals resume on Sunday June 14th after a deserved two days off for both clubs. The Golden St Warriors evened up this series at 2-2 so at least six games will be necessary in this series. The Cleveland Cavaliers will be on the road for Game 5 on Sunday June 14th and Fantasy League draft managers can tune to ABC TV at 8PM Eastern Time to check out the results of their rosters.

Golden St Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made some changes to his rotation in Game 4. To try and get his offense going he greatly reduced the minutes of center Andrew Bogut to three minutes. Bogut’s minutes were distributed to a well-rested David Lee and Andre Iguodala. Shaun Livingston played 24 minutes which were double his average in this series and grabbed eight rebounds for Golden St in the 103-82 win.

The small lineup gave trouble to the Cleveland Cavaliers as they were in chase mode trying to defend the open looks for the Golden St shooters. Cleveland had a very poor 33% shooting performance in Game 4 and made just 15% of their three point shots. Fatigue from the heavy minutes of playing time for the short rotation of the Cleveland Cavaliers finally arrived. Cleveland could score only 12 fourth quarter points while surrendering 27 to the Warriors.

1 day fantasy footballCleveland Cavaliers Point Guard: The only option here is Kyrie Irving and he is out for the rest of the season with a broken kneecap.

Cleveland Cavaliers Shooting Guard: J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova are the recipients of more minutes with the injury to Irving. Consistency has been a major issue for Cleveland at this position. J.R. Smith is shooting just 14 of 47 from the field in these Finals. Dellavedova after 20 points in the Game 3 win shot just 3 of 14 from the field in Game 4.

Cleveland Cavaliers Small Forward: LeBron James will benefit from the two days of rest between Game 4 and Game 5. He had his worst game of these NBA Finals on Thursday night with 20 points on 7 of 22 from the field.

Cleveland Cavaliers Power Forward: Kevin Love is the only option for the Cavaliers at this position and he is lost for the season with a shoulder injury in the first round of the playoffs against Boston.

Cleveland Cavaliers Center: With Golden St taking away major minutes from Andrew Bogut the Cavaliers decided to go down low to center Timofey Mozgov for offense. The Cavaliers center had 28 points and ten rebounds hitting 9 of 16 shots in Game 4.

1 day fantasy sportsGolden St Warriors Point Guard: Stephen Curry had 22 points in Game 4 as he shot 8 of 17 from the field. He has shot well in these Finals with the only exception in Game 2 as he hit just 5 of 23 from the floor.

Golden St Warriors Shooting Guard: Klay Thompson has trended as a much better shooter on his home court. He shot 14 of 28 in Game 2 at home. Thompson attempted just nine shots on Thursday and scored nine points.

Golden St Warriors Small Forward: Draymond Green broke a shooting slump in Game 4 with 17 points as he shot 6 of 11 from the field. He produced in other areas with seven rebounds and six assists in the win on Thursday night.

Golden St Warriors Power Forward: David Lee after Game 2 of the NBA Finals had played just eight minutes in his previous six games. He is a hard working professional who can scrap for rebounds and score points. With the Warriors going to a smaller lineup in Game 4, Lee was productive with nine points, five rebounds and three assists in fifteen minutes. Look for David Lee to continue to have a positive impact for NBA fantasy league owners with his fresh legs going up against fatigue ones from the Cavaliers.

Golden St Warriors Center: Andrew Bogut was in foul trouble in Game 4 and was limited to just three minutes. Golden St thrived with Bogut on the bench and a small lineup on the court.

Real Money NBA Fantasy Draft Picks

PG: Stephen Curry (Warriors)
SG: Klay Thompson (Warriors)
PF: David Lee (Warriors)
SF: LeBron James (Cavaliers)
C: Timofey Mozgov (Cavaliers)

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