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Breaking NBA Pro Basketball News 10-14-2015—Lamar Odom Fights to Stay Alive

Former NBA and Reality TV star Lamar Odom was found unconscious at the Dennis Hof Love Ranch in Pahrump Nevada on Tuesday. Hof is often featured on HBO on Cathouse as he owns up to seven brothels. The former 35 year old NBA star had tried a comeback into the league prior to the 2014-15 season with the New York Knicks but was cut before training camp opened up. His life has been heading downhill according to Lamar as he spoke to media outlets about his divorce from Kloe Kardashian.

Media reports indicate that Lamar had been at the Nevada brothel for three days and was having a good time with the female employees who provide services for the male customers. Some of the female staff has been providing details to media outlets. The cause of all of this may be an herbal supplement that Odom was taking that is a substitute for Viagara.

A female at the brothel had spotted Odom in his room unconscious around three in the afternoon on Tuesday. Panic set in as she contacted the manager who had a look at Lamar and found mucus and liquid exiting his mouth and nose. The reports indicate that he needed an assist of a machine to breathe and he could not breathe without it. His condition has been listed as critical as he fell into a coma at the hospital. The reaction to the supplements he is rumored to have ingested has caused liver, heart and kidney damage and the fear is he may lose function of one of these vital organs which would result in death.

Odom was a two time NBA champion with the 2009 and 2010 LA Lakers. He entered the league as a first round draft pick of the LA Clippers in 1999. He spent four seasons with the Clippers and did return for one more season with his drafted team in 2012.

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