Breaking News—MLB Hall of Fame Legend Yogi Berra Passes Away

Breaking News—MLB Hall of Fame Legend Yogi Berra Passes Away

Yogi Berra

One of baseball’s greats passed away on Tuesday September 22nd 2015 as Yogi Berra dies at the age of 90 years old. Elected into the Hall of Fame in 1972 Berra was a veteran of 19 seasons in the Major Leagues mostly New York Yankees. He retired after the 1963 season but played again for a short time in 1965 with the New York Mets. He finished with a career batting average of .285 with 358 homers and 1430 RBIs.

Yogi Berra’s career achievements are quite outstanding considering he spent 18 plus years behind the plate. He was an All Star for 18 of the 19 years he played. As a player Berra won 10 World Series championships which is a record. He appeared in 14 World Series as a player which is also a record accomplishment. Berra was an AL MVP three times in 1951, 1954 and 1955.

As a hitter Yogi Berra had a great eye at the plate as a catcher he had a very good idea of the strike zone. He was known around baseball at the time as a clutch hitter because of his knack for getting the big hit and for his great bat control. His bat control was so good he had only twelve strike outs in the 1950 season where he came to bat 597 times. Defensively Berra was behind the plate for the famous World Series perfect game thrown by Don Larsen in 1956 as many remember the image of Yogi running into the arms of the Yankee pitcher when he recorded the final out of the game. One of his amazing achievements came late in his career at the age of 37 when the caught for 22 innings in a seven hour extra innings game against the Tigers in 1962.

Following his retirement with the Yankees the team named him as the manager in the 1964 season. During that season New York made the World Series but lost to the St Louis Cardinals. Berra was fired following World Series loss. Berra was signed by the cross-town New York Mets as a coach the following season. He spent seven years as a Mets coach including during their World Series win in 1969. Yogi became manager of the Mets from 1972-1975. In 1976 Berra returned to the Yankees as a coach and was with the team when they won the 1977 and 1978 World Series. Berra became manager of the Yankees in 1984 but was fired just 16 games into the 1985 season.

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