Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks – 5/22/15 Playoff Basketball Picks, NBA Fantasy Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks – 5/22/15 NBA Playoff Fantasy Sports, Basketball Picks, Odds & Predictions

1 DAY FANTASY SPORTSThe Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers move into Game 2 of their NBA playoff series on Friday night May 22nd. With Atlanta down 0-1 in this series they are the home team and NBA mock draft managers can tune to TNT TV at 8:30PM Eastern Time to follow their roster scoring in real time.

Atlanta for the third consecutive playoff game was unable to eclipse 100 points as they were held to just 89 points in Game 1. After pouring in 51 for the first half the Hawks offense stalled and was held to just 38 for the second half. The Hawks three point shooting was horrid in the opener as the club could make only 4 of their 23 shots which really made the difference in the game. The game also saw Atlanta forward DeMarre Carroll go down with a sprained knee and his status for Friday is listed as questionable.

On the Cavaliers side guard Kyrie Irving played though a knee injury that impacted him on the scoring column. He is listed as probable on Friday but it would surprise anyone if Irving was to sit out Game 2 with the Game 1 victory and the next two games of this series after Friday being played in Cleveland. Sixth man J.R. Smith had been historically a very poor playoff shooter but he delivered big time in Game 1 with 28 points with 8 of 12 makes coming from three point distance.

1 day fantasy sportsCleveland Cavaliers Point Guard: Kyrie Irving has played in all 11 Cavaliers playoff games. He is averaging 19 points and 3 ½ assists per game. About is injury Irving told the media that he is confident to play on Friday. He had six points in Game 6 against the Bulls. Irving scored 10 in the opener against the Hawks.

Cleveland Cavaliers Shooting Guard: J.R. Smith was hot in Game 1 of this series. For the playoffs he has started four of his nine games and is averaging 13 points per game. He is hitting 46% from the field in the post season.

Cleveland Cavaliers Small Forward: LeBron James is the scoring leader for the Cavaliers in the playoffs at 27 points per game along with 10 boards and nearly 8 assists. James is shooting just 42% from the field in the playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers Power Forward: Kevin Love is out of the playoffs after suffering a shoulder injury in Game 4 against the Celtics. There is now other power forward rated player on their roster.

Cleveland Cavaliers Center: Tristan Thompson has seen his minutes increase in the playoffs. He is shooting 58% from the field, grabbing 9 ½ boards with 9 points per game.

F1 day fantasy sportsAtlanta Hawks Point Guard: Jeff Teague had a good Game 1 for the Hawks with 27 points and four assists. With J.R. Smith getting more time on the court it’s a plus for fantasy draft managers to take a look at Teague because Smith has issues defensively.

Atlanta Hawks Shooting Guard: It has been a very disappointing playoff for Kyle Korver. He is averaging just 11 points a game with a 39% shooting percentage. He is shooting nearly 90% lower in the playoffs than he did during the regular season.

Atlanta Hawks Power Forward: Paul Millsap has averaged 15 points along with nine rebounds per game in the playoffs. His shots have not fallen over his past two games at 10 for 31 combined shooting.

Atlanta Hawks Small Forward: DeMarre Carroll has put up 16 points a game with 6 ½ boards for the Hawks in the post season. In 35 minutes of play in Game 1, Carroll had just five points and one rebound. Carroll will have his hands full keeping an eye on LeBron James on defense to defend the goal. Carroll was hot in the closeout game against Washington in Game 6 with 25 points and ten rebounds.

Atlanta Hawks Center: Al Holford has been healthy this year and is numbers have been good. He is third on the team in playoff scoring at 15 points per game. Horford In Game 1 had 16 points along with seven rebounds.

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PG: Jeff Teague (Hawks)
SG: J.R. Smith (Cavaliers)
PF: Paul Millsap (Hawks)
SF: LeBron James (Cavaliers)
C: Al Horford (Hawks)

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